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Corner Tavern and Cafe 47 Back Bay

I work in the Back Bay and have been to both places for lunch and dinner. I agree with ced9 about Cafe 47's pizza (I'd say its more than decent--good, even--I like their daily offerings the best), but I can't say anything on the risotto or salmon as I haven't tried them yet; I've also had 2 different pastas which were good.

Corner Tavern has a great deal going on from until 8, it's dine-in only, but nonetheless, a great deal. The wings and pork sandwich are good, cobb salad is huge, lobster mac & cheese is delicious. As I recall, Corner Tavern received a write-up in the Improper and apparently the chef is the former banquet sous or exec (?) chef at the MFA and there's NO open-flame in the kitchen, so he's cooking with a salamander and an oven...pretty impressive.

Wine for BBQ Wedding

If you want some wines (grapes) that are off the radar and therefore pretty good value while also being something that people will think back to your wedding and actually remember it because it's perfect for BBQ (assuming they don't blackout):
Red: Charbono (perfect for grilled meats; although my first introduction was a rather expensive Robert Foley bottling)
White: Godello (a distant cousin of albarino; delightfully refreshing with nice acidity)

I third the Tavel recommendation, although there are cheaper French roses such as those from Provence.

May 11, 2009
Utahinboston in Wine

What are you drinking right now?

2008 The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

Apr 29, 2009
Utahinboston in Wine

He avoids these reds/whites under $20...What say you?

Thanks for the Viognier recommendation!

Apr 29, 2009
Utahinboston in Wine

Favorite new world cab francs?

I can't say I've had too many cab francs, but of those that stand out: Paradigm of Oakville and Dorigo of Colli Orientali del Friuli.

Apr 28, 2009
Utahinboston in Wine

Eastern Standard

Cocktail: Whiskey Smash
Appetizer: charcuterie
Seafood: mussels, Island Creek oysters

Avoid: calamari, steak tartar

Carrot Cake

Tried the carrot cake at Sel De La Terre the other night, in lieu of frosting they topped it with a toasted coconut & something ice cream. Utterly delicious.

New Yorker in town for a day.Best place for lunch near the Pru?

I agree with BBHound. Although, I'd say Sel De La Terre has a better burger than Abe & Louie's; rosemary pomme frites and adding foie gras to the burger trump the sweet potato fries; although, they are delicious.

Dinner with colleagues

Walk through Copley Place to the Prudential Center and onto Sel De La Terre. Most importantly, food-wise, you'll probably enjoy the assiette of Vermont pig (a presentation of pork in a variety of forms; I particularly liked the pot pie and the baby back rib). Other delectable main courses include their Long Island duck breast and steak frites with those notoriously addictive rosemary pomme frites. As for first courses, you'll like their charcuterie plate featuring 4 different selections. I like the sweetbreads with a ginger foie gras emulsion worthy of licking the plate clean and the scallops with a ravioli of foie gras on a fig anise crouton. In regards to wine, their wine list is full of reasonably priced food-worthy wines; plus L'Espalier's wine list is available upon request.

Two different burgers at Sal de la Terre?


What made your meal mediocre?

I for one, am quite the fan of the SDLT burger. As for the burger meat being different from Natick, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case as each location has a chef-driven menu. I wish they still had the crab cakes at the Boylston location. The foie gras torchon is phenomenal.

Best Burger in town for a NY Hound

Sel De La Terre adjacent to the Mandarin Oriental on Boylston Street has--IMHO--the best burger in Boston. And while I like the option of adding foie gras to my burger, if I'm not in the mood, the SDLT burger is still beyond satisfying. As an added bonus, it's served with ROSEMARY POMME FRITES and costs $16. And for dessert, drink a Boston Flip or Scoff Law.

Venetian Moon Reading- What a joke!

I went there a little while back and wasn't impressed by the food (I don't even remember what I ordered now), nor by the fact that my DC spilled her glass of wine on our wobbly table--a high top by the front window--and all over me, yet they still charged us for the replacement glass. So really, it's quite likely that you didn't miss much, if anything.

Seen any Maine shrimp yet?

Sel De La Terre's Boylston Street location has a Maine shrimp on their dinner menu, served as a 1st course risotto with andouille sausage. They now make two delicious risottos on the dinner menu and a great mushroom risotto for lunch. I'm particularly fond of their burger, to which you can add foie gras torchon.

China Pearl Woburn closed?

Thank goodness! My mom took me to China Pearl when I first arrived in Boston and I thoroughly enjoyed it, granted it was a little decrepit, but the dim sum was great. I can't wait to see Wei's improvements.

Sake on rt 1

My DC and I tried it a couple weeks ago, the choice was between Sake and Out Of Asia. We ordered both tempura entree plates (vegetables and soft-shell crab) as appetizers thinking they would serve as decent appetizers. Lo-and-behold, salads and delicious miso soup (IMHO, the best I've had in Boston so far, granted I haven't been to Fugakyu) came out prior to the plates. On to the tempura; served with white rice, lightly battered (a good thing), decent dipping sauce, didn't like the shittake mushroom, and the soft-shell crab was good, but not great (I've had better in, of all places, Utah). We also ordered a rainbow roll which was decent (again, I've had better...). The sake was good, service was non-intrusive and polite, and the atmosphere was warm and inviting, I particularly like the elevated platforms, but my DC wasn't too fond of them (she didn't want to take off her boots). The price, with two sake carafes and all of the above was around 80 WITH a generous tip.

As for places to eat on Rt 99, Donatello has a rude bartender, Hilltop sucks, and Border Cafe has weak margaritas, Jin has Chinese fondue throughout the week and decent dim sum, Kowloon seems to be consistently busy and from what I hear, they pack people in there like sardines in a can. I know nothing about The Ship.

Thanks for the rec Chris VR, seeing how I'm in Everett quite often, we'll have to try All Seasons Table!

Experience with Off the Vine Catering?

I met the owners a little while back, early January or late December (can't recall exactly), and they were very polite. I wanted to utilize their services to cater the Christmas party for my former company, unfortunately things fell through on my end (the party became more of a potluck, but it was still a ball). What they offered sounded very appealing, but I am interested to hear about other people's experience with the company. Best of luck in your search and congrats on the wedding!

Fat Tire Beer?

New Belgium beer in cans? Wow, cool, that means I pack more to the beach if--hopefully, when--they enter the New England market. I made a pilgrimage to New Belgium, my Mecca of beer, while driving across the country last fall and asked whether they shipped to Boston, unfortunately at that time, Chicago was their most eastern market. IMHO, New Belgium produces stellar beers (granted Smuttynose has a nice IPA and I do like Chimay) but being from the west (Utah in particular), New Belgium is gold (especially their 1554 Enlightened Black Ale and the out-of-production seasonal, Bier de Mars).

Eastern Standard - Whats THE Best...?!

After hearing so much about ESK, I went for the first time last night and dined at the bar. As for food, I had calamari, which came out disappointingly without cherry peppers, and steak tartare, which was decent. Great cocktails; although, contrary to pollystyrene, I enjoyed my Periodista--however, my favorite was the Dartmouth Highball. I recognized Andrew, the general manager, immediately upon entering and found him personable, he included my name when he said excuse me to bring a couple their dinner at the bar. Nice bartenders, great atmosphere, definitely a place to return to.

Beer + moderately priced grub next to the redline T?

They've updated their dinner menu (6/13) on the website.

Need help on a romantic restaurants...

Toscano's got a nice vibe and good food. I've been meaning to try their tiramisu as I've heard great things about it.