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Hong Kong in June - Dining suggestions?

You've gotten a lot of great advice. I actually really enjoyed Lung King Heen and think it would be great for a honeymoon meal. Be sure to call way ahead, tell them it's your honeymoon, and ask for a window table. I've had two incredible dinners there. Totally worth it. I agree with the recommendation for Da Ping Huo - to me this is a very unique Hong Kong experience- the private kitchen, the Sichuan food, and the chef and host are just outstanding personalities.
I found Hutong to be overpriced and not that great.
I really like lunch at Rainbow on Lamma. In fact I did that for my anniversary one year. Perfectly romantic. I recommend the lobster with cheese, the black bean clams, scallops with garlic, salt and pepper calamari, and if you feel splurgy, the steamed garoupa with ginger and scallion. Totally classic Hong Kong.
Sort of in the hole in the wall category is Under Bridge Spicy Crab.
I also love love Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. There are many locations. The one in IFC near Central can get crowded. There is one in Causeway Bay that has a bit of a view of the harbour and that would be great for lunch. I love their dandan noodles, their xiao long bao, and if they have eggplant in soy sauce, I always get it.
I personally always enjoy Chili Fagara even though it is a little spicy for me. I've never had a problem with the service there.
You must get at least one good dim sum. If you go to Crystal Jade you will sort of get that experience, but Maxim's City Hall Palace is a classic HK dim sum experience with the rolling carts and all. I also personally like the food a lot.
Other street food type things - don't miss the egg tarts at Tai Cheong at 32 Lyndhurst Terrace in Central. Again totally classic and totally delicious. You might also want to try a bowl of noodles at one of the famous noodle places - Mak's Noodle is one. Also try the "bubble waffles" for sale at the street vendors as well as the curry fish balls that are everywhere.
Finally you might want to make an effort to have a drink at Sevva in the Prince's Building in Central - great rooftop bar with views.
To sum it up I would recommend the following:
Day one: Dim sum at Maxim's for lunch. Dinner at LKH. Snacks: egg tarts, waffle ball, fish ball.
Day two: Lunch at Crystal Jade. OR Rainbow at Lamma. Dinner at Da Ping Huo. Followed by drinks at Sevva. (warning, Sevva is closed on Sunday nights.)

Mar 30, 2010
TerriS in China & Southeast Asia

Looking for a great tea shop in Hong Kong

Hello all,
I have lived in Hong Kong for about 2.5 years, and I am looking for a great tea shop - a place where one can taste different Chinese teas and then purchase some to take home. I've been to the wonderful tea house across from HKU, but to my knowledge you cannot buy tea to take home there. I would prefer, for the short term, something relatively easy to get to in Central, Shueng Wan, Wan Chai or Causeway Bay, but in the long term I would be willing to do more exploring.
Any suggestions?

Jan 18, 2010
TerriS in China & Southeast Asia

Sea Catch in Georgetown?

I haven't been there in YEARS, but the couple of times I've been, it was very good. I remember a gigantic shrimp cocktail and some very well-prepared seafood. You might want to see if there are any recent reviews online or anything. I always remember it being in the category of "best kept secret" type of place.

Looking for good Saturday lunch - not dim sum

Hello chowhounds...we are relatively new in town and have a chance for a celebratory lunch sans small child coming up. We love dim sum but want something different for this meal - fusion maybe, italian, continental? Doesn't have to be spectacular but should be high quality and we are willing to paya little more than usual but again no need to be extravagent. I saw a recommendation for Mezz - can anyone elaborate on their menu or direct me to a website? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

