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Best Muffins?

Blue Sky Bakery in Park Slope - near Bergen street and 5th avenue. Amazingly fresh and delicious muffins - with fresh raspberries, apricot etc.... They keep coming out of the oven - so get them while they are hot. They always have interesting combinations. Well worth the trip.

Jul 28, 2008
brooklyn76 in Manhattan

The Number One BEST Thai Restaurant in NYC

Sripraphai beats joya and song in brooklyn by far. For the breadth of the menu and quality... It's great. Well-worth the trip and universally loved as evident by the numerous mentions on the boards.

Jul 28, 2008
brooklyn76 in Manhattan

New Pizza, Carroll Gardens

I was a bit disappointed as well. Not terrible, but not worth $12. A bit to charred for my taste. The crust was more than 80% black. maybe they just need to fix the oven. Not sure if I will try it again.

Jul 28, 2008
brooklyn76 in Outer Boroughs

Lucali's: Masterly Brick-Oven Pizza in Carroll Gardens

Fantastic. Definitely check this spot out if you are in Carrol Garden's and want to find a great pie. If they keep it up and last, they might make it into the rooster of NYC greats - DiFara's, Totonno's etc....

Jun 16, 2008
brooklyn76 in Features