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Best Banh Mi sandwich in Hamp Amherst area?

Vote goes to Bang Mi Saigon as well. Both places are now a more sit-down style. (Alas we loved BMS's hole in the wall, street food style in Hadley, but they seem to be doing well as more upscale in Hamp.) BMS has more Elbow room. Miss Saigon always seems cramped to us. Miss saigon's prices are a little lower. BMS portion size and price are a little higher. The diversity of fillings at BMS is greater. Miss Saigon has a more diverse menu overall if you want more than Bahn Mi or Soup

Dinner ideas in Amherst, MA for tonight

Umass is about 2 miles south of downtown. The only area affected on campus will be the visitors center parking which has shuttle bus service to the block party. The Hanger Pub is on University Drive right on the way to the Mullins Center and has a fun, sportsy college atmosphere (as you would expect from its location) It is usually crowded on concert nites, but the block party may draw a lot of the locals away.

Dinner ideas in Amherst, MA for tonight

Dinner in Downtown Amherst tonight (9/13) might not be a good idea as the town is having a block party from 6-10 PM, unless of course the concert is by one of the bands playing there. Expect street closures and very limited parking.


any late night eats near 90 in mass?

Having come that way myself many times (TurningStone Casino - Western Mass) the offerings are sparse, even in Albany.
There is a Denny's in East Greenbush NY (Off the free portion of I-90) and there is really nothing other than the Mcdonald's on the Mass Pike until the aformentioned Denny's in Chicopee.

My best bet (Remember this is Late Night) would be the fifties Diner at Exit 6 in Chicopee. It is in the Pride Truck Stop. (Right at the exit about 1/4 mile on right) Even if you are heading down route 91, it is not far out of the way as Route 291 will connect back to 91 in Downtown Springfield.
Once you pass Exit 6 There really aren't any 24 hour options until Worcester.

New Vietnamese in Hadley, MA -- Saigon Banh Mi

They do eat in or take out. The eat in is bare bones, tables chairs & hoisen on every table. Order at the counter from the menu signs. The menu is: Banh mi - 5 varieties (1 Veggie) $4.45-4.75 Pho - 3 varieties (1 veggie) $7.95 Spring Rolls - 1 variety with shrimp & Meat, Summer rolls - 2 varieties (1 Veggie) $3.75 for 2 and Bubble teas.

The tastes remind me of our first introduction to Vietnamese 'street food' in Seattle years ago and have been searching for since. We found it. This is not fine dining, but the food is fine!

Mission Cantina South Amherst anyone been?

We like it alot. You need to remember that it is a bar with a very good restaurant operation, so there is limited seating. Perhaps 6 tables and 12 spots at the bar. We've been at several different times and have always had to wait. The food has been very tasty, the service friendly and the portions generous and plenty of Vegetarian options. I hate to venture further into it as I can not answer the question "is it authentic" I have no idea, but I like it. We also like Mi Terra and Bueno Y Sano (for what it is, which is certainly not authentic mexican, from what I've been told)

Indian Restaurant Coming to Easthampton!

I think you will be happy. One of the backers owns Dino's Pizza (Yes Pizza) in Holyoke. There are a few threads about it around chowhound.

Dino's serves an italian/pizza menu, but since Gurninder and his staff (who are indian) were cooking their traditional meals, they were convinced to offer some of that fare on the menu.
Everything I have had at Dino's from the indian menu(Veggie section only) has been right on.. The nice part is S.O. who is not as big a fan of Northern Indian Cuisine can have a manicotti at the same time.
The area needs a good Southern Indian Restaurant, but a good Northern one would be a welcome addition as I Agree the 2 in Northampton leave a lot to be desired. Pintu's never impressed me either (Probably the fact we felt it was a little overpriced) Our Goto for Indian is The Garden in Agwawm or Worcester/Shrewsbury for the Udupi !

Unusual, incredible corn dishes?

Hillside Organic Pizza in Hadley had a great special a few weeks ago of Asiago almond pesto with local roasted corn, local red onions and spinach, that was out of this world. This is the same place that introduced me to Carrots, Beets & Butternut squash on pizza ( But not at the same time!)