Aug 19, 2007
TerriS in China & Southeast Asia

Another lunch at Central

I have seen a few reports on Central and thought I would add one to the mix. Had a fabulous lunch there today. Sadly, they do not seem to have the famed cheese puffs available at lunch. My group split a main dish salad, the goat cheese caesar salad, as an appetizer. It was good, but not as goat-cheesy as I was hoping. Then between us we had the:
- lobster burger
- tuna burger
- shrimp burger
- baby sandwiches of proscuitto and salami
The lobster burger was really incredible. I think another reviewer was not impressed but wow, we sure were. Very flavorful, hardly any filler in the meat, delectable sauce, excellent bun.
The tuna burger also wowed the crowd. Excellent seasonings and sauce.
Shrimp burger was also excellent although it paled in comparison to the lobster.
The little sandwiches were nice but nothing really special.
Then of course we had to have the kit kat dessert, which might be one of the best desserts I've had in a Washington restaurant in a long time, and two of the sorbets - pear and mango. The pear was outstanding. Fun and a bit different.
Service was somewhat annoyingly slow, although we noticed a manager who was watching our server like a hawk and made sure that she didn't leave us alone for TOO long. I have heard issues with their service before, so maybe they are trying to improve.
Overall a marvelous experience. I'd go back for the lobster burger in a heartbeat - only the $29 price tag would slow me down.

One great dinner in Dublin?

Hello all...thanks for all the recs. I tried for Chapter One but they are closed Sunday and Monday which were our only two possible days for a dinner out. We ended up at O'Connells in the Bewley's hotel in Ballsbridge and it was perfect. It was nice to get out to see another part of town. The hotel is really beautiful and the restaurant space is great. The food was excellent. Our starters were the smoked salmon plate, a black pudding crostini with apples and mustard sauce, and cauliflower soup. I had a chicken and leek pot pie and my spouse had beef - all were exceptional and we enjoyed every bite - including the potatoes and veg that came with it all! The little bites of dessert were also exceptionally good. I also particularly enjoyed the wine list which was rich in detail and well selected.

We had a marvelous time in the wonderful city of Dublin and can't wait to go back.

We did also have an excellent lunch at the Mermaid Cafe - wonderful seafood.

May 24, 2007
TerriS in U.K./Ireland

One great dinner in Dublin?

Hello, two American (Washington DC) chowhounds are going to be in Dublin for a few days and looking for a great "date night" dinner (first vacation without our toddler). Love all kinds of food but would love something with an Irish/locally grown emphasis. I stumbled across O'Connell's in the Bewley hotel - the menu looks good - is it as good as it sounds? Other recs welcome.

May 15, 2007
TerriS in U.K./Ireland

Wine Pairings at Resto Eve ?

They were expensive, I don't remember how much, but so incredibly, completely worth it. I had a fantastic experience with the five course tasting menu with paired wines...better than a dinner at Citronelle IMHO. The sommelier was fantastic in his explanations and discussion of the wine. I am a bit of a wine geek and so I like hearing the full scoop. The pairings were all excellent and are what made an amazing dinner over-the-top fabulous.

Gallery Place/Metro Center with a large group

Hello Chowhounds...
I've got a group of 15-20 that needs a good place for a inexpensive/moderate dinner, preferably in a private room. Previous good experiences have included Burma, but I am just hoping for something different, and I do have a few unadventurous eaters so I'm hoping to be able to accomodate them as well. We'll be dining relatively early. I thought of Clyde's then read a horrible review of the service there. Any other suggestions?

Coffee shops in NoVA?

There is a relatively new place on the Quincy Street in Arlington near Fairfax Dr. I believe it is called Daily Grind. I haven't ordered pastries yet but they have gelato that looks very enticing.

Emeril's Nola?

I am going to be in town next week and a group of us is supposed to have dinner at Nola. I am reading some old posts on here and seeing bad things? Should we avoid it? We will be near the convention center so we are tourists, yes, but we are also real foodies. Is there somewhere we should go instead? Thanks!

Other dinners planned are Rio Mar (went 4 years ago and loved the ceviche, is it still good?) and Brennan's (one of the group has a thing for bananas foster).

Feb 22, 2007
TerriS in New Orleans

Post-funeral lunch near Arlington?

