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Other breakfast joints like Jethro's or Deacon's Corner?

Been to Cafe Regalade twice, had the Paris breakfast (both times, it was that good). Came with a side of gloriously butter drenched crispy potatoes, baguette (with more butter) to mop everything up and a simple salad that makes you not feel so guilty.


Always looking for good salads! One of my faves is the seafood salad at Ajisai Sushi Bar in Kerrisdale, basic greens, light dressing, fresh daily seafood and cornflakes for crunch. Also Zakkushi in Kit's used to have this tofu salad, add some skewers and it was a perfect light meal. Their website doesn't seem to have it but their other salads look good.

in case we ever forget.....

I am eating scrambled eggs topped with garlic, butter and tarragon morels that I picked up from the farmers market and feel very lucky indeed!!

I pureed bean burger ingredients too long; now they're wet glop. What to do?

I would use panko or regular bread crumbs, add another can of chickpeas and mash it with a potato masher then fold it into your other mix and re-season. Since it will make a larger batch I would just form the patties and just freeze half of them. Good luck!

Quick Answer Needed-Gluten Free Waffles

Capers, Whole Foods and Choices sell my fave GF brown rice waffle by Vans
Slathered in almond butter, sliced bananas, cinnamon and maple syrup its almost like dessert!


My fave is Dodonis Feta which you can get at Parthenon in Kits.

A bar downtown/gastown/yaletown to meet an old friend?

What about The Diamond in Gastown?

Brown Rice Vermicelli in Calgary?

Oh well I'm in Vancouver! Maybe phone ahead to the Macleod Trail location? I always found their Asian section pretty good. Or check out T&T.

Brown Rice Vermicelli in Calgary?

I found some at Superstore...

Visiting and needing specific Vancouver Eats

I'm with fmed, Dolce Amore on Commercial for gelato! Favorite muffin in Vancouver goes to Little Nest (also on Commercial)- It's usually pear ricotta almond, or ricotta/ whatever fruit is in season. Their banana chocolate hazelnut muffins are great too.
Also Savary Island Pie Co in West Van have muffins that look good, I've never had one but from tasting their other baked goods I bet they're just as delish.

Olympic International/National Houses - comments/reviews appreciated

I was at Granville Island yesterday too! Skipped the Swiss house for raclette and went to the Lobster Man who had a little set up outside their shop selling lobster rolls, a bisque, bbq'd scallops, oysters and whole lobsters w/ butter. Shared a lobster roll with a friend ($7.00) which was tasty, lots of meat and not too many "fillers". I would have liked to try the bisque but I was still too full from a slightly disappointing ReFuel burger (but thats another story)! No lineups when we went around 3 but I'm not sure if thats just set up for the weekends.

Muffalata sandwich in Vancouver

Cardero Bottego has been on my list of places to try for their Muffalata but I havn't made it there can check out a review on this blog though!

Cinnamon buns-Vancouver area

Grounds for Coffee on Alma makes great fresh cinnamon buns w/ or w/out a cream cheese icing and they distribute to other coffee shops around the city. I'm sure there is one of these close to your location, here's the link:
Although, that said I've only had them from the Alma location fresh out of the oven, so I hope they are just as good!

Tourtiere in Vancouver?

They make them at Savary Island Pie Company

Macarons in Vancouver?

Thomas Haas on W.Broadway just opened yesterday, stopped by today and just as I was sitting down to a pain au chocolat, out comes a tray of macarons. Of course I had to try one! Had the lemon passionfruit, which was very good, was hoping the filling would have been a bit more tart since they are pretty sweet in general, but still very good. Laduree's are still my fave though...!

Maenam Thai - best in Vancouver?

I heard they were doing a soft opening a couple days before their announced opening so I called ahead to see and sure enough they were. I wanted to try some of the more typical dishes just to compare, so we got the roti, green papaya salad, satays, pad thai and the siamese watercress. Thought everything was great, especially the pad thai, soo good! Perfectly cooked noodles, they had such a good chew to them! I saw on the menu that it said fresh rice noodles so I asked our server if they were made in house, she said they weren't but maybe she was mistaken? Will definitely go back to try some of his other dishes!

