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Detroit and Michigan traditions?

Second that. You can't touch Lebanese food from other area's. I'm not muslim but I got excited about the end of Ramadan just to go to Masri bakery for their special items. Other places cannot compare to the quality of arabic food. Nice post.

Aug 11, 2013
mm23red in Great Lakes

Just around the corner. Where is the place to eat before/after a Braves game?

We are looking for a place to eat that goes with going to the ball game. We are only going to be in town for the ball game. then leaving in the morning. I don't know Atlanta at all. We were in Atlanta last year, by CNN and Olympic Park. We didn't see too many options in that area.

Feb 26, 2012
mm23red in Atlanta

Just around the corner. Where is the place to eat before/after a Braves game?

We are going to be in Atlanta in April for an Atlanta Braves baseball game. What is the best place to go either before or after the game?

Feb 26, 2012
mm23red in Atlanta

OK, I'll Start IT: Fat Tuesday - Best Paczki - Suburban Detroit

I'm looking for the best Paczki's. I'm tired of getting a plain powdered jelly doughnut with inflated prices. My favorite place has been closed for a long while, (Believe it or not - The Garden City Bakery.) They had the best paczki's, loaded with filling and fresh.

Any suggestions would help. I'm coming from Brighton to the Metro Airport area. I'm willing to drive to bring in the best.....

Mar 04, 2011
mm23red in Great Lakes

Stopped by to see an old friend - Mexican Village - Detroit

After seeing Jeff Dunham last Sunday at the Joe, we tried to get into Slows but the wait was over an hour. I haven't been out to this part of town for a while. We decided to go to Mexican Village on Bagley. I don't know if I was just really hungry but the food seemed really good. I had the enchiladas suizas, da wife had Arizonian combo and son had enchiladas rancheros. All three of us commented on good everything was. It was nice stopping back to an old haunt.

Dec 28, 2010
mm23red in Great Lakes

Recent Chow Events - Melting Pot/Novi , Tomatoes Apizza/Farminghills...

Just wanted to share Mary and myselfs latests outings.....

Melting Pot
My wife has been wanting to try this place so on our anniversary I finally took her there. This was also my sons birthday so we combined the outting. We let Tyler choose the options....

This was a fun place to dine. We had the four course Big Night Out. We started with the cheese/spinach fondue. It was good, but I think I would try another cheese option next time. Some of the dipping options were not of the best quality. The nacho chips seemed like cheap stadium chips. I would think for their prices they would stick to better quality options...
Next we had salads. All three were different. Mary had Spinach and Mushroom, Tyler had Caesar and I had the California Salad. All three were great..
Then came the main course. We had the Pacific Islands Fondue Fusion. Bourguignonne Oil.
It had:
Lobster Tail, Sesame Crusted Teriyaki Sirloin,
Citrus Infused Pork Tenderloin, Sushi-Grade
Ahi Tuna, Garlic Chili Chicken Breast, Kiwi
Lime Shrimp, Spring Vegetable Dumplings,
and Fresh Vegtables
The portions were good and fresh. The pre-cooking dippings didn't stay on during cooking too good. The dumplings didn't cook very well also. Overall everything was very good.
We finished with the chocolate cookie fondue. My son wanted the S'more fondue but our server told him the chocolate and cookie was better....we'll have to go back to see. This fondue came with strawberry's, marshmellows, pound cake, rice crspy treats....All in all a good ending.
Overall this was a fun dinning experience. I would recommend this as an outing. It wasn't cheap so don't be surprised. $165 for three with drinks.

Tomatoes Apizza
I heard this place mentioned here and had to try it. After the football game on Friday and on the way home we ordered a pie to go. I didn't know much about this prior so my wife just ordered a large pepperoni and mushroom. After seeing the menu we would try one of there specialties next time. The pizza was very large and thin crusted. I instantly thought of NYC pizza... The cheese was great, the sauce was the best i've had. Pepperoni were the smaller t ype (which I love...) and mushrooms were OK The only problem was that the crust was burned on one side. The price was a little more then expected (19.08) Overall I would have to agree with you Chowhounds, one of the best pizza in the area.

Tomatoes Apizza
29275 14 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI

Sep 04, 2010
mm23red in Great Lakes

Andiamo's in Michigan?

We went to the Novi location on Friday. The term under whelmed comes to mind. My pasta and seafood dish was overcooked. Shrimp and calamri over cooked is rubbery. The lobster bisque was too salty. For $250 for 5 people I expect more. I had better at Olive Garden.

Apr 18, 2010
mm23red in Great Lakes

Gratzi -Ann Arbor - Bad meal a fluke or trend?

We went there recently with friends and the dinning experience was subpar. This has been my wifes favorite dinning place but this time everything was off. From the appetiser to main course it was mediocre. It was a Saturday night. For what we paid I would rather try other places next time. We haven't been there in year or so. Has Gratzi lost its edge or did we just get a bad night?

Nov 22, 2009
mm23red in Great Lakes

Fat Tuesday - Best Paczki in Detroit Area.

I went to Hamtramck to get Paczki last year. I'm on the westside. I didn't think it was worth the drive. Does anyone have a place that makes the old fashion, stuff to the gills with filling, best paczki. (Prune filled are great!!!!)

Sushi in Detroit?

Izakaya Sanpei on Joy rd in Canton is a great place. They start with hot towels and the food is the best.