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Italian Ices and Custard Vegas

It's about a quarter mile from Trop. I have been there a few times already. I really like the Strawberry and Mango. I didn't know about the free WiFi either. The decor is very neat and the gelati is so good. I will definitely be a frequent visitor.

Jun 10, 2008
arieger in Southwest

Water Ice in Vegas!!!

I've recently moved out to Vegas from Jersey and have been dying to get my hands on some good old fashioned East Coast Italian Ice. I grew up on Rita's and I must say I've been very disappointed with Vegas Italian Ice. Until now! A place just opened up on SW Vegas (Ft. Apache and Trop) that tastes just like the East Coast water ices. It's not so frozen that it's impossible to eat. It's nice and watery and they even offer custard to go with it. It's called Frozen Aces and it's fantastic. Anyone else been to it?

May 23, 2008
arieger in Southwest