Fraser/Broadway/Kingsway area (YVR)

Calgary really does have a great Vietnamese scene! That's definitely it Peter, they are usually served warm (making the bread even more slightly crispy) and have that distinct satay/charbroiled flavor. Still searching for bun that has meat with that real charbroiled flavor, but thats a whole other post thats already been discussed!
Grayelf: Any girl that isn't willing to explore some of the whole in the wall resto's that are hidden gems here in the city, don't deserve to eat it anyway! (My friend and I did have to look away while we watched the token homeless man spit into his cup while we ate though..)

Fraser/Broadway/Kingsway area (YVR)

After all this talk I had to go to Tung Hing to try their banh mi today! Tasted good and their baguette was nice and fresh. (You know its a proper Vietnamese style baguette when you sit in your car eating it and there are crumbs everywhere) I just wish there was more filling. But hey for 3 bucks I shouldn't complain! For some reason I have yet to find a banh mi out here in Van that are as good as the ones in Calgary...

Itinerary suggestions - weekend in YVR

My pick for Sunday brunch would be Cafe Medina (Chambars sister resto):
Go for a latte, waffle and my personal fave, the Fricasse (braised short ribs, applewood smoked cheddar, roast potatoes, caramelized onions and 2 fried eggs on top, served in a cast iron skillet)

Holiday Brunch (YVR)

oooh yes definitely go visit Bouchon! I had the made to order 5 spice donuts with cranberry compote and chocolate sauce and the Croque Madame. Even the baguette and butter was to die for!

Best Free Samples-Vancouver

Do I dare even start a post like this? Who doesn't love a good free sample though?! Here are my top picks in order:
1.Patisserie Lebeau-Usually have to go early, but have samples of their savory Brussels waffle, to the custard filled ones to the regular Liege ones
2.Bosa Foods-Last time I was there I saw (who am I kidding, I ATE all of this) mini cannolis, cookies, biscotti, various cheeses, raincoast crisps, chorizo, bread and hummus
3.Butter Bakery-Various bars and squares depending on the day and feature baked good
4.East is East-Chai tea, smoothies and roti
Let me know if I am missing anywhere!

Stromboli or Calzone in CGY

It's been awhile but I used to go to Urban Pizza for their Calzones. This place has been around for ages so they must be doing something right! Not sure where you live but it is in the S.E around the Willowpark area: 675 Acadia Drive SE Calgary, (403) 271-1181
I could be wrong but I remember hearing something about them putting beer in their dough recipe? Definitely not traditional but I do remember liking the consistency of the dough, not too doughy and just the right amnt of chewiness and I liked the fresh chunky tomato sauce you could get on the side.
If you're feelin too lazy to make your own dough I think Mercato sells already made dough or sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask your fave pizza shop if you can buy some dough off them and make your own at home. Good luck with your search!

Visiting Vancouver on a budget w/ specific requests

1. I'm with waylman on Chambar and Cafe Medina, can definitely get away with having a great meal for $60-80 at Chambar, just make sure to make reso's-Also do great innovative cocktails! Really shouldn't miss Cafe Medina either for breakfast or lunch..check out the posting on Medina, I posted some pics there too.

2. Granville Island is nice to grab a drink...nice view on Sandbar's patio but I wouldn't personally go down to Granville Island for the food, with some exceptions: Go to Go Fish for lunch/dinner (closed mondays!) then sit on a patio for a drink. Stop by the market (but be careful some stands can be very expensive!) Grab a baguette, some cheese and sausage, pate and meats from Oyama Sausage co (who also supply salt tasting room with some of their meats) or grab some of the fresh stuffed pastas and sauce from one of the pasta stalls for one of your meals back at where you are staying.

3. Since you're staying close to Au Petit, you could always grab some of their sandwiches and walk the short distance to eat it at Queen Elizabeth Park if its nice out. Au petit is tiny and go earlier, or call ahead to place your order because they tend to run out after lunch! Oh but first grab milkshakes at East is East's (main and 28th) take out bar! They are not your typical shakes but the flavor combos are soo good, my fave is the Himalayan High: Mango puree, vanilla ice cream, milk, cardamon and pistachio.
4. You're close to main too, which has loads of coffee shops so you should have no prob finding wifi
5. Also every wednesday is the Riley Park Farmers Market (I have yet to go, but they have alot of the same vendors that frequent the other weekend farmers markets in town) its on from 12:30-5:00 @ 30th and Ontario in the Riley Park community centre. (Can check out Vancouver Farmers markets at
)6.For Izakaya my fave is still Guu, so if you are out shopping down on Robson you could always hit up Guu for dinner (have other locations as well)
7.Vietnemese/Cambodian-Really should check out Phenom Phen although it is out of your way (in Chinatown)
8. Definitely don't miss Salt Tasting Room! Maybe go for an early dinner and then to Salt for a late night snack.
Below are some pics (L-R: First 2 are Chambar,Guu, Salt)
These are just my personal opinons...
Good luck! Have fun!

