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Newport breakfast on an off-season overnight

Thanks, RoiseG. Handy Lunch!! I've been there and completely forgot! A 1,000 thanks.

Handy Lunch
462 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

Newport breakfast on an off-season overnight

Looking for local color and good eats on a Thursday morning. Have heard about Franklin Spa or 4th St. Diner. Anyone have a preference or another rec?

Franklin Spa
229 Spring St, Newport, RI 02840

February 2010 Openings and Closings

Huh, interesting. I couldn't disagree with you more. I've been in three times, each time greeted with warmth and smiles. And information. My sense? They do know their stuff - and they are connected! Cantillon is not an easy Belgian beer to find and they carry it! Also-I found the wine to be priced within reason with a vast selection (Greek?). They are definitely filling a void in the Village. And I'm psyched they were able to open so quickly.

Take-out quiche in Boston?

As easy as it is to make a home-made version, I would love to find myself a quicherie in Boston. Anyone know of a great spot to pick up a ready-made quiche? or should I just move back to Brussels for that delicious, flaky crust and hearty-but-light cheesey custard and veg filling.....

Orinoco, Brookline Village (overrated?)

I think Orinoco in Brookline still has some kinks to work out. I was there recently and had a very similar experience, long wait and inconsistent quality. I had the tuna, which was terrific while my friend had the most prosaic lump of beans, rice and shredded (very dry) beef. It was uninspired.

However, I will say that the bar and cocktails and apps. were great. It's a inexpensive place, maybe bettter known for a drinks then a meal?

Whats New at Eastern Standard?

Yes hpl! Exactly.....enthusiasm + knowledge + old world tradition + alcohol= one of all-time fave restaurants in Boston (and we're food snobs).

Whats New at Eastern Standard?

Globe is featuring the bartender, Jackson Cannon, on the front page of the Lifestyle section today - echoing my strong feelings of how this seemingly large, impersonal pseudo bistro is really a fantastic, authentic bistro that pays appropriate homage to all that can be done right in casual dining and libations.

I love this place, the staff, and how everyone is committed to making the diner feel at home.