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Are the New Dills out yet? (and where?)

You need cucumbers before you get dill pickles. Look outside the window: snow.

My garden is a little bare (Long Island NY) what can I plant now for the fall?

I keep planting Mizuna seeds (a mustard green) about every 2 weeks and this year I tried Curly Cress for the first time & really like it. Rappini seeds do well too. I plant arugula seeds l& lettuce seeds later in August.

Jul 06, 2012
Smachnoho in Gardening

AB No reservations [Finland episode]

I guess no one here likes the Monty Python song: Finland, Finland, Finland has it all.

Jun 29, 2012
Smachnoho in Food Media & News

Pop-up garden centres in Toronto

I started my tomato plants from last year's seeds indoors this week and my neighbour started theirs 2 weeks ago. I thought most people started their seedlings at the end of March. Thanks for the tip about Dufferin MALL & I am assuming you mean the mall on Dufferin Street south of Bloor. I bought my seeds 3 weeks ago & went back yesterday and was surprised how many were sold out already.

where to buy paska in vancouver - or north shore or east burbs

The Ukrainian churches will be having their pre-easter bazaars now. Eastern Orthodox Easter is Sunday April 15th this year.
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Auditorium, 154 E 10th Ave, Vancouver. 604-876-4747
St. Mary’s Ukrainian Orthodox Centre, 13512 108th Ave, Surrey, phone 604-531-1923 or 604-581-0313.

You could phone and find out the date of their bazaars.

Ukrainian Community Centre: Traditional Ukrainian Food every Saturday from 10:00am – 2:00pm 5311 Francis Road, Richmond. 604-274-4119

Where to buy Ukrainain Baked Goods?

This year's pre-Easter Ukrainian bazaars. On the eastern orthodox calendar Easter is on April 15th this year.

Sunday April 8, 2012
St. Volodymyr Ukr. Orthodox Cathedral Auditorium
400 Bathurst St. (between College & Dundas)
Pre-Easter Bazaar: Paska, homemade Kolbassa, knyshi, nalysnyky, perishky (meat or sauerkraut), horseradish, pastries & baked goods.
Other wonderful gift items for Easter.

Vesnivka Choir Easter Bazaar.
Sunday April 8, 2012
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
St. Nichjolas Church
4 Bellwoods Avenue at Queen
Paska, Tortes, baked Goods, Verenyky, Canapes, Borshcht, pysanky

The Ukrainian Museum of Canada (Eastern Branch at 620 Spadina Avenue) is not having their annual Spring Tea this year with sale of baked goods.

Roncesvalles area

I have never found any good produce on Roncesvalles. Mabel's is great for bread, pastries and prepared food. I love the place. Also The Mercantile for sauces, jams etc.


Is the schnitzel pork or not? Is it already cokked or is it prepared to take home & fry? Now that Reither's on Church Street is closed I am looking for another Austrian/ German butcher.

Reither's on Church

I went by after work and saw the sign too. The owner/ founder is Peter Reither, an Austrian butcher and I have not seen him in the store on a regular basis for a while.
I asked at the butcher shop across the street and was told it was sudden & that the signs went up Monday. Everyone is surprised. I just hope that Pusateri's Fruit Market doesn't follow the same route.

Reither's on Church

Thanks for your quick reply. I am so glad nothing has happened to Reither's. A first class place. Since the weather is so nice day I should stop by after work and shop.

Reither's on Church

Reither's closed? I can't believe it? Why? And when? I love their Beet & Herring Salad. Not to mention their meat in general. A great butchershop.

Bison meat in Toronto?

Thanks for the link. I think I am going to order some bison for a pot roast and use the online recipe.

Bison meat in Toronto?

I have only made roast bison once in a slow cooker & it was great but I am willing to try bison brisket from Cumrae's. What size (pounds) should I order and about how much would it cost?

Bison meat in Toronto?

