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hong kong style steakhouse in richmond hill/markham

There is this place at Times Square at Leslie and Hwy 7 called "Goldxxx" (I cannot remember the name exactly, but it's tucked in the back, near the parking lot, behind the big central indoor mall). Great price for big chunks of meat! I think they even have zigzaggy fries....

Bon Appetite!

Dec 01, 2006
sweet_disaster in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Perigee and dessert tasting

I like my food sweet and I am looking for good desserts in the city.

I went through some old chowhound posts and read about dessert tasting at Perigee. Has anyone ever been to Perigee just for the dessert tasting menu and what is the price range like? Also, are there other restaurants that also has a dessert tasting menu?


Jul 23, 2006
sweet_disaster in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Street Eats in Toronto?

Pacific Mall and their tiny shops of Asian street eats - from curry fish balls to dumplings to Korean walnut cakes!

Jul 17, 2006
sweet_disaster in Ontario (inc. Toronto)