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Help me solve an olive oil mystery

I never buy Italian or the other Euro oils, too much fraud in the production (many add too much regular olive oil to evoo). Try Apollo Olive Oil in CA or Grumpy Goats, in CA, and Calolea in CA many others in CA

"Best Quality" Olive Oil Advice Please

Most very good olive oil is expensive -$20 for 375ml. doing your research you will find that the best have .50 or less free fatty acid ( that whch causes rancidity) hgh polyphenol levels, and has a nice peppery after taste. Appolo Olive Oil, Alta Ridge, are great CA oils. I stay away from Italian and othe EU olils. Lots of fraud here, unless there is a clear designation. And I am only talking about extra virgin olive oli. The best are also vacuum pressed, which yields high polyphenols. The varietyof olive will also affect the pphenol.

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, and Disgusting

I can only eat hard boiled eggs. All other forms are gross to me. Mayonnaise-gross.

Visiting from NYC - what's the "best" of the things that aren't great here?

She may not know that, and it will take significant time to get there, especially in traffic. However, our Los Angeles AREA Chinese and Sushi restaurants are about half the price of similar in NYC, and by in large, they are mostly very good.

Visiting from NYC - what's the "best" of the things that aren't great here?

So you want her to drive from BH to Montery Park -lets say on a Tues, at 6pm-that will take 1.5 hours one way.

Visiting from NYC - what's the "best" of the things that aren't great here?

You hit it- STYLE.

Visiting from NYC - what's the "best" of the things that aren't great here?

Montery Park and San Gabrial is not Los Angeles. I go to Montery Park at least once a month for food. She's in Beverly Hills. Maybe Santa Barbara is Los Angles as well.

Visiting from NYC - what's the "best" of the things that aren't great here?

Chente is ok, but might be too sloppy(the food) for your parents. If you are thinking about this type of place, then Gloria's on Venice Blvd. is better.

Visiting from NYC - what's the "best" of the things that aren't great here?

LA has the worst chinese food. NYC has 200 great chinese places.

Visiting from NYC - what's the "best" of the things that aren't great here?

Most NYers aren't that "dumb" to spend $350 per person on sushi-Urasawa.

Where can I buy European butter?

Nicoles in S. Pasedena as great french butter like Lescure.

100% grass fed dairy products

I know you said CA, but Kerrygold butter from ireland is what i use, found at trader joes(best price) and whole foods.

Best place you ate at this week?

Mort's Deli, Tarzana, best roast beef sandwich ever. Over two inches thick, plus a side-$12.00

Visiting from NYC - what's the "best" of the things that aren't great here?

In my opinion LA is best for sushi, mexican and persian. The Valley has a hundred sushi bars on Ventura Blvd, and probably 20 persian places. Use Yelp to find which one you want. Some sushi in Santa Monica and B.H. Try El Chollo in Santa Monica for fun mexican. Try Monte Alban for serious mexican in Santa Monica/West LA on Santa Monica Blvd.

And Vinh Loi in Reseda, the Valley, has a huge following for their Viet. veg. food. I've been there, very good. Small casual place.

For persian on the Blvd., I've been to Darbad, Sadof, and The Gate, all good.

And Gladstones (mud pie alert)and Neptunes Net ( very good ceviche) are fun on a nice warm day for seafood. On PCH near or in Malibu.

Is all 100% grass-fed beef pasture-raised?

Green chop?

the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

DAN"S SUBS in Woodland Hills, on Ventura. The Sweet Carolina (Turkey, Avocado, etc.) is memorable. Bay Cities is okay, but not memorable. Dan's sandwiches are very good.

LA's Oldest Still-Thriving Restaurants

Rae's , Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica---1958

Bucatini all'Amatriciana alla Robert Sietsema

I get rid of most of the guaciale fat after cooking it and use the remaining to cook onions if i'm using onions for the dish. Also, only pecorino cheese.

But, the recipe is ok for a real change to the traditional recipe.

Mar 01, 2012
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Studio City/ Sherman Oaks casual, romantic dinner

Mistral in Sherman Oaks.

Coffee bean specialty shops

The best place is Coffee Roaster in Sherman Oaks-818-905-9719. They roast different coffee every day, which means you can have coffee at it's best.

Duck Eggs

Where can I buy fresh duck eggs in the Los Angeles area? I've checked alot of places, but no luck.

canned sardines for a newbie

McCalls meat and Fish co. in Los Angeles usually has them. $10 per pound.

Our grass fed beef tastes like fish, why?

Its all syfy. They can now cross a salmon with a cow. High Omega 3

Is all 100% grass-fed beef pasture-raised?

100% grass fed means just that. And hay is tall grass. Remember, it snows =no pasture and /or grass dies when it very cold. Thats what hay is for. I only eat beef that is 100% Grass Fed, not grass finished, or grain finished. And there is nothing wrong with supplements like vitamins. And remember, 100% has more Omega 3 than salmon. I get my beef from Whole food, or - u.s. wellness meats- on the net.

Looking for dinner near--Studio City this Friday

I just had 3 McDoubles. They are one dollar each, total including tax -$3.28. But I did not get a soda. My body is a temple.

Stick to sushi and steak places.

ex Jersey girl looking for a restaurant (not sub shop) that has NJ food or NJ chef

Since you said fine dining, there's Peppones in Brentwood, off Barrington, near Sunset,

There is no typical NJ style Italian restaurant in the LA area.

canned sardines for a newbie

Talking about Maine ,about 20 years ago Mooseabec sardines were the best. Made by the Stinson Co.They were long and thin and delectable. They stopped offering them. Now, I buy what Costco sells, because they are packed in olive oil. I eat them mostly for their Omega 3 value--- which is the same reason I eat herring--from Costco as well. Stinson closed in 2010 mostly do to Federal restictions on herring catches. It was the last sardine cannery in the USA.

I buy fresh sardines from my local mongers-if they have it. I grill them as a main course.

canned sardines for a newbie

AND---Costco brand sardines are packed in OLIVE OIL. Great price and quality. I eat sardines for their omega 3 value- for the same reason I eat herring ( bought at Costco). Now for fresh sardines, which I buy to grill, and used as a main meal dish, I call several local fish mongers ,and they sometimes have them ---$10 per pound.

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, and Disgusting

No John, I clicked incorrectly.

It is fun discussing millionaire food show hosts, sports figures, candidates, dotcom founders, and entertainers. You know what my mammy said, stop watching and start doing.

Best and Worst Cooking Shows

Nadia with Bitchin Kitchen is the best hands down. It is the most entertaining and has very good receipes. Nadia is beautiful, clever, funny, has great eyes, great shoes, great dresses, moves gracefully, and I don't have to watch her cut an onion for five minutes.

J. Pepin is technical. The rest are all the same to me.

Shout out for Primal BBQ.

Sandra L. cooks for a typical American family.

Ciao Italia- great receipes by Mary Ann.