I have asked at Cumbrae's and all they have is frozen ground Bison meat, nothing fresh. Also I have bought Bison at Bruno's and was disappointed.
I woudl love to buy a bison roast: where can I buy it

Rye with Caraway served at Splendido Restaurant

The only Rye Caraway I will eat is made by Future bakery. It has that slightly sour taste that I love. I have tried all the others and they cannot compare.

Chippy's on Queen - is it me or is it getting better?

Aren't there other branches in the West end?

Mabel's Bakery--triple chocolate brownies--anyone tried these?

I have tried them 4 times now. They are terrific. But very large. Split one with a friend.

Where to buy Ukrainain Baked Goods?

Yes there is a difference between Polish Borscht and Ukrainian Borshcht. When you visit Polish stores on Rincesvalle, some of them sell "Ukrainian Borshcht" clearly marked on labels to distinguish from their own beet soup. Ukrainian borshcht (except during Lent) has a strong rich meat stock usually made of pork. Shredded beets, carrots, onion, celery, potatoes and white beans are added.

William Ashley Warehouse Sale 2011

Just came back from the first day of the Summer Kitchen Sale at 1440 Dupont Avenue Unit 4 (behind Piri Piri Resturant.).
Thier products are goo but not a fantastic sale. The jams are $4 a jar & I have bought them for the regular price of $6.00. Their other products are 3/$20.00. If you like their products you can stock up. There is free parking.
They also have knives at very good prices and microplane graters for $10.00.

William Ashley Warehouse Sale 2011

I have read online that the family that owned William Ashley store has sold out. Anyone been to the Warehouse Sale this year? I notice the decline last year. Is it worth even going up there to the sale?
Or to the Wildly Delicios Sale across the street?

Another ridiculous list from Toronto media!

Yes, I almost forget! I bought one of his children's cookbooks as a gift for a child and it was great. I remember taping the shows when his mother (Helen??) from Winnipeg came on & then I would watch the show with my mother.

Oct 30, 2011
Smachnoho in Food Media & News

Another ridiculous list from Toronto media!

Ken Kostick was in the category of a "singing" chief. He sang in musicals at the "Rainbow Stag" in Winnipeg and was loved by the manitoba crowd. Does Canada have any other "singing chiefs"????

Oct 28, 2011
Smachnoho in Food Media & News

Onion and Poppy Seed Quick Bread

Don't you have to soak the poppyseeds in warm milk first?

Oct 23, 2011
Smachnoho in Recipes

Le Creuset at Home Sense & Winners

Thanks. The ones that I saw Sunday at the Queen &Yonge St. store all have tiny grey marks on the cooking surface except one brasier. I scratched the grey spots and it was the metal coming through. Also dimples. As you said it takes a lot of time to see the defects. Is there any problems if a pot has dimples? Is it a sign of future cracks?
The one brasier without any grey spots had an odd shapped handle.

Le Creuset at Home Sense & Winners

I was at the Home Sense Store on Yonge & Queen on Saturday and they had a pile of #30 3.5 Quart braiser for $179 in red, 1 blue, losts of yellow and a horrible bright Orange I have never seen before. Also the 6 quart wide round for $199 in red, yellow & orange.

What has happened to Whole Foods in Yorkville?

I have to put in my 2 cents. Bought chicken that was off. And I am disappointed in the quality and variety of the prepared foods. I was in the US recently and went to a "Tradder Joe's" and it was fantastic.
What can folks tell me about Fiesta Farms? What do they offer?

Fiesta Farms
200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

re: New Le Creuset Signature Store at Sherway Gardens

has anyone visited it yet? What are the prices like?

ISO Juniper berries?

I picked some juniper berries off a tree. How do I dry them?

Stampede Bison Grill

Just went there for lunch this week & had the shaved Bison sandwich. Fantastic. The meat just melts in your mouth. I like it better than the Bison burg which is good too. Love the lemonade too. Great place to go on a nice summer day.

What to do with Arugula

I have tons of Arugula in my garden. I am tired of just adding it to salads is there anything else I can do with it? Same question for my Giant Red Mustard.

Jul 15, 2011
Smachnoho in Home Cooking