Vegetarian in Worcester

Udupi Bhavan is a restaurant in Middletown CT which the original poster has been to and posted about: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/771193

As a generic term "Udupi" is a style of southern indian cuisine that is vedic traditional vegetarian. Very different than the northern indian found at most indian restaurants.

Udupi Bhavan
749 Saybrook Rd, Middletown, CT 06457

Vegetarian in Worcester

Both are solid, Belmont has a limited, but changing menu. Belmont is best for take out as they have very little seating and the neighborhood isn't the best.
Udupu in shrewsbury is much more formal than Udupi Bhavan. Wait service and china & silverware. The food is just as good and the prices aren't much more.
I've had occasion to eat at the other rt.9 indian restaurants. India cafe has a veg. friendly lunch buffet and decent northern indian entrees. Bollywood grill is a local chain and a carvivore favorite, but still has some decent veg. options. On the higher side of the price scale tho.

I need a little help from my springfield area friends

Hooray for the Garden. All of the Indian Restaurants in the area serve a Northern Indian Cuisine. If you wanted traditional authentic Southern Indian (udupi style, which is vegetarian) you had to travel to Middletown Ct or Haverhill or Shrewsbury Ma. Not any More !!

Based on this thread, we tried The Garden on Main Street in Agawam, Ma. a few weeks ago and it rates 5 stars in my book.
We started with Rasa Vada which are hot, crisp little donuts in a rasam. This is traditional street food and was straight on.
The dosa was large (overflowing the ends of the plate) and crispy. The masala filing was hot and spiced for a mild taste.
The Uttapam was again overflowing the plate and was soft and thick. I get it plain to enjoy it with the cutney and sambar. I want to return to try the Pineapple uttapam as I have never had (nor heard of) that combination.
The sambar was less spicy and a little thin. I suspect that is was made fresh as all the other diners were having Northern Indian. (A dosa is tough to miss coming out of the kitchen!)
The Carrot Halwa for dessert was warm and sinfully rich & delicious.
The Service was attentive and not too overbearing (We had barely a sip of water before our glasses were refilled.) Our total bill was around $30.00

I don't imagine many of you have tried Southern Indian Cuisine. I encourage you go on an adventure and try it. I doubt you will miss the meat. I'll be back to the Garden regularly now.

Watkins Baking Powder in CT?

Watkins has a great line of products (mostly natural & organic) They mostly have direct selling reps (like Avon & Amway) That is probably who you purchased from at the Xmas Show. I've seen a few of their products at Whole Foods (but not the Baking Powder) There are several reps who sell online.
There is a representative in Massachusetts. You can find if there is a local rep by calling watkins direct (1-800-928-5467)
P.S. Their gravy mixes are fantastic too !

CSA Western MA/Hartford

Welcome to Western New England. You will find an amazing amount of fresh local produce available literally at the side of the road.
We were members of Red Fire Farm CSA for a few years. (at the farm distribution in Granby) We were very pleased with the quantity, selection and quality we received. An important part of the share, which you don't get in the Boston or remote distributions, is the pick your own component. Sweet Peas, Strawberries, raspberries, fresh flowers, etc.
Unfortunately a change in work schedules made it imposible to pick up on the Friday distribution day, or we would still have a share.
We still stop by the farm stand.

If you know of Brookfield Farm in the Boston Area, it is based in Amherst. I don't know about transfering shares from Boston to Local, but the Wait List for a Local share is 2 YEARS!

Capt. Jack's in Easthampton MA -- beauty in the form of a clam shack

Stopped by on Friday. They are in a new building on Route 10 to the side of the old Fedor Pontiac. The Onion Rings are "Thin" style. They were a little greasy. A generous portion for $4.00. They have salads available as well. Along with Fries, That's the extent of the Veg. options. It's Take out only, but they bring your order to your car when it's ready. Many people were eating in the car, so I would expect they'll have picnic benches or something come springtime.

Onion Rings get my 1.75 thumbs up. Not quite as good as Howards in West Brookfield who I think has Hands Down best in Western Mass.
But, the in the middle of Winter, they're worth a trip.

