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Honeymoon in Healdsburg - Where to Eat?

My last visit to Spoonbar we stuck to the small plates and had a very excellent meal. I love Scopa and Campo Fina.

private dining rooms in N. Oakland/S. Berkeley area

There are not too many choices in that area. I have been to several similar events at the Claremont Hotel.

New England Style hot dog buns in East Bay?

Correct. I was looking for the buns to make the rolls at home and I did see that post. Cant imagine driving over an hour to Redwood city for hot dog buns. Guess I will need to improvise with some type of soft roll instead of a hot dog bun. Ive checked Whole foods, Diablo foods, Lunardi, Safeway, Trader Joes and several bakeries with no luck.

New England Style hot dog buns in East Bay?

Craving crab rolls now that crab season has started. Does anyone know where in the East Bay I could get them? I saw a post from 2010 that said Safeway made them, but I checked and didnt see them.

Please... looking for affordable restaurant recs for the Walnut Creek area....

My favorite inexpensive places in WC
Mixed Greens for bimbimbop bowl (same owners as Bowl'd)
Sichuan House
Morucchis or Ikes sandwiches
Shanghai Gormet Chinese

In Lafayette
Bo's bbq
Metro for a more upscale dinner

Where to find the BEST Nachos in SF bay area.... then best in east bay area?

I would recommend the Carnitas nachos from El Jarro in Lafayette.

Guerneville as location for Russian, Sonoma and Napa?

I should have said relatively close compared to Yountville or downtown Napa which are pretty far if coming from Santa Rosa.

Bonfire Pizzeria or other takeout in Orinda

I am a fan of Petras, but usually eat there for lunch. I was quite disappointed with Bonfire, and would not go back. I dont know where you live but in my opinion the best take out pizza in the immediate area comes from Lamorinda Pizza in Rheem (Moraga) near the theater. Not bad at all for a local takeout joint. There is also Paxti's in Lafayette.

Does anyone know of any happy hour restaurants (food as well as liquor) in the east bay?

Flemings in Walnut Creek has some great food and drink HH specials at the bar. Be warned however that it is crowded and tables fill up early.

Guerneville as location for Russian, Sonoma and Napa?

While Napa clearly has the highest profile restaurants and the most diversity, dont overlook the fact that Healdsburg has become quite a food destination of its own with Cyrus, Barndiva, Dry Creek Kitchen, Madrona Manor and many others. Last week I had a fabulous meal at Scopa on the main square. Healdsburg is very close to Santa Rosa if you use that as a base and much less congested than Napa. It is also centered between 3 great wine regions the Russian River Valley, Dry Creek, and the Alexander Valley.

Best baked BBQ Pork Bun in SF

I don't know if they are the best in the city, but I give a big shout out to the baked pork buns from Sunset Bakery at 9th ave and Judah. I have been going there for years and still crave them whenever I am in that area.

Good, well-priced meat market in East Bay/Tri-Valley

For a good general butcher shop with good prices I like Lunardis. Prices are quite reasonable. I do alot of home smoking and tend to get most meat from Costco including whole chickens, salmon, ribs and sometimes boneless pork butt. Bone in pork butt can also be obtained cheaply from Safeway usually. I have bought whole briskets in a bag with intact fat cap from Lunardis, but I have also seen them cheaper at Costco at times. Trimmed briskets are good at Costco, but not ideal for a long smoke. I also get turkey legs from Lunardis which I love to smoke. Still looking for great beef ribs. I am often disappointed with the available (often pre frozen) ribs available.

Salt & Pepper Crab, like R&G, in East Bay?

China Village in Albany. I have had it there many times and it is very good.

2011 - Let's talk turkey

This year I bought a prebrined and seasoned Fra Mani Diestel turkey from Costco $3.39 a pound. It was great. Flavorful and moist and not at all salty. In prior years I would buy a Diestel turkey from Lunardis and salt it or brine it myself. This turkey was better and so much easier. I will be looking for it again next year for sure!

Hand pulled noodles in the East Bay?

Looking for fresh hand pulled noodles in the East Bay, preferably Oakland/Berkeley. I was in Vancouver recently and was at a noodle shop where you could watch the chef pull the noodles and boil them fresh for each order. He was also hand making green onion cakes. It was a great show and delicious. I would love to find a similar place here if it exists.

Crispy Orange Beef? East Bay??

