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Aqui es Texcoco Now Open / Chula Recon

The owner is Paco Perez. The recipes and methods he uses have been handed down from his father who owned and operated a taco stand in Tijuana around 15 years. Paco has worked every weekend with his father since day one learning and practicing the secrets of how to cook up a good lamb the Mexican way. The name is the same Aqui Es Texcoco. The original shop is located behind Carls Jr on Industrial Blvd in Otay. I have eaten at this location several times on the weekend. There are always at least 30 people sitting around enjoying the delicious delicacy. Paco's newly established restaurant in Chula Vista is something he has dreamed about many years. This is why you will receive only the best service and generosity. Paco has not changed a thing from his father's work of art. It is prepared in the exact same manner as always with experience and care.

I am not an expert on "borrego". However, you know when you have eaten something good. I have lived in Tijuana for 6 years and have eaten at over a hundred of the taco stands in the streets. I have to say that it has to be the best borrego in Tijuana and San Diego (if not Southern Cal).

May 22, 2008
fleadaddy in San Diego