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Lemon Meringue Pie with a Graham Cracker Crust

Delicious! Perfect lemon pie.

Oct 26, 2014
alixium in Recipes

Beaubien and St-Denis area ?

Ellefsen is on the corner of St-Zotique and St-Denis.
Nice choices of smørrebrød, gravlax and daily specials. Nice selection of wine by the glass. I steer clear of the poutine: too salty for me.
They have a long table in the back, which I believe would suit a group of ten.

Places where "casual elegance" reigns supreme

Montreal is great for that.
Many higher-end places, but you'll never be forced to wear a tie and jacket.

May 16, 2011
alixium in General Topics

Restaurants with Counters for Single Diners

Kazu comes to mind for a delicious japanese lunch! You can sit at the bar that overlooks the small kitchen and watch the cooks prep your meal, and its definitely in your price range.

1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

Maple flavoured tea

I've seen maple-flavoured tea sold at Merci-vrac and La Dépense (both at Jean-talon market).
I recall seeing more than one brand, so you might want to scour the market's specialty shops.

closures for holidays

Nizza closed Dec 24 to Jan.7
Latini closed Dec. 24 to Jan. 7
Tapeo closed Dec 31st to Jan 13
Toqué closed Dec 24 to Jan 13

Milos: closed Dec 25, Jan 1st
Queue de Cheval: closed 24-25, 31st Dec, and Jan 1st
Laloux: closed 24- 25 Dec, Jan 1st
Lemeac: closed 25 Dec and Jan 1st
Europea: closed 24 to 26 Dec. and Jan 1st
Club Chasse et Peche: closed 24 to 26 Dec. and Jan 1st
Holder: closed 24 to 26 Dec. and Jan 1st
Graziella: 24 to 26 Dec. and Jan 1st
Auberge St-Gabriel: closed only Dec 26
l'Express: lunch only on Dec 24, closed on Dec 25
Ferreira: closed 24 to 26 Dec, dinner only on 31st and Jan 1st

Of course, it's always better to call and confirm...
Hotel restaurants are always a sure bet (Renoir, Koko, Aix, Laurie Raphael... remain open every night)

Montreal Bagels

it is not.

Nov 21, 2010
alixium in Manhattan

Restaurant Openings - 2010

Le Comptoir is now open. - 4807 Saint-Laurent.
Seems quite interesting considering they will be serving house-made charcuterie and organic wines.

Foodie at Bachelor Party in Montreal.

as a heads up: Garde Manger does not accept large groups (tables of 6 are ok).

Vegetables that cannot (or at least should not) be eaten raw?

I have never eaten raw asparagus... must be odd.

Jul 04, 2010
alixium in General Topics

Gluten Free Montreal?

I have noticed that the menu at Accords indicates gluten-free choices.

Where are you watching the World Cup?

In Old Montreal, Santos will be displaying all the games (as per their new promotional flyer)

Grant Achatz: What's Next, Ren Faire?

aah! why thank you, smrits. That makes more sense! : )

May 08, 2010
alixium in Features

San Pellagrino

I've seen that Milano has flats of them for sale.

Grant Achatz: What's Next, Ren Faire?

Did you mean to write "rien faire" rather than "ren faire"? Because the title makes no sense.

May 08, 2010
alixium in Features

Chez Mein - best cheap meal?


America's Next Top Snack Chip

"at the cost of your afternoon snack tasting like a loofah." HA! hilarious, thanks.

Apr 28, 2010
alixium in Features

New behavior of posts under Stories

I second this. Very odd+annoying to change the settings everytime...

Apr 23, 2010
alixium in Site Talk

Matcha tea bowl and "brush"?

A quick google search yields many informative videos and explanations.

However, I would suggest perhaps you visit a local tea shop with experienced personnel, who might be able to guide you through the process and give you a few tips. (I am from Montreal, and one tea shop I have in mind even has classes/seminars about tea)

Apr 23, 2010
alixium in General Topics

San Pellagrino

San Pellegrino is sold nearly everywhere... I've seen many kinds at Milano on St-Laurent, but many many other grocery stores carry them.

Best French Bistro in Montreal

I would second thomasein and recommend Lemeac over l'Express any day... because yes, it can 'go wrong'.

Restaurant Closings - 2010

Bouchonné, located on St-Laurent, is now called la Montée de Lait. (confused yet?)

Food "Practical Jokes" / violations

a cook I know once prepared plenty of beurre manié before his shift. He patted it, cut it into squares and handed it over to his colleagues, saying it was maple fudge!
what an unpleasant surprise it must have been to taste the cubes of butter and flour...

Apr 07, 2010
alixium in Not About Food

Diary of a New Food Truck Owner, Part 2: That Crazy Guar Gum

i love this series!

Apr 06, 2010
alixium in Features

APDC Cabane à sucre 2010

these comments about where Picard chooses to stop by are strange to me. Indeed, I was there last year with a large group of 22 to 32-year-olds. We mostly drank beer, with one of us 'splurging' on an inexpensive bottle of wine. Even so, Picard stopped by our table and spoke to us for a while, saying he was glad to see young people enjoying themselves.
this man has his faults, but I highly doubt he would stop by tables only because of their wine purchases.

2 Cabanes à Sucre (long)

La Cabane's menu is not at all traditional cabane à sucre, though.
Might be a good idea for locals looking for novelty, but I would suggest a 'real' cabane in the woods for tourists that know little about this tradition.

Best Tartare Frites in Montreal

I really enjoyed the beef tartare at Lemeac. It is quite relevé (spicy), in a good way. Plus, it is available with the after-10pm special, which makes it a great deal.

Anyone been to the new Montreal Smoked Meat deli in Brooklyn, called "MILE END" ????

oh, of course the poutine here is not always lovingly prepared. haha!
But I must say I prefer a meat-based gravy. This is supposed to be a fatty and indulgent dish, after all!
And I agree fully about the cold curds... not the best, indeed.

Feb 23, 2010
alixium in Outer Boroughs

Anyone been to the new Montreal Smoked Meat deli in Brooklyn, called "MILE END" ????

hello New Yorkers,
I was there this weekend. I am a Montrealer, and I find odd that someone has yet to chime in about the quality of the poutine gravy. It is a *mushroom* gravy, thus lacking all the delicious, original chicken-y flavor it is supposed to have. This poutine was a disappointment, and not the real deal. If you'd like to taste poutine, please trek up to the province of Quebec, and let us take care of you. haha

Feb 22, 2010
alixium in Outer Boroughs

Where to find fresh Anaheim and Poblano peppers in Montreal?

perhaps you can try going to Marché Thai Hour, southwest corner of St-Denis and Jean-Talon, where they have a wide variety of peppers and herbs. Or across the street at Marché Oriental.