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Lunch McPherson Square area w/Valet?

Looking for good recommendations for a chow worthy lunch place in the McPherson Square/Farragut West area that does valet parking at lunchtime.

Anniversary Dinner In Tampa

I am so glad to see this question. Please write back and tell us what you end up selecting and how it goes.

I am looking at doing my anniversary in the Tampa Area in September. So I am very interested in the answers that you have received.

For us, we would be open to locations in Pinellas as well as in the city of Tampa as well. Are you?

I agree with everyone else regarding Bern's. Great dessert but with weird decor and basic steak house food for the mains. For that reason, I always preferred Side Berns for dinner and then dessert room for after. Although they have had a Chef change at Side Berns it appears that things there are still good.

I also wondered what anyone thought about Cafe Ponte, Six Tables or even Donatello's on Dale Mabry as a possible anniversary location. Chow worthy? Or is Armani's really the best bet?

Jul 15, 2008
morganrsg in Florida

Cheap Eats in Orlando

I have to second the recommendation for Taverna Opa! We took our 2 1/2 year old and our 17 month old ACTIVE sons there. It was the perfect amount of noise and activity plus the small plates portion of the menu allowed us to augment their existing kid's menu to accommodate our younger sons food allergies. Great choice for families. For the adults a good beer and wine list at reasonable prices and nice seafood treatments including octopus.

Jul 05, 2008
morganrsg in Florida

Family Friendly in Winter Park?

Looking for a family friendly place in Winter Park for lunch and/or dinner. Any kind of cuisine o.k. We would prefer to avoid chains (unless it's a local institution kind of thing) but want a place where younger children would not be/feel out of place.

Thanks in advance!

Jun 11, 2008
morganrsg in Florida

Orlando area cooking classes

Based on all of the great feedback, I've decided to start with Truffles and Trifles and then work my way through the rest. Their summer schedule seemed very deep with lots of great choices.

Thanks for the tip about remembering to bring the bottle of wine!

Jun 10, 2008
morganrsg in Florida

Orlando area cooking classes

I am in the process of moving to Orlando. I am looking for good places to take cooking classes and was hoping that someone here would have recommendations.

What I am looking for is something geared towards recreational cooks, perhaps something offered by a culinary store or an interactive demonstration program at a local restaurant. Just something where the finished product you learn would be good, chow-worthy food.

I am pretty open to locations around Orlando as I'm trying to learn the area. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

May 30, 2008
morganrsg in Florida