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Great Soup in New Hampshire

Never had the peach soup at In a Pinch, but they've got different soups that rotate out a lot. Plenty of hearty winter soups there at this time of year. I went to their second location called Still In a Pinch a few days ago and they had a white bean and pork chili that was delicious. Think they have 3-4 soups a day, that rotate rather quickly, don't think quite daily though.

Another place I've enjoyed soup, and have mentioned them on this board before, but Beefside in Concord on Manchester St. They've always got a french onion, a fish chowder, and I believe a corn chowder. I love their french onion and fish chowder, the corn one is decent but I've had better. They will also sometimes have a soup on their daily specials. I've had a lobster bisque there that was great.

Manch: Thurs or Fri evening, with infant

I fell in love with Saigon market a couple of years ago when I wondered in and found a gallon of sambal oelek for like 10 bucks. I have no idea what the majority of products in the store are, but it is fun to explore.

Manch: Thurs or Fri evening, with infant

The wiki says that Manchvegas was coined in the Union Leader or some such due to a number of illegal poker machines in various businesses that would pay out real money. There was a big crack down on it a while ago, like in the 90's. It makes sense I suppose, though to be fair, the only pay out poker machine I knew of and had gone to was in Auburn. Though I know a couple convenience stores that used to do sports betting, and up in Concord they had a crazy basement poker room thing in a chinese restaurant. But as whs noted, the term has since been adopted as a point of pride due to the growth of Manchester's entertainment and food attractions.

My dad and uncle were in town a couple months ago. They used to live around here during the 80's and early 90's and neither could stop talking about how much the bars and restaurants have changed and how much more choice there is now than back when they lived on the West side.

To put some food content in the reply, I'd second or third whatever 900 degrees if you enjoy traditional neopolitan style pizza as purchaser mentioned. Their red pesto base with a chicken topping is particularly my favorite.

Can also second the City Flame BBQ joint and Cremeland. Cremeland's pistachio ice cream was the best I've ever had, many mouthfuls where there were more whole nuts than actual ice cream.

Also, not really a place to go eat, but something everyone in Manchester should be aware of is Angela's pasta and cheese shop. Italian specialty market thing.

Manch Vegas b-fast "all day" places?

Heh, Belmont Hall. I haven't been in years, but what I remember is that they were the best breakfast available growing up in Manchester. I remember their waffles and french toast being especially good, and that's from someone who sees breakfast as an egg-meat-toast type affair(which they also did really well). The downside is that everyone else knew they were the best place too and you could sometimes be waiting quite a bit. I am hoping to find out they haven't declined in quality as I could definitely seeing making a trip, especially knowing that they do breakfast all day now.

Concord NH Help

Yep, Vinny's are still there. Vinny Sr. is retired, but Vinny Jr. has had the business since the mid-80's I think, not entirely sure. If you go in you still have all the old boxing pictures and politicians who have visited Vinny's. I actually have a younger brother who is currently working as a delivery driver there, works out nice for his employee discount.

Hart's Turkey Farm comes to Manchvegas!

That's disappointing to hear. When whs posted the thread I looked over the menu and thought, some turkey would be really good soon. The reviews though have turned me off though.

Concord NH Help

There are actually 2 In a Pinches now, the original one by the High School, and a newer one on Pillsbury St in an office building. They share a lot of the same menu, the delicious soups and salads. But the new one also has panini on their menu. I'll have to give Nonni's a try, in general for Concord pizza though I'm a Vinny's kind of guy.

Shaker Suppers at Shaker Village, Pittsfield

Heh, thanks for pointing that out. Did say to myself before replying that I thought Shaker Village was in Canterbury and not Pittsfield. Guess it highlights a small pet peeve of mine on the New England board. All the states share a large number of town names, which can be confusing when states aren't mentioned. Though would probably be better if I didn't skim sometimes as well.

Shaker Suppers at Shaker Village, Pittsfield

Slightly off topic, but if you're heading to Shake Village or just nearby in general, you can drive a few miles further and arrive at Fox Country Smokehouse(they've got directions on their website).

They don't serve food or anything, but you can buy a number of deliciously smoked items. From various styles of bacon, to a number of cheeses. You may want to call ahead if you see something on their site because I don't think they always have everything on their site on location, they're mostly mail order I believe.

Concord NH Help

I'd agree with what whs has said except Arnie's. For everything Arnie's does except ice cream, Beefside on Manchester St. does it better. Then if you do want ice cream, head down to Bull Moose Creamery, far better in my opinion. Plus they have gelato and other candy type deals for a sweet-tooth-fix.

