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SAF Instant Yeast

Hey B-more board - has anyone seen SAF instant yeast in the greater Baltimore area?

Wood chips/chunks available in Baltimore??

Board - does anyone know of a source for wood chips/chunks in Baltimore CIty (or near-by)? BBQ Galore seems to have closed up shop and I need to do some smoking!!

Thanks in Advance

Merguez in Baltimore? + Baltimore Sausage tour

Thanks to everyone for the info and suggestions. Here's to sausage!

Merguez in Baltimore? + Baltimore Sausage tour

Hi board. I'm planning a backyard sausage tour of Baltimore, so far I've got:


I'm looking for some merguez - also any other suggestions on Baltimore made sausage?

Real Italian in B'more Little Italy?

So, after looking at a few menus all I can find is Italian-American, looking for real Italian (I've been to Cinghiale (AWESOME!), but looking for something a little less expensive). Any hints? Does not have to be in Little Italy, but looking in Baltimore.


I would like to recommend Cafe Hon in Hampden. We brought my wife's 92 yo grandmother there a few weeks ago and could fit her wheelchair through the front door. The staff was friedly and it was quiet enough that she could hear the conversation. Food is so-so for a foodie, but great for a 92 year old.

Cafe Hon
1002 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Searching for nyc style pizza in Baltimore

I would have to say that Fortunato's comes the closest. They're up on York Rd about a mile north of Northern Parkway, near the Giant. Not as good as NYC, but still close. I am on the same search, but moved here 16 years ago, so this is the closest I've come.

Fortunato Brothers Pizza
6374 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212

Dim Sum for shellfish allergy

Hey chowhounders! My wife and I are planning a trip to NYC and we're interested in getting some dim sum. What I want to know, it is easy to spot the shellfish? She has a shellfish allergy and we would like to aviod the stuff.


Also - if anyone has a recommendation, please let me know.

Aug 28, 2008
artie_effim in General Topics