The orange chicken at China Village in Albany is delicious, probably the only version of that dish I have ever had that is really good. I have never had orange beef there but it may be worth a shot.

Heading to Berkeley, looking for good Ramen place

I suggest Ryowa Ramen house on University near Shattuck. Havent been for a while but was very good when I was there before.

2068 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Smokey J's Q House - BBQ in Berkeley

Stopped by last night. I ordered a 3 way combo with ribs, brisket and hot links with hot sauce on the side. With a side of roasted garlic potatoes the meal was $18 and enough food for 2 unless you want to "pig out". The meat was all great. The brisket was tender with good smoke flavor and lots of intense bark came in the order. The ribs were good, although not my favorite part of the meal. The hot links were as good as Ive had, and the hot sauce had a very nice flavor and heat level. Also dont miss the potatoes. They cook them in the rotisserie under the roast chicken and they taste great. All in all I like this place better than others in the area like Tomms, Uncle Willies and Phat Matts.

Best deep dish pizza?

I like the crust of Little Star much better than Zacharys. Havent had Paxti's yet.

Best deep dish pizza?

I have eaten at Zacharys for years but after Little Star opened in Albany I decided that I prefer Little Star to Zacharys. Now Paxti's is coming to the East Bay (Lafayette) and I have friends who think that Paxti's is the best of the 3. Curious what other opinions are. Also what is the best crust option at Paxtis? On their website they list 2 kinds of deep dish: stuffed and pan pizza.

China Village dinner help

For vegetarians the charred cabbage is a must. I also strongly suggest the sauteed pea shoots and the baked tofu or clay pot with tofu.

The orange chicken there is actually delicious. A thousand times better than the usual american chinese version. They also do a good walnut prawns if you are looking for something not spicy.
My favorite dish there is the twice cooked fish fillet. Spicy but not too spicy and great flavor. I also love the fish soup.

China Village [Albany]

This sounds great. How does it compare with the twice cooked fish fillets which is one of my favorite go to dishes there?

Crab Feed. Looking for a good one in the East Bay?

There is a benefit for the Norcal Hemophila Foundation on 2/12 in Oakland. This is a nice event.

Green Chile Kitchen...good New Mexican cuisine. [San Francisco]

I love New Mexican food. Do they have great sopapillas? These are sorely lacking in the Bay Area.

Vegetarian Friendly for Boston trip

San Francisco chowhound heading to Boston with mixed group. My wife is a vegetarian. Looking for a few nice lunch/dinner choices to appeal to vegetatians and meat/fish eaters. Not looking for anything too pricey or fancy. Asian restaurants not a priority as we come from SF.

Jul 27, 2010
slipson in Greater Boston Area

Dinner with grandparents in Berkeley- need recs

I love Gather and Corso, but as stated already they may be outside your budget. I would also consider Great China for a classic Berkeley Asian experience. Review other posts for advice on what to order but absolutely dont miss the Peking Duck.

Great China Restaurant
2115 Kittredge St, Berkeley, CA 94704

best (east)Bay Area joint for a first date

I would suggest Gather in Berkeley. I food is very good, the space modern and comfortable and there are great choices for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Share the vege charcouterie plate to start. If you dont have a reservation there are lots of spots at the bar.

Moraga Options

I would generally agree for everything except the Brisket. I had it recently a few weeks ago and it was still great.

Moraga Options

Moraga really has no destination worthy restaurants. There are a few passable Chinese places, Chef Chau in the Rheem center, and Asia Palace in Moraga. Terzettos and Amoroma are okay, but uninspired.
In Orinda I suggest Serika for Japanese and Petra's cafe for a Greek lunch. Avoid Casa Orinda and Amoroma Pizzaria.
Your best bet is to get to Lafayette. Lily's House already mentioned. Also second Pizza Antica, Chow and Metro. Also worthy of a special trip is Bo's BBQ. Get the brisket there, its great.

Casa Orinda
20 Bryant Way, Orinda, CA 94563

Lily's House
3555 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549

Serika Restaurant
2 Theatre Sq Ste 118, Orinda, CA 94563

Any bakery in the east bay have a great coconut cake?

Katrina Rozelle on College in Oakland makes a very good coconut cake, although I like their chocolate ganache cakes even more.

Katrina Rozelle
5931 College Ave, Oakland, CA