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Dining in Key West

Dinner!!! No dress code. But I wouldn't go in shorts and flip flops.

Save it for a special night during the trip. Save room for dessert!

Sep 26, 2009
Tippi in Florida

Gulf Bistro Madiera Beach

I had read all the favorable reviews here on Gulf Bistro located in Madiera Beach. Finally was able to get my foodie friends to agree on a date to try it. I lost a lot of credibility with them by taking them to the Gulf Bistro.

WOW what a disappointment for me but also for my foodie friends. Where do I begin so many frustrations throughout the evening.

Beverages: Ice Tea is only served from a can. Yes you read that correctly canned Ice Tea.

Wine List: Being a French Bistro one would think they would have an excellent French Table wine. Wrong....Their table wine was from California and not of good quality. The selection of wines was poor and lacked 'oomph' in a wine list.

We all had an appetizer which should have been indication to stop expecting good food from this establishment after it was served. The pate lacked flavor and the plating was poor, the lobster bisque soup was more like broth than a creamy chunky soup with no lobster chunks in it, and the French onion soup was served with burnt black cheese(notice I didn't say gruyere or swiss), the broth was a light brown and tasted terribly bland some compared it to dishwater.

Our entrees again were poorly plated, and for the costs of an average of 25.00 per entree totally lacked flavor. Some found their meats to be tasteless, while others complained of tough meats.

The dining room was empty with only one other table dining. It was truly a disappointment and sorry to say I nor my friends could ever recommend it or try it again.

Sep 25, 2009
Tippi in Florida

Dining in Key West

A trip to Key West isn't complete if you don't dine at Michael's!

I try to go at least one time per year just have a dinner there. Excellent food!

Sep 25, 2009
Tippi in Florida

Brunch in St. Thomas?

The Ritz Carlton has done brunch in the past. Check with them to see if the date you're looking for their having brunch.

Florida Keys

A visit to Key West isn't complete without a Dinner at Michael's!!

Sep 14, 2008
Tippi in Florida

St. Pete - Bella Brava

Had a delicious meal this past Saturday evening! I highly recommend Bella Brava "New World Trattoria".

I did not try the 3 courses and wine for $24 but I did have a chicken dish which was fab while my companion had lamb balls/puff pastry and loved the dish.

On Sunday & Tuesday their is a Pizza & Vino special. 12" pizza with a sampling of 3 wines for $17.

Location: 515 Central St. Petersburg (727) 895-5515 or


Aug 18, 2008
Tippi in Florida

Puffy Tacos in Clearwater/Tampa Area?

Do you know for certain????

I really want to try some Puffy Tacos...

Aug 14, 2008
Tippi in Florida

Culinary Conquest of Key West

Yikes, couldn't agree more with you on B.O. Fishwagon! We had 2 drinks and the conch fritters for $15.00...there was so much batter on the conch it was hard to find. Our visit was memorable but not enough to ever want to go back. It is definitely pricey for a hole to eat in.

Aug 14, 2008
Tippi in Florida

Puffy Tacos in Clearwater/Tampa Area?

Anyone know where I can dine on Puffy Tacos here? I've watched on the food channel several places make them...I'd love to go try some Puffy Tacos.

Thanks for your help.

Aug 12, 2008
Tippi in Florida

Key West Recommendations?

Michaels is out of this world delicious! Highly recommend...and the Martini Bar is good too! Don't forget to have their famous "volcano cake" for dessert!

Aug 12, 2008
Tippi in Florida

Shipwreck-Key Largo

We went to this place last week on our way to KW. It's difficult to find and not worth the drive. To us we compared it to typical bar food. Extremely disappointed.

Aug 12, 2008
Tippi in Florida

Chinese in St. Pete?

Hello all,

I've read the reviews and have a couple of questions. Which is the better Chinese:
Lucky Star or ABC Chinese Seafood?

Costs? Which is more moderately priced of the two and which of the two is more expensive?

Thank you,

Jul 31, 2008
Tippi in Florida

Great restaurants in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands?

Grill Room - Mahogany Run
Coconuts - Membership Club Ritz Carlton Fractional
Tuscan Grill - French Town
Room With A View - Charlotte Amalie
Banana Grill Charlotte Amalie
Herve - Charlotte Amalie
East End Cafe - Red Hook
Tickles - Sub Base (extreme casual lunch)

All of the above you won't be disappointed


Need Tarpon Springs Rec's

After reading your recommendation I went to Costa's earlier this evening!

The dining experience was totally ruined by two adult couples that came in with their wild 8 young children. Talk about screaming and yelling and the management of Costa's did nothing to calm them down.

Ruined it for me ....I can't see returning anytime soon.


Jul 17, 2008
Tippi in Florida

"Current Cut American Cafe ST. Thomas

Well we called this one correct!

Current Cut went out of business on June 28, 2008.

Seems others felt the way we did!

"Current Cut American Cafe ST. Thomas

Cannot recommend Current Cut. After waiting for the opening and a few weeks for them to work out the kinks, tried it yesterday for lunch.

The wait staff was poor and unattentive. Our orders of a Cobb Salad came with soured tomatoes and the taste of the inside of the refrigerator. Obviously it had been pre made in the dish and placed inside refrigerator. It was served in a deceptive dish that appeared to be a large salad portion for $12.50 yet was acutally just a small cobb salad serving. The Rueben lacked the corn beef to make it a meaty sandwich for $10.00 and the dabbling of bean sprouts onn the side was pathetic. The $1.50 for french fries was a nice size bowl, but the $1.50 for 5 onion rings in a bowl was absurd.

We had to beg for refills on ice tea which was over brewed, and water drinks. It has an upstairs with views of Marina Market, it was quite noisy. The decor was appealing but the food and service didn't make us want to return.

We live on island and had heard good things about Current Cut. Unfortunately, the food and the menu doesn't entice us to want to give them a second chance.

Hotel on the Cay - St croix, USVI

Two restaurants I enjoy is the Bombay Club and Case Place! I live on St. Thomas and make it a point to go there on my visits. Service has never been a strong point on either island.