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Driving from Toronto to Syracuse- suggestions for must try pitstops?

Moving fromToronto to start my doctoral studies in Syracuse. As it will be summer when I movew- I want to enjoy my drive. Any suggestions as to food stops I must consider on my way to my new home?

Cocktails near Sushi Couture?

Any recommendations?

Sushi Couture
456 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON M5S 1X8, CA

Recommendations for a cool late lunch spot for tomorrow?

Need some suggestions for a cool late lunch spot for tomorrow.

Woodlot is closed
Hoof Cafe is closed
Negroni is open

Any other suggestions?

No specific cuisine or pricepoint in mind.
Just a fun spot with good food.

Any suggestions for dinner around the Manulive Centre (55 Bloor ST. W.)?

Planning to go out for dinner and movie...well actually movie first dinner second. Any recommendations??

Frank's Kitchen: Wonderful birthday party with friends this past weekend. Would highly recommend!!

This past weekend I gathered my friends to celebrate my thirty-something birthday. I had chosen Frank's Kitchen based on the good reviews I have read here and on other sites as well a quick bite I had a week back.

The place was cozy and homey- just as they promise/intended. I chose it because I wanted my friends to enjoy themselves without all the pretentious bullshit that seemingly comes with your meal at other Toronto restaurants. But more importantly the service was attentive, polite- truly impeccable.

We were a good size table (around 12 people) which included a collection of true foodies, as well as vegans, vegetarians and allergies for the kitchen to contend with. Frank and his wife Shaun were so accommodating that the dinner went without a hitch! As someone with family members in the food business I have gone to my share of high-end restaurants and I never recall such an eye for service.

What about the food you ask?
Well it starts off with a selection of breads and spreads made in-house. Toasty and warm...but oh so delicious. Honestly you can make a meal of the array of treats in the bread basket. Spreads include an eggplant and olive tapenade, a roasted red pepper hummus and some cloves of roasted garlic. The murmurs at the table when they arrived and as we dove into them where one of what would be a number of times when our ruckus laughter and talk quieted down just so we could enjoy what was placed in front of us.

Now I cannot give a full review of what everyone ate there was too many of us and I was throughout the night being treated to glasses of wine and other alcoholic concoctions. So you will have to deal with only my dishes and highlights of any dishes I got to taste.

Appetizers- I had the Beef Carpaccio with a French Bean Salad in a Truffled and Shallot Vinaigrette with a Foie Gras Torchon. The crunch of the French bean was such a pleasant surprise in relation to delicacy of the beef and the foie gras which just melted in your mouth. A dish I would totally order again and many at the table who ventured for a taste agreed.

One of my vegan friends though ordered the White Asparagus Salad with Forest Mushrooms in a Truffled Vinaigrette- this dish I can recall because we all were amazed at the amount of white truffles that were generously shaved over the whole plate. She never recalled having such a wonderfully decadent meal. As someone who could never imagine herself as vegan I couldn't help but feel a twinge of curiousity when that dish was presented and thankfully I was lucky enough to get a bite. A truly lovely earthy yet vibrant dish. A lovely luxury to have on one plate white asparagus and white truffles.

Main course- I opted for the Tuna that was the special that day. Properly cooked just seared and rare in the middle the tuna just melted in my mouth. I cannot explain to all of you how wonderful this tuna was other than to say it was all gone far too soon!!! The tuna came on top of a salsa of sorts, which for the life of me I cannot remember! Which I feel horrible about because this is not to say that it was negligible it was a lovely complement but my memory escapes me- I will of course be blaming the alcohol I had consumed all that night. The tuna shared the plate with one beautifully seared and deliciously sweat scallop on top of its own salsa (with zucchini and corn....the rest escapes me)- again a lovely pairing just that my memory is seemingly failing me... The nice surprise was that the salsa for both the tuna and scallop were different. So the scallop can come off as almost it's own dish even while sharing the same plate. I just took it as a pleasant surprise a lovely bonus to an already enjoyable dish.

Dessert- This was a surprise as I did not plan on ordering any dessert. Once though laid in front of me I could not say no. Dessert was a lovely chocolate molten cake that was paired with a lovely red cherry gelato. Once you manage to get the perfect bite- of the cake, the gooey chocolate ganache-like middle and the ice cream well that was pure bliss!!! A number of my friends rushed to order this heavenly offering for was that well received.

Overall the dishes were what some might call simple (I mean these are not original by any means)- but I though found each one of my dishes to be sublime. It seems that Frank (yes there is a Frank) does not want to complicate his dishes- rather opts to let the ingredients shine through. In his hands that night they all did.

