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Romantic Birthday Dinner: The Harbord Room or Grace?

Simple enough question: Looking for a place in the Annex/Little Italy area for an intimate dinner with my boyfriend before heading out to my birthday party with my friends. I've narrowed it down to either Grace or The Harbord Room, based on menus and reviews I've read, but having never been to either, I'm not sure which is more suitable in terms of atmosphere, etc. I like fine dining and care first about the quality of the food, but also want somewhere with a relaxed welcoming feel.
Which would you choose?

(Note: I'm pescaterian, but the boy eats everything.)

Crab Entree?

Where can one get a crab entree in Toronto restaurants?
Lots of places offer lobster as an entree, but crab only seems to come as an appetizer in salads or crab cakes, or if it is a part of an entree, it's either an ingredient in curry or sauce or accessory to a piece of meat.

Anyone know where I could get a great meal where crab is placed centre stage?

Graduation Dinner - suggestions?

I'm looking for somewhere to go out for dinner with my family to celebrate after my convocation ceremony for graduation from university. Looking for somewhere that is 'special' but not insanely bank-breaking. Criteria are:

- menu options ranging from interesting to more traditional -- My mom and I love trying new/unconventional foods, my dad less so. He'll want a good steak-and-potatoes/veg option, while i'm a pesca-vegetarian and love seafood but don't eat meat.
- open/take reservations on a Monday night
- must be baby friendly (my cousin will be bringing her 2 year old)
- entrées approx. $18-$35

Was considering Batifole, Colborne Lane, or North 44.

Any recommendations or input would be greatly welcomed. Thanks!