You might want to check out the Shirlington area. It is just a little ways down 395. Capitol City Brewing Company might be able to accomodate you. Also in the Crystal City 23rd Street area, try America - not sure if they would have the space, but it's worth a try. Good luck.

China Garden??

Next time do try China Garden. Lucky 3 is good but China Garden is still my favorite! We usually get there 30-40 minutes before they open. They frequently open the doors a little bit before the stated opening time.

Mid-Range Brunch Recs - NoVa or DC...

Are you willing to do dim sum? China Garden does a lot of large parties.

Also check out the Del Merei in the Del Ray area - might be a squeeze on space but they might be able to work with you.

Restaurant Ideas for Parent's Visit

I love Evening Star, but I would also suggest the Del Merei Grille in Del Ray. I think they have a bit more variety on the menu and my parents LOVED that place.

There are some nice places in Reston Town Center that make for a good dinner for weary travelers. There is a McCormick and Schmick and Clyde's over that way. Those are pretty near Dulles.

NoVa Dimsum?

I surprised you had such a bad experience at China Garden. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience there. But, I always get there early - really early. There is usually a crowd waiting for them to open. I believe they officially open at 11:30, but we are always sure to be there by 11 and they frequently open the doors early and start letting people it. It fills up FAST.

If I had to choose between Lucky 3 and China Garden, CG would win. Overall better atmosphere and more variety than Lucky 3. Just get there early. It can be overwhelming with the onslaught of carts for dim sum newbies, but if you explain what the deal is and prepare them they should be fine.

Crabcakes at Morton's?

McCormick and Schmick might be somewhere to try for a good crabcake. The Quarterdeck is a great crab place right in your neck of the woods - Rosslyn - and I think they have a decent crab cake as well. Finally, the Carlyle in Shirlington is a good bet.

Oh, and the Del Merei in Alexandria has a good crabcake sandwich at lunch and I believe they offer it at dinner as well.

My Marylander inlaws who moved out of the area always stop by Slavin and Sons on Glebe Rd at 395 for some crabmeat on their way out of town. It may not be Maryland crab, due to supply issues, but it will be good crab. You can call them and see what they've got. Sometimes my inlaws take home a bushel of steamed crabs - good stuff.

Blowout meal for two - any location

Another vote for the tasting menu at Eve. We just did a blowout at Citronelle, and while I loved it, I am comparing it in my head to Eve and Eve comes out slightly better - you get more courses for the money, sommelier with paired wines was slightly better, and the food was marvelous!

Haven't been to the others you listed.

Chinese Take-out Restaurants Near Rt. 50

We are devoted fans of Hong Kong Palace and have had no problem ordering anything on their regular menu for takeout, including the excellent oyster casserole. Their whole menu is online at

We also like getting takeout from Peking Gourmet on Rt. 7 near Bailey's Crossroads, but Hong Kong Palace is the favorite.

Renovation in Progress.

If I were stuck dining out/ordering in, here is my list:
* Hong Kong Palace in Seven Corners. My new favorite. Steamed triple delight and oyster casserole. If you get takeout, you'll have quite a bit of the sauce leftover that you can use, with, for example, a microwaved bit of rice and stirfry from a place like trader joe's.
*Ted's Montana Grill has some good options
*Lost Dog.
*Taqueria Poblano in the Lee-Harrison shopping center in Arlington or in Del Ray.
*Food Factory on Fairfax across from the Ballston metro. Daily specials are good.
*Cafe Tirolo on Fairfax, also near Ballston metro, behind Tara Thai.

Also, if you have access to a microwave, you can still have some good foodie experiences:
From Trader Joes:
*frozen precooked brown rice (cooks up perfect in micro)
*veggie and pork potstickers (cook up great in micro, just use a micro steamer or put on a plate and cover with damp paper towel)
And TJs has many, many good entrees.

From Asian markets and Trader Joes, try the Annie Chun's noodle dishes. Quite good and easy and fast.