Northampton/Amherst Area Dining...Another View

Butterfly is owned by Richard Lau, I believe he was a chef and Minority owner of the old Panda Garden in Northampton, which was across from Pleasant Street Theater. He owns the new Panda Garden in Williamsburg as well as Butterfly. There have been numerous posts here about how good Butterfly is. Most recommend ordering off the " gourmet" menu for an authentic meal as opposed to the standard Chinese/Japanese menu (which is also good) They have a Fried Rice executed with brown rice which is a totally different taste than most Chinese fried rice. I'd rave over the vegetarian menu as well, but I've done that several times in previous posts. He had NO connection with Hunan Gourmet which was on King Street and mysteriously received rave reviews every year and finally closed after several well publicized health issues.

ISO Loose Teas in Tofu Valley

You could be talking about a couple of Places. If it is actually Hadley, you might be thinking of Esselon Coffee on Rt. 9. They sell about 30 teas, but they are primarily a coffee shop that roast their own beans. The Coffee Beans are outstanding. The cafe is great and the tea selection is good, but I don't know about their online sales.

Last month the Gazette ran a story about Tea Guys of HATFIELD. They have about 50 custom blended teas. They were primarily online, and in local cafes, but now have a limited presence in most Whole Foods Markets in Mass. They have a larger selection in the local natural Markets both River Valley & Cornocopia in Northampton. Their blends are excellent. You might try calling them to see if an area store carries the varieties you are looking for.
I've given their gift sets and have heard nothing but rave reviews !

Fairway - Stamford

Stopped on the way from NYC this evening. Being blessed with a WFM, Trader Joes & Numerous good farm markets within a mile has spoiled us,
But Fairway has potential & I would stop again.

The Bagels were large & Best I've had outside of NYC (Just toasted a blueberry as I write.) They were also on sale 2/$1.00
The morning star Veggie products were on sale for $3.99. We pay $3.79 regular price at our Target (Not in Fairfield Cty though)
The hot bar was a little disappointing, especially the mac&cheese and tortelini alfredo were dry & didn't hold up.
The Cone o'Fries for $2.50 is a great deal. They are a mix of large and small strips of potatoes fried to order (I was asked if I wanted them medium or crispy) they come with an assortment of spices & dips.
I was also disappointed that while there was a self serve hot bar, the salad "bar" is a prepackaged, pre-sized bowl of greens to which they will add your choice of ingredients for you.
The custom tossed pasta/noodle station was great for $6.49
The selection & quality (& price) of the Produce rivals even the best farm market!
Over all combined with the really nice Whole Foods in Darien and I'd be a happy shopper.

Best vegetarian option in non-vegetarian restaurant? FFD county

Most ethnic will work like red sauce Italian. Indian, Asian, Mexican all have many veg. options.
I may be the rare one, but I like properly prepared tofu & sprout fare, However, I detest the restaurants that offer a portobello/mushroom dish as their only veg offering. Can't stand the rubbery things.

Breakfast or Lunch near Yankee Candle Village?

Paul & Elizabeth's is in Thorne's Marketplace. 4 story former department store adapted into small stores. It has Cornucopia Natural Foods, but not akin to Reading Terminal. BUT taken with the rest of Main St. Downtown, It is a great little walking experience. There are numerous great shops & restaurants within walking distance. Are you looking for Fill you up breakfast or elegant lunch, veggie, ethnic or traditional New England Fare (What ever that is!)

Paul & Elizabeth's
150 Main St, Northampton, MA 01060

Checkers coming to Hartford area. Um, yay?

We stopped at one in Maryland/DC area (Don't remember exactly where) Mostly for the novelty of the double drive-thru. They have no vegetarian options other than the fries, which were heavily seasoned. The Banana milkshake would be worth a hot afternoon stop by itself though.

Milwaukee (and surrounding areas) for good vegetarian cuisine? :)

From out of Town, but am spending time here, We were afraid we might be relegated to prepping 4 days of Salads in our room, but so far, its all been good.

Beans & Barley (for lunch today) is mixed Veg & Carnivore. But the TLT (Tempah , lettuce & Tomato w/veganase (on request) was outstanding. Good size sandwich served w/ a little rice & Pickle spear. S.O.'s Walnut burger was out of this world good.

If you are inclined to Southern Indian style cooking (Udupi Style, althougth they claim, "Indian, Bengali & Pakistani" cuisine) Which is pure vegetarian, Our hotelier sent us to Bombay Sweets. Kind of out of the way on 10th st on the south side. Order at the counter and food is served on styrofoam... But ..portions are good sized, prices are very reasonable and it was delicious.

