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Troutdale hints please?

I'll be staying in Troutdale on Thursday evening, just passing through.. I'll be too tired to care are about driving into the big city by myself so I'm looking for some tips on nearby places, exit 17 I-84.. Nothing upscale, something funky or down home is just fine. I'm not a sea food eater. A Mexican or Asian joint in a strip mall that doesn't make a single person feel alone is what I'll looking for. Or Italian or American or something else. Anything but Denny's and Burger King.

Also any recs for a Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs breakfast/brunch on the I-205 to I-5 route in the morning. .

May 03, 2009
Cecil Coupe in Pacific Northwest

Boise recommendations?

Downtown? Lively? Try 'Bar Gernika' on Capital Blvd. Not too pricey and just up the street from the museaum . Basque bar food. (not tapas) Funky little dive full of people. The croquettes and lamb sandwich are good but it's been while since I was there.

Sep 20, 2008
Cecil Coupe in Pacific Northwest

El Ranchito, Zillah

I think El Ranchito is just a fond memory now. I stopped by a month ago and as mentioned else where on the forum, it's been shuttered since Christmas 07.

I too would like a funky road food recommendation in the area.

May 25, 2008
Cecil Coupe in Pacific Northwest