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Brandy Milk Punch

You bet! This was my mother's favorite drink and my husband and I have adopted it as our Thanksgiving (and brunch) tradition. If you can, pick up a copy of the Commander's Palace drinks recipe book -- In The Land of Cocktails. That is the recipe I use and they have great recipes for all sorts of drinks. In the meantime:
The Brandy Milk Punch
1 ½ ounces brandy (look for Napoleon, it's cheap but does the trick!)
1 ounce simple syrup
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
A couple ounces of Half-and-half
Cubed ice
Grated nutmeg
Pour brandy, simple syrup, vanilla extract and half-and-half into a pint glass. Add ice to a shaker and shake the concoction until well mixed and frothy. Add cubed ice to a rocks glass and, using a strainer, pour the mixture into it. Top with a bit of grated nutmeg.

Adjust sugar, nutmeg, brandy to your liking but this is a great start!

Nov 15, 2012
JBride in Spirits

First Time in NO - Recommendations Welcome

I have gotten so many fantastic ideas from Chowhound over the years and I post very infrequently. I hope this makes up for it! I am a native New Orleanian but I moved away to NY and London for 8 years. I am back now and this is my latest and greatest list I send to friends visiting. (Let me know if you need hotel or culture recs too):


With the pressure of being a known destination for gastronomes there is a lot of competition among visitors to New Orleans to eat at the REAL New Orleans restaurants. This is where the locals eat….and where they take their out-of-town cousins. Some of these recommendations are expensive - so maybe not for this trip but for another.

Emeril’s Delmonico steakhouse - in a beautiful old house, great steaks, nice atmosphere. Not too masculine. (expensive)

Real Cajun / creole / southern food by James Beard award winning chef, Donald Link.

The Butcher
Sandwich shop owned by award winning chef, Donald Link.

Restaurant R’evolution - new, high end, run by two great chefs: John Folse & Rick Tramanto (expensive)

Toups Meatery

The Company Burger

High end farm-to-table creole cuisine by local favorite, Chef John Besh, in a gorgeous setting. (expensive)

Same chef as above. More casual setting. In the Hyatt.

The graffiti on the outside of the building includes important information, like opening hours.

Dong Phuong Bakery, New Orleans East

Satsuma in the Bywater

Modern Vietnamese noodle and banh mi shop.

The Italian Barrel
New Orleans has a lock on poorly named restaurants. This one is no exception. Tiny and exceedingly fresh. Outstanding Italian food with ingredients flown in from Italy daily. (Kind of expensive)

Terrible name. Great restaurant. In a dilapidated old New Orleans building bordering the Marigny and The Bywater neighborhoods.

St James cheese
You can’t eat creole food every day. Go here for a gourmet ploughman’s platter.

Maurepas Foods

Bon Ton Café
The Crawfish Bisque. Say no more.

Commander’s Palace
The Grand Dame of New Orleans Cuisine. Great for big groups or romantic dinners. (expensive)

Juan’s Flying Burritto
Super casual “Mexican” food with a long list of margaritas. Kid friendly!


Not just great coffee (Illy) and great menu…but also a great place for wine and beer after a hard day of work. Or sighseeing.

A specialty cocktail bar with small plates of food. Great way to start or end your evening.

Over 80 wines by the glass and a host of wine classes

Bohemian wine shop in the Bywater

A proper cocktail lounge from the experts at Cure. In The Hotel Modern at Lee Circle

Finn McCool’s Irish Pub
Where all the expats are at y’all.

King Pin
Dive bar with darts, shuffleboard and the best Taco Truck in the city on Wednesday nights.

Maple Leaf
Great music for night owls.

Chickie Wah Wah

Nov 15, 2012
JBride in New Orleans

First Time in NO - Recommendations Welcome

I agree on Pizza Delicious but I absolutely love Slice too. We swear by it -- we go probably once every two weeks and living in NYC for 6 years made me pretty picky about pizza. Maybe give it another shot? The meat-lovers pizza, in particular, is great!

Nov 15, 2012
JBride in New Orleans

Drago's, Prices

I know this isn't your question but at any price Drago's in The Hilton is terrible. I live in New Orleans and we had a birthday dinner there for a friend recently. It was so awful it would have been laughable if it hadn't been for our friend's birthday being so bad. The food was bad. The atmosphere was bad. The service was decent but amateurish for the prices they charge. Please, don't waste your money.

Nov 15, 2012
JBride in New Orleans

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

to Abgilliam: This is a really late reply but thank you very much. We were temporarily derailed to Switzerland where I used my UK KA mixer perfectly well (and frequently!) with just an adapter. simple. I'm now convinced I'm going to ship it to the US and find a step-down transformer. Thank you very much for your input!!

to Lina: I don't know much about voltage / wattage etc... but definitely found all of the appliances I brought from US to UK (vacuum cleaner, stereo) would have been MUCH better left in the USA. Hopefully it will be different going UK to US.

Mar 03, 2009
JBride in Cookware

Food Gift From LA

My dad used to travel to Colorado from Baton Rouge and check a cool box with crawfish tails (kept cool with gel ice packs) . Not sure how close you and your friend are, but if they are willing to deal with that it'll be awfully nice to have crawfish pie in New York! Otherwise, I'd agree with Big Easy and go with Community Coffee, Popcorn Rice (soooo good) and Tony Chachere's. Also - Zatarains Jambalaya mix is fantastic!

May 26, 2008
JBride in New Orleans

London: American BBQ place - any good?

I don't know the place you're thinking of, but I can HIGHLY recommend Bodean's in Fulham or in Soho. The BBQ is awesome! And - if it matters at all - I'm originally from Louisiana and my mother is from Tennessee. This is the real deal! Try the pulled pork sandwich.

good luck.

May 26, 2008
JBride in U.K./Ireland

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I moved to the UK from the US in 2005 and had rotten luck with step up transformers on stereos etc.. The key seemed to be to make sure you get one that is powerful enough. I bought the bare minimum required for my stereo and it never worked properly.

I have a similar problem now... I got a Kitchen Aid mixer as a gift while in the UK and we are about to move back to the US. Does anyone know if I can use a step-down transformer with any luck in the US? J&R seems to have them for about $50 which is clearly a better deal than buying a new mixer - plus this one has huge sentimental value. Any experience with this? I've been trolling the net to no avail...


May 26, 2008
JBride in Cookware