While some might not consider Frank's Kitchen a destination restaurant- then I guess for those who live in Little Italy (and I admit I am one) this is a gem of place and we are lucky bastards to have this as a welcomed addition to the neighbourhood. I know I will be going back.

Any recommendations for Thunder Bay??

Thanks! I hope I will have the time and opportunity to check these places out.

Any recommendations for Thunder Bay??

On my way now to Thunder Bay and will be there for the week at a conference. Any recommendations for places to hit for coffee, lunch and dinner when there???

Staying at the Best Western Norwester Resort Hotel


Coming from Toronto to visit NY for the first time....

Thank you Kathryn!!

Nov 13, 2009
Curlygrrl in Manhattan

Coming from Toronto to visit NY for the first time....

This is my first time coming to NY and want to have the quintessential NY dining experience without falling for tourists traps.

Staying at the Red Roof Inn Manhattan
6 West 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001

Where and what should I do??
Open to all kinds of food.

I am assuming I shouldn't leave without having a slice of pizza...
A NY hot dog
And Deli

So what are your suggestions and what else should be considering for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thanks from Toronto!

Nov 13, 2009
Curlygrrl in Manhattan

Good Delivery in Downtown Toronto

Hopefully not a no no to ask on this site what people believe are good restaurants that do delivery??

Foodie on a limited budget let lose in Calgary

Student from Toronto going to a conference in Calgary. What are must do foodie (dinner, lunch, dessert) and drinking destinations to let off some steam??

Venue: Westin Calgary 320 4th Ave SW
Staying: Best Western 1330 8th Ave SW

May 09, 2009
Curlygrrl in Prairie Provinces

Any recommendations regarding where to go to lunch near the ROM??

No kids..
not to casual but not to high brow either...
open to suggestions...

Any recommendations regarding where to go to lunch near the ROM??

Going to the Royal Ontario Museum tomorrow need some recommendations for where to go for lunch?

Any thoughts on Lucien??

Need to find a great spot for a special dinner. Have been to Nota Bene and loved it but need to go somewhere new. Came across Lucien- can anyone speak to their experience there??? If not recommend somewhere to go to impress a foodie???

Loose Tea in Toronto

I love the House of Tea by the Rosedale subway station. Woyuld recommend it to anyone....

1015 - 1017 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario.
M4W 2K9


What's your favourite sandwich?

I have to say if Shawarma and Falfael sandwiches are what your craving MeVa Me is where you should be going..... that is if you can get to Thornhill.

I have also always enjoyed picking up a sandwich at Olliffe butcher shoppe.....that is if there are any left when I get there....they sell out of them so quickly...!!!!

Grace Restaurant on College

The bbq short ribs for sure they are tender...oh so wonderful.

I also enjoyed the tomato and avacodo salad with bacon vinegrette as a starter.

I am sure whatever you get you will enjoy yourself.


Mistura has always been satisfying for only complaint has ever been the noise level.....couldn't hear my dinner companions....!!!

new deli at College & Clinton

Well though I tend to prefer a vinegar based slaw (to my cousin who was with me who wished it was mayo based) issue that it was wilted and soggy...where was the crunch???....and there was a distinct taste of onion that almost overpowered everything even the vinegar...just not balanced in flavour in my opinion....but like I said I have had way worse variations (sorry mom!!!) and if this is my only complaint it isn't much of one.....luckily I live in the neighbourhood and will be visiting Caplansky on a regular basis...!!!!!

new deli at College & Clinton

Believe the hype. Went there yesterday for the combo and a cold so hit the spot! I will definitely go there again!!!

The sandwich, the fries where as they should be....the cole slaw still needs some work but is far from the worst I have eaten......

Support Caplansky, support Monarch so that we do not lose this haven of meat!!!

Great Veggies Downtown

Cafe 668 on Dundas (885 Dundas I think) supposed to be very good...I have only heard good things and will be going there myself to check it out....

Where to go for dinner @ Yonge & Eglinton?

Thank you these are all great options...

Where to go for dinner @ Yonge & Eglinton?

The folks are coming by and want to take me out for dinner near work? Any suggestions for a good and safe bet around Yonge and Eglinton? Springrolls and Grazie have been to suggestions from ChowHounders!!!

Pitcher of Sangria and a good meal?

Would have to second that...the White Sangria at Toroito's is delicious!!!

Best Sharwma in the GTA

That's why I go to their take out location.....there maybe a line up ...but your in and out...

Best Sharwma in the GTA

Me Va Me at Steeles and Yonge have great Shawarma, Falafel etc.. with all the appropriate fixings