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GTA Gelato Wars 2012

Venti Sette on Yonge Street at St. Germain is truly delicious, and the quality is top notch. This artisanal gelato is well worth a try. Here's the link to their website:

What happened to Le Papillon on Front?

Thanks for all of the replies about Le Papillon on Front. With the change in the menu and the "quality" of the food at that location, we'll have to try the other option (Le Papillon Park).

What happened to Le Papillon on Front?

Our family has been going to Le Papillon for years. When it moved to Front Street, the same familiar menu followed. We went there the other night, hoping for the same familiar menu, and we found that it had changed. Sadly, that wasn't the only thing that changed. They no longer serve the same excellent crepes, but now call them galettes (same thing as crepe en francais). However, the awesome spinach, cheddar, bechamel and mushroom crepe is gone and the batter is not as delicious as it once was. The attention to detail in the kitchen is just not there - all of the other food we ordered was, at best, mediocre. The onion soup had little broth (mostly onions), the caesar salad was strangely spicy, and the mains were both on the small side and were lukewarm. I'm not sure if the ownership has changed, along with their new menu, but we won't be rushing back. Bring back the old menu!

Best Italian Sandwich

I'm so glad to report that even though I first wrote about Ciccio Sanwiccio in 2008, it's safe to say that it's still the best for veal sandwiches and pastas. In fact, give the grilled eggplant and zucchini and eggplant parmesan sandwiches a try too. Great, friendly services to go along with the awesome food. Only downside is that they close by 6 p.m. on Saturday nights and they are closed Sunday. Everyone deserves some time off. :)

kazan korean bbq & teppanyaki - new in richmond hill

I would avoid this restaurant (Kazan Teppanyaki in Richmond Hill), which I went to with my family on a Saturday night. The reservation was useless, as they couldn't honour it. We were seated 45 minutes late, and only were served once we complained that it had been over an hour since we arrived. About 1.5 hours after arrival, our drink and food order was taken. They were clearly overwhelmed by having a full restaurant and could barely keep up. Once the chef arrived to cook the food, all went well.....but by that point, the charm of the teppanyaki show had lost it's charm. The food is adequate, but not worth the very bad service and long wait to be seated and served. Don't bother with this restaurant.

Memphis (Style) Smoke House

Went to Phils Original BBQ last night for the first time in a long time - wanted to see what it was like after Restaurant Makeover paid them a visit. Food is still the same - delicious. The combo platter is pretty darned large - chicken, ribs and brisket with sides of coleslaw and excellent baked beans (mixed with pieces of meat). You smell like smoke as soon as you enter the place - service is always with a smile. You won't leave hungry, that's for sure. We arrived within an hour of closing time, and weren't rushed a bit. I'd recommend it. I live not too far from the North York Memphis BBQ place, and have wondered about it. With the many mentions in this column, I guess it's worth a try. Anyone been there lately? How are the ribs?

NOTL "Hi-Five" for Stone Road Grill

I found this restaurant late last fall by doing a little digging online before I drove to the Niagara area. I went there with a friend from London England and wanted to have a memorable lunch experience. It was so excellent that I will absolutely return another time, and you're correct - this is truly a destination restaurant. I believe they are still open for lunch, and we found it to be a little quieter at that time. You won't be disappointed. I had some incredible soup (think it was roasted beet if I recall correctly) and the steak frites with some local wine to wash it all down. Really more dinner for lunch, but what the heck! My friend had a salad and the charcuterie plate and was delighted with what she got. They even customized her plate to reflect things she preferred (vs. types of meat she doesn't eat). They have an incredible local wine selection, many of which are from smaller vineyards that aren't commonly sold at the LCBO. Service is extremely good and friendly. Another spot I'd recommend if you're wanting to sample less fussy food in favour or where the locals prefer to eat - go to The Old Winery Restaurant
located at 2228 Niagara Stone Road. Try the calamari appetizer, which is excellent and plentiful. I tried a pasta dish as my main and enjoyed it thoroughly. Nice atmosphere and good value considering many restaurants in that area don't know what to charge tourists! :
)Can't wait to return to both spots.

Veal Sandwiches

I really like a little neighbourhood spot on Yonge Street north of Lawrence (west side) called Ciccio Sanwiccio. Really good veal sandwich (toppings are extra), but while you're there they also have good pasta dishes and salads. Reasonable, ample and delicious portions - they get my vote.

Goin' shoppin' in Buffalo - apart from wings?? [Moved from Ontario board]

Can someone explain how it works when you purchase wine/spirits over the border at some place like Premier Wines and Spirits - in the instance where you haven't stayed more than 48 hours? Are you still allowed to bring it across and simply pay the tax/duty? How does this work, or must you be away 48 hours no matter what to bring it back into Canada?

Best Italian Sandwich

Ciccio Sanwiccio is the absolute best. It's in the area that I live in, and we absolutely love all of their authetic offerings. Great veal sandwiches, and if you prefer a vegetarian offering, try the eggplant parmesan sandwich. Very generous portions. The additional toppings are great - I usually do mushroom and mixed peppers. As far as their pastas are concerned, great meat sauce, tomato sauce, pink sauce (if you prefer)...and the salads are also fresh and ample. Great value, great taste and a feeling like you're sitting in someone's real Italian kitchen. Friendly service too. Can't beat it for eat in or take out. Da best.