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Parboiling Baby Back Ribs???

I'm sorry but I parboil my ribs without any complaints. I first trim the unwanted fat and the dark meat, and then marinade for a few hours. The dark meat usually found at the tips of the ribs lacks flavour from the get go. I reserve most of it for crock pot country style ribs or pass some of it off as a treat for our dog. He always knows when its time to grill when I go for the box of long matches! :-)

I usually spice up some plain Barbecue sauce for the ribs by adding butter, garlic, sauteed onions and honey which really makes for a delicious, genuinely "fall off of the bone" rack of ribs.

While I have tried slow cooking ribs on both charcoal and gas grilles, they still seem tough and the meat really gets between the teeth. Its like eating corn on the cobb if you asked me.

Anyways, good eatin!

May 26, 2008
aircad in Home Cooking