*Baja Fresh (blushing at a chain, but I like them.)

Vietnamese, Thai, and other southeast Asian near NoVa Metro stops

You can take the bus from Ballston (a short, easy walk from the VA Square metro) to Eden Center. The 1 bus should get you close; the 1Z I think runs the closest. Check out

If you want to stay local, there is decent Thai at Thai Terrace at 801 N. Quincy Street (Quincy and Wilson.) It is not in the top tier, but they have pretty good appetizers and some decent entrees.

Tara Thai is a local chain that some disdain but I find to be fine, it's located near Quincy and Fairfax.

Leesburg, Saturday lunch reasonably priced recommendations

We love Lightfoot. Beautiful setting (old bank), and the food is always great. I usually get whatever the grilled veggie type sandwich is and it's quite good.

Lunch menu (copied from website

Lightfoot Spicy Creamy Tomato Soup
Roasted Garlic & Sweet Basil topped with Parmesan Cheese & Pumpernickel Croutons~ Cup 3, Bowl 6

Fried Green Tomatoes
topped with Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese
& sautéed Shrimp set with Szechwan Chili Cream 9

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
set on a bed of Warm Corn - Holland Pepper Relish served with
Corn & Sundried Red Pepper Sauces and topped with Scallions 10

Peking Duck Quesadilla
with Water Chestnuts, Basil & Shiitakes served with marinated
Carrot Scallion Bean Sprout Salad & Spicy Smokey Hoisin Sauce 9

Café Greens ~ Assorted Mixed Greens tossed with Soy Bean Sprouts,
Oven Roasted Walnuts, & dressed with a Balsamic Vinaigrette 5

Blue Ridge Spinach Salad ~ Fresh Baby California Spinach
tossed with Smithfield Ham, Crumbled Blue Cheese,
Sundried Cherries, Pecans & Sherry Vinaigrette 8

Traditional Caesar Salad ~ Romaine tossed with Traditional Caesar Dressing, Garlic Croutons, Parmesan Cheese & topped with an Anchovy Fillet 6


Traditional Caesar Salad with a Grilled Chicken Breast 8

California Caesar Salad ~ Traditional Caesar Salad
set with a Grilled Chicken Breast, Gulf Shrimp,
Sundried Tomatoes & Garlic Croutons 12

Café Cobb Salad ~ Fresh Grilled Chicken Breast set on Mixed Greens with Crumbled Blue Cheese, California Avocado, Plum Tomatoes, Hard Boiled Egg, Crispy Fried Bacon & Onion with Blue Cheese Dressing served on the side 12

Chinatown Salad ~ Grilled Breast of Chicken, Crispy Chinese Noodles, Carrots, Bean Sprouts, Water Chestnuts, Snow Peas & Scallions tossed with Fresh Greens & Peanut Dressing 10

Marinated Grilled Flank Steak over Mixed Greens tossed in a Balsamic Vinaigrette topped with Carmelized Onions, Sautéed Mushrooms with Blue Cheese, Plum Tomatoes, Garlic Aioli, and Crispy Onions 12


Grilled Filet Mignon topped with Horseradish Butter & Crispy Onions, served with Chive Mashed Potatoes & Fresh Sautéed Spinach with Shallots 17

Shrimp Pad Thai
Rice Noodles sautéed with Shrimp, Snow Peas, Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Egg, and Bean Sprouts topped with Chopped Peanuts, Sriracha, and Scallions 14

Fettuccine Pepperonata
Sweet Italian Sausage and Roasted Peppers tossed with Sauce Rosa and Fettuccine topped with Parmesan and Fresh Herbs 13

Seared Fillet of Salmon
over Mixed Greens tossed in a Balsamic Vinaigrette with Roasted Red Potatoes, Goat Cheese & Applewood Smoked Bacon with a Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette 13