We found the stalls at the Milwaukee public market to have many good veg. options including the margaritta bar which served a great avocado taco and the fill you own pita bar.

Comet Cafe is on our schedule for Dinner tomorrow (actually today now) and with a second from a fellow chowhounder, I'm looking forward to it.

Bombay Sweet
3401 S 13th St, Milwaukee, WI 53215

Beans & Barley
1901 E North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Apr 21, 2010
belcherveggie in Great Lakes

Zest (Tolland, CT)--formerly Monet's Table

Had Lunch There on Wednesday. The interior in clean bright and airy. They had the windows open and it was a lovely atmosphere. We had brewed pomegranate ice tea which was refilled several times. The 'winter' menu is only available for one more week, then a new spring menu will start. So we had the winter salad and added grilled tofu for protein. The tofu were three evenly grilled slices and the salad was delicious. Entree was to have been Pumpkin Sage Ravioli, but they were substituting a mixed vegetable ravioli. No Problem, There were six ravioli, served on a bed of chard with a sauce that was outstanding. It also came with a mixed green salad, only choices for dressing were blue cheese or balsamic. There was a good crowd for lunch, but prompt seating and good service. All in all a good experience.

Suggestions for Inexpensive and Delicious Rests. in Amherst, MA

You will find many great Veg friendly restaurants near the campus. My favorites for breakfast/lunch: To the North about 1+ mile is Cushman Market cafe. Go Up 116 or North or East Pleasant Street and turn right on Pine Street to the center of Cushman Village, Fun, Funky Cafe in the back of a fun friendly market.
In the center of town, Lone Wolf Cafe on Main street, kind of southwest inspired, with a touch of NYC, diverse menu.
To the west on Route 9 is the Stables, (Across from wal-****) more traditional breakfast place.
None of them are cheap, but they certainly won't break the bank. Average breakfast entree between $5.00 - 10.00. I've never been disappointed with anything. We particularly like the challah french toast at both cushman & Lone Wolf.

Udupi Bhavan in Middletown, CT

The 'soup' is sambar & comes with the Dosa (along with the chutney) The buffet at $9.95 is a great deal. Udupi Bhavan is the real deal as to what you find in Udupi Cuisine. It's Southern Indian and not what most people expect when they are used to Northern Indian Cuisine. (And it's Vegetarian! ) There are also fantastic Udupi restaurants in Shrewsbury & Lowell Mass. It is a cuisine that everyone should try at least once. (Finnish the meal with carrot halwa & you'll be back for more.

Model train diner along rte 91?

Might you be thinking of the bluebonnet diner in Northampton (on rt.5) about 1/2 mile from exit 20 (I think) off rt 91

Hungry Ghost Bakery Northampton MA

It's easy to find, on state Street, across from Center Street & Serio's. It's up on a little hill. Actually located on the West Side of State Street at the corner of Bedford Terrace. Don't expect a fancy showroom, but Probably the best bread we've ever had. !

Fast Food Chains in CT- What's best?

Off 95 in Milford, A reliable stop on the way to NYC & points south

Fast Food Chains in CT- What's best?

Dutchess is great for us Vegetarians too. They have Veggie Burgers (and they are decent) They also have a nice salad. Otherwise it's Wendys & Burger King for Veggie fast food. Friendly's took the Veggie Burger off the menu about a year ago (too bad because it was good) Now the only option there is an overpriced grilled cheese. And just like most other places, All of the entree salads are laden with meat (mostly chicken)

Looking for Doughnuts - Berkshires, Southern Vermont, and Near Bradley Airport CT

The name sounds familiar now. Is this the place with the maple cream donuts? Never been there, but had a maple cream filled donut from greenfield and it was great.

Looking for Doughnuts - Berkshires, Southern Vermont, and Near Bradley Airport CT

Donut Dip in W.Springfield is right off Rt. 90 & 91. Pumpkin Spice & Sour Creme Donuts are great. Donut Man in Hadley (they're made there) are the best in the Amherst/Northampton area, but not really worth the 15 min. detour off Rt. 91. I feel the same about Mrs. Murphy's. They're the best if you are in Westfield/Southwick, but not worth a 30 min. ride.
Donut Dip is 2min. off Rt. 91 & worth every sec.!