That's not to say that Arnie's is bad per se, I just find Beefside to be better.

Lunch in or around Concord, NH

Wish I'd have seen this before you went. While Arnie's isn't bad, I've never really been a big fan myself. I'd have gone with some of the other suggestions, Beefside on Manchester St is far superior in my mind to Arnie's except I don't think they do the whole ice cream thing. On top of the awesome roast beef already mentioned, they have some of the best french onion soup and chowder around, plus other sandwiches, BBQ items, and some pretty decent seafood

Likewise, In a Pinch makes some really good sandwiches, though I prefer the newer location, menus are slightly different but overall the same. The newer location offers a large selection of panini. They also have rotating soups and salads that are delicious.

Butter's as well might have been a nice stop for a Chowhounder, not sure if the child would appreciate it much, so probably wouldn't have worked as a stop on it's own. But certainly a nice place to pick up something to snack on. Would have also been a stone's throw from Bull Moose Creamery, assuming they're still around I haven't been through main street Concord since last spring. They have superior ice cream to Arnie's, and also offer some gelato.

Nutfield Brewery in Manchester NH

That is indeed awesome to know. I had been telling people how awesome City Flame is with the caveat that they didn't have alcohol since the majority of the folks I was trying to get to go can think of nothing better than a cold beer and some awesome BBQ. Honestly, with a few exceptions, I prefer BYOB. I'll bring better beer than most places have available.

Springfield Vt and surrounding area...What to eat?

My father is a business associate/turned friend of the owner, and my step-mother got a part time job tending their bar through that. I found the food to be hit or miss, sometimes I'd get really great diner fare, other times the cook couldn't get an order right if his life depended on it.I only make it up that way once every 2-3 months or so to visit my dad so I didn't see a lot of the decline firsthand. The Royal Diner is an especially sad story as it was the town itself that killed it. Basically 2-3 cops would sit across from the diner at night in the bays of the car wash across the street. Then it got worse and cops started walking through the bar harassing patrons during the nights the diner brought in bands. Basically, people stopped going and he was bleeding money from it. Way to go Springfield, no wonder your town is dead.

Know of any great fishmongers in NH?

I also enjoy that store though I don't get down to manchester enough to make it a constant thing. I think I fell in love with the store when I found a gallon size jug of sambal oelek for 10 bucks or so.

Jul 21, 2008
Whydon in Northern New England

Know of any great fishmongers in NH?

In Concord on Fridays one of those fish trucks comes in from the coast with the fresh catch of that morning, plus some prepared things like lobster and corn chowders etc. She's off of exit 14 on 93, in the parking lot of the Everett Arena. Head up loudon road from the exit and you can't miss the arena, she's on the farside of it in her truck.

Jul 20, 2008
Whydon in Northern New England

why no Market Basket in Manchester?

Concord actually has 2 Market Baskets. The one that is near Shaw's and Hannaford's on Fort Eddy, and then one down on Storrs St. in the little strip mall across from Hermano's. Both are oddly next to Concord's liquor stores and cheap Chinese buffet places.

Disappointing 900 degrees Manchester

I've been to 900 Degrees a couple times. I enjoyed their pizzas, but as another poster on these boards suggested, it seems to be better the further from traditional pizzas you get. Things like starting with the red pesto base etc. I also agree that their price is a little higher than what I would like to pay. Haven't been in a while, I had heard they were going to be doing an actual white sauce instead of the bland excuse for a white sauce they used to have.

As for City Flame Smokehouse, they are indeed excellent. Did you talk to the owners at all? Great people, apparently from Bulgaria, learned how to BBQ from trips to Memphis. Have you tried the BBQ spaghetti? It sounds bad, and when you get it, it doesn't look much better. But the taste? Sweet Jesus is it good. Wouldn't mind if their hot bbq sauce was hotter, but I'm a chile head. If you tried and enjoyed their smoked sausage, it is the normal italian sausage from I absolutely love the smokey flavor with their italian sausage, I know people who don't though. The guy who owns sausage heaven is pretty cool too. Wanted to just get some fresh chorizo and his sicilano sausage, ended up walking out with some feta and olive lamb sausage, some blueberry maple breakfast sausage, garlic cheddar sausage, and some guinness irish bangers. Loved them all and plan to try more.

Manchester, NH - Best options for solo dining?

I can second 900 Degrees, they have a decent bar there and pretty good wood oven pizza. Occasionally have live music as well. Also been to Murphy's Taproom, and will also say I'm on the fence about them. Seemed decent enough, but have only been there once and didn't really get into the menu, was just having a couple beers before a show at the Verizon.