Grilled Eggplant Open Faced Sandwich
on Lightfoot Bread topped with Plum Tomatoes, Mozzarella & Fresh Basil, Served with Homemade Fries and Coleslaw 9, or served with Café Greens 10.50

Groovy Meatloaf Sandwich ~ Our Special Recipe Meatloaf served on a Toasted Baguette with Fresh Sliced Tomato, Crisp Onion, Watercress, Red Thai Curry Mayonnaise served with Homemade Fries and Coleslaw 10

Lightfoot Burger ~ 8oz Grilled House Made Ground Tenderloin Burger on a Crusty Roll with Watercress, Tomato, & Onion served with Homemade Fries & Coleslaw 8
with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon or Blue Cheese or Vermont Cheddar 9
Bacon & Cheese 10

Hot Philly Turkey & Cheese
Sliced Turkey Breast on Oat Bread topped with Pepperjack Cheese Sauteed Peppers and Onions served with a Caesar Salad and Marinara sauce 11

Bombay Curried Chicken Salad
on Toasted Pumpernickel with Alfalfas and Plum Tomatoes
served with a Traditional Caesar Salad 10

Grilled Smoked Virginia Ham Panini
with Caramelized Onions & Dijon served with Homemade Fries and Coleslaw 10

"The BLT&C" ~Smoked Bacon piled high on toasted Old Fashioned White Bread with Melted Provolone, Plum Tomato, Watercress, and Garlic-Black Pepper Mayo
served with Coleslaw & Homemade Fries 10

WDC area prix fixe, early bird specials, & the like - what's available? what's your favorite?

Marcel's (French/Flemish, 2401 Penn Av, NW) is the first that comes to mind. They have a pre-theater special - $48 pp, three courses, 5:30-7:00 pm, includes a car service/limo to the Kennedy Center. If you like, you can come back to the restaurant for your dessert after the show. I don't know if you *have* to be going to the theatre to get the pre-theater menu. They also have three tasting menus: 3 courses for $58, 4 courses for $78, and 6 courses for $98.

Colvin Run Tavern in NoVA has a 4 course dinner (+$6 optional cheese course) for $59 which was fabulous.

Thai food too sweet, and I'm worried about Chinese

If you want excellent Cantonese, also check out Hong Kong Palace, on Route 7 near Seven Corners, in the same shopping center/parking lot as the Shoppers Food Warehouse. They have some amazing food there and while they have the "standard" chinese dishes the emphasis is on Hong Kong/Cantonese style, which is excellent.

Also love Full Kee!

Tuesday nights at area establishments?

My husband's birthday is on a Tuesday and we are considering a trip to Citronelle (he's always wanted to try it.) Is Tuesday a "bad" night for any reason? I always worry about Mondays and Tuesdays as they seem to be the nights that chefs are off. Can anyone give me the inside scoop? We'll certainly consider another place or doing a Friday night instead if it turns out we need to. Thanks!

Luigi's in DC?

Love this place. I actually always get pasta, not pizza. They have a good meat ravioli that reminds me of what my folks used to get in New York.

Interesting Breakfast in Arlington/Alexandria?

Luna Grill and Diner in Shirlington is one of my favorites. They have a good set of variations on eggs benedict and and pretty extensive omelette menu as well.

Metro 29 Diner on Lee Highway in Arlington is also nice - not sure if that is exciting enough for you.

If you're willing to venture into DC, Tabard Inn has a great brunch with fresh donuts and lots more.

If you want to get really different, have you tried the dim sum route? China Garden in Rosslyn is my favorite.

steamed crabs by the bushel?

Also check Slavin & Sons in NoVA on Glebe Road near 395, 703-486-0400. My in-laws have gotten crabs there before and been very happy with them.

Best Dim Sum (with the carts)?

Ditto to China Garden. It's still my favorite. I also agree that Lucky Three near Bailey's Crossroads is another good option. We did not have a problem with our bill but I will keep an eye out.

Mark's Duck House is okay - pretty good but I find it to be a bit greasy.