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Restaurants in the Hague, NL

Thanks for the info deepsandwich!! I'm crossing my fingers that they do an okay duck, however the crispy chicken sounds good too! Think I'll test it out for lunch later this week.

Jan 31, 2011
lollypolly in Europe

Foodie looking for the real restaurants in Sicily

We were in Syracuse last November ( 2010)and had lunch at La Finanzeria. It was a good, simple, tasty meal however we wanted to share our experience to give other Chowhounds some warning!!

When we arrived our waitress gave us the menu and we decided on two seafood based pasta mains priced at between 14-16 EURO. However after overhearing us talking in English, the old matriarch in charge of the restaurant came over to our table, shooed away our waitress and told us that she couldn't make any of the very reasonably priced dishes on the standard menu and that we had to order fresh fish (45 EURO per kilogram). We asked (in Italian) why it wasn't possible however she refused to elaborate. As it was 14:00 and we didn't have time to find another restaurant we conceded we would have fish.

However we knew something was up when while we were eating antipasti (very good) and waiting for our mains, two separate tables of customers were able to order pasta dishes from the normal menu.

When our fish arrived was very fresh, simple and tasty; served whole and without a garnish.The highlight of the meal was the delicious cassata - the best we had in Sicily.

Our bill for lunch was 129 EURO for two small plates of antipasti, two glasses of a mediocre white house wine and two small servings of cassata. By Sicilian standards, this is farcical :D !! We asked the matriarch to come over and explain the bill to us. She said that our two, smallish sized fish cost EURO 76. She did however decide that we had been overcharged by 2 EURO for our water and subtracted that from our total.

At the time, we decided to pay and write it off as an experience! Later on in our Sicily trip we had an amazing three course seafood dinner matched with wines for each course at the Michelin listed Ristorante del Pescatore in Mazara del Vallo for only 117 EURO.

Jan 31, 2011
lollypolly in Italy

Restaurants in the Hague, NL

Someone recently mentioned to me that Fat Kee in Centrum does reasonably authentic Chinese? Can anyone else weigh in on their experiences?

After 12 months of living in The Hague, the novelty of Indonesian masquerading as Chinese food is really starting to lose its appeal!

Jan 31, 2011
lollypolly in Europe

Venice in Feb

My husband and I are just back from a long weekend in Venice. We had lunch at Al Covo on Friday and were not particularly impressed. The food is still fine (our mains were lamb with lentils and a cod, pistachio, rosemary and potatoe dish) however there is definitely better value to be had elsewhere. We paid 118 EURO for the set lunch menu for two excluding wine.

Al Covo is becoming progressively more expensive and I have to say that the food isn't necessarily improving at the same rate. Service was okay but by no means stand out. I can't help but think that part of this place's popularity is due to the fact that a lot of visitors find it comforting that Patricia (part of the husband/wife owner team) is originally from the US. That combined with its unbeatable central location.

In whole hearted agreement with PBSF, I have to contrast Al Covo with the amazing meal we had at Osteria alle Testiere on Saturday night. The service was superb - wait staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional (and all in four languages at that). The seafood was absolutely delicious - fresh, well prepared and presented, and packed with flavour. For three generous courses with wine and aperitifs we paid around 120 EURO - I kid you not. Despite being the low season and Venice being virtually devoid of tourists, it was no surprise that the place was packed out. I know a lot of Chowhound members go on about alle Testiere, but to my mind this praise continues to be completely justified. I'm unsure of whether it's open Sundays, but if it is and you can reserve a table, you'll have an immensely satisfying meal.

Jan 31, 2011
lollypolly in Italy

NY'ers first time to Canberra & Melbourne--Seafood?

canberra isn't renown for seafood however there are a number of decent restaurants worth the visit. it's worth keeping in mind that canberra prices are considerably inflated (this applies to everything - property, basic groceries and coffee) when compared to other Australian cities.

if you're in canberra during a parliamentary sitting week (when the city is overrun with politicians+lobbyists+journalists) it can be difficult to get a table for dinner at short notice.

Courgette - modern French - Civic
Sabayon - modern Australian - Civic
Artespresso - modern Australian - Kingston
Parlour - tapas & wine bar - New Acton