Medina - new lunch/brunch place near Chambar

Happy to take pics.
Oh wow I wouldn't have been disappointed if it was condensed milk, but it was pistachio white chocolate sauce! I have been thinking about their Jambon et Formage sandwich which would have been my other choice and with all this talk, I just had to go back for lunch today! Panini grilled fruit and nut bread stuffed with braised pork, gooey melted morbier cheese and fresh cherries get it now while the cherries are still in season! Served with a side of fresh cherry compote (which I saved to slather on tomorrows toast) and a apple pecan endive salad it was a pretty large portion but I'm definitely not complaining about that either! (See pic below). Besides being stuffed I had to refrain myself from getting a waffle...

Medina - new lunch/brunch place near Chambar

Had to check out Medina since they extended their menu and I was definitely not disappointed! I had the Fricasse which had braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions and applewood smoked cheddar with two fried eggs sitting on top. Not sure how "breakfast like" the dish would be without the eggs but I am definitely not complaining! Usually not a fan of foccacia either, but it was so fresh and perfectly grilled in a panini press and perfect for mopping up the shortrib sauce. Their waffles are small, but as a side order it's perfect. Their waffle and a latte is the best combo ever. Friend had the Moroccan meatballs and loved it. (See pics below)

Richmond Night Market Cancelled for 2008

I just went to the night market last weekend, it's in the same place as last year and I made my way through the food stalls..not to be missed is the Korean waffle stand that is in the first row at the end (if you are walking in from the main entrance to the food area). They make fish shaped waffles filled with sweet red bean paste and this amazing sweet rice pancake that is filled with a cinnamon sugar filling that is a bit greasy but oh so good...had to go back 3 times! (see pics below!)

Reccs for Vancouver/Kitsilano?

For Middle Eastern I would suggest East is East or their next door salad bar Silk and Spice(all their dressings are vegan) and are more of a quick bite to eat or you can get to take out. Upstairs at night they have their restaurant Chai that has a buffet and belly dancing. I've had items like saag paneer, peas and paneer, a turkish eggplant, this really good kaffir mango tofu curry, Afghan braised lamb and other dishes. Near UBC is 10th ave where there is Burgoo (the comfort food restaurant) that does soups and sandwiches, salads etc. They also have do brunch on the weekends though I've never been. Saw them setting up for folk fest down at Jericho Beach today, have fun!

Vancouver: Blue Water Cafe, C or Coast?

Just ate dinner at Coast last week, my salmon was a bit overcooked but the lobster mashed potatoes were great (big chunks of lobster folded in), also the food was just slightly warm, on the other hand the molten coconut banana cake with caramelized bananas, coconut cake baked in a mini cast iron skillet and coconut creme anglaise served on the side, was one of the best plated desserts I've had in the city so far.

Great Portland Salads

I just had the most amazing salad at last saturday's farmers market from Tastebuds (the booth on the end that also sells the fab looking pizzas and bagels), it varies depending on whats in season, but mine had the wheat berry salad with spring greens, chickpeas, baby yellow zucchini, sweet snap peas, red cabbage and a creamy tahini dressing. For $5.00 I'd say it's a steal for all the fresh ingredients it has and for an extra $3.00 you can get sliced roasted leg of lamb on top. Or get all the same ingredients stuffed in a fresh whole wheat pita for $6.00.
I also stopped by St.Honore Boulangerie and saw that they had a nice looking nicoise salad. Not sure if they use a mayo based dressing or not but I'm sure you could get it with oil and vinegar and it would be just as tasty! (Be careful though, you might be tempted by their amazing looking pastries/croissants/quiches etc...)

Vancouver - 3 days, good eats recs?

You're right, nothing compares to a Crave cupcake! You might also want to try Butter Bakery, I've never had their cupcakes but they do a nice rendition of an oreo and peanut butter cookie sandwich (if only it was with Crave's buttercream) as well as a smore made with fresh marshmallows.