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Tipping at Tachibana?


Mar 30, 2010
prldecivic in Not About Food

DC for the weekend!!

Latin dim sum at cafe atlantico is awesome, i'd def hit that up.

Tipping at Tachibana?

yeah i did post it on the geographic board where its located, i guess a admin moved my post here, which sucks because it only makes sense in the geographic board its located in. And it wont let me edit my original post, nice.

Mar 28, 2010
prldecivic in Not About Food

Tipping at Tachibana?

Hey all,

So i've been going to tachibana the past few weeks. I sit at the sushi bar and order everything from the chef a la carte. Once my bill comes i tip 20% of my bill. Does this go to the sushi chef or to the waiter that brings my drink? What is the proper way to tip at the sushi bar?

Thanks in advance.

Mar 27, 2010
prldecivic in Not About Food

Authentic Japanese

You mean the japanese food is going to be better in japan?!?! NO WAY! Obviously the food isn't going to be that close to the original here, but tachibana probably the best we can get...

Evo Bistro in Mclean

Just got home from eating at Evo Bistro and must say it was horrible. We ordered the calamari and morrocan shrimp to start. Calamari were ok, regular frozen restaurant quality, nothing special. The morrocan shrimp were horrible, it tasted like they poured the whole container of salt on them. My GF ordered the Mushroom risotto and i ordered the Crabmeat risotto. Both risottos were undercooked, rice very hard and all we could taste was the wine, no flavor at all, none.

I would def not recommend this place. If you dont take my warning at least please stay away from the risotto...

Recommendations for "Present" Vietnamese in Falls Church?

i wouldnt eat the fried rice there, it was horrible.

Crepe Amour: new creperie in Georgetown

i didnt eat there but while on my way to quick pita around 2am they were open. so its another option for late night food.

Unique Late lunch/early dinner restaurant in DC?

ah thank you for the suggestion, i have been there before a few times though :)

Unique Late lunch/early dinner restaurant in DC?

Hey guys, Looking for some suggestions on a late lunch/early dinner for this saturday something after 3pm but not after 6. I know some restaurant close from 2-5. Can anyone suggest a restuarant with a unique dinning experience or have a really nice modern look to it like the source ( no reservations available on sat. :( )? I did Cafe atlantico latin dim sum which was awesome, and had Rasika's tasting menu the other day. Both were amazing. Im a pretty big seafood person so thats a plus.

Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

Couples night out- Inox, Sea Pearl or 2941? (Tysons, Falls church area) ideas?

Ive been to four sister and present. Four sisters is great, good prices and the food is good. Present however i had a bad experience, ordered the combo fried rice and was horrible.

Couples night out- Inox, Sea Pearl or 2941? (Tysons, Falls church area) ideas?

i went to sea pearl for sunday brunch a few months ago and the food was good. I dont remember it being to expensive, the place is nice but it was pretty empty that day. I havent tried their regular menu though.

Couples night out- Inox, Sea Pearl or 2941? (Tysons, Falls church area) ideas?

Ive eaten at both Inox and 2941 and i liked the food and atmosphere alot more at 2941. I wasnt too impressed with inox. If you've already gone to 2941 i would go to inox just to try it. But 2941 is better.

EDIT: saw that you haven't tried either of them yet so i'd def pick 2941 first.

Sunday Brunch DC

I'll second Cafe Atlantico, the Latin Dim Sum brunch is just plain AWESOME. Hmmmm think its about time to hit that up again! hah

Must Eats in orlando near disney. Sushi!

Hey all, did a search and the last post about sushi was from over a year ago.
Can anyone recommend the best sushi spot to hit that is near downtown disney? i will have a car and i am staying at the hilton across from downtown disney. Also, what other must eat restaurants are in that area? I am 30 and will be eating with my GF for lunch, but alone at night, Don't really have a pricerange. TY!!!!!

Oct 20, 2009
prldecivic in Florida

where to buy live crab near DC?

i did not know that. Sad part is its still probably the freshes seafood we can get in the area.

Rasika Tasting menu?

Hey all, just wanted to say the food was good, the experience was great. As someone else said, first time there the tasting menu is the way to go, i never would of ordered that black cod dish as im not a big fish person but it was AWESOME, melts in your mouth, best fish ive ever had.

1. Some kind of crunchy salad = AWESOME
2. Clams in a green coconut chutney sauce = AWESOME
3. Shrimp with something that looked like a indian sausage which was VERY spicy. = Good
4. Black cod fish = Melt in your mouth AWESOME!
5/6. Lamb curry/chicken curry dishes. They were good, but was disappointed at the main dishes, nothing special
7. Desert, which was about 5 different types of indian desserts including icecream = Good.

Was a good dining experience, the place was nice, the service was good, took about 2 hours to do. The only thing that was spicy was the sausage thing, im sure they will change it up if you asked them too though.

Rasika Tasting menu?

Great, it makes perfect sense. Thank you all for your help. I am leaving work and heading there now, we are always open to trying new dishes and foods so we will do the tasting menu. One of each. Thanks all!!

Rasika Tasting menu?

So the items are already listed in the menu beforehand? Sorry, only done a tasting menu brunch at Cafe atlantico where it was just a surprise lol :)

Rasika Tasting menu?

that does sound like a good amount of protein. Guess we will do the Reg/Vege tasting menu tonight. Thanks alot!

Rasika Tasting menu?

thank you for the suggestions! i will be trying the tasting menu. Ordering one of each, reg/vegetarian sounds like a good idea, will that be enough meat for the both of us though?

Rasika Tasting menu?

Hey All, i have reservations tonight for Rasika, finally going to try it out after reading the rave reviews. For anyone that has been, should we order the tasting menu or just order from the menu? Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you!

Best Tasting menu without a month reservation?!

Awesome thank you for the suggestions, about to check them all out online! Guess i should mention i am open to any type of cuisine except italian. TY!

Best Tasting menu without a month reservation?!

So i went to Cafe atlantico for their Latin dim sum tasting menu and i LOVED it! However, now they have me hooked on tasting menu style eating! So i was going to try Minibar but reservations are a month out. Any really good tasting menu restaurants that dont require a really long wait time for reservations? i am trying to reserve something for next Tuesday night.


Squid cooked in its own Ink?

oh man thanks! That paella with Ink at bodega sounds so good! Will def check it out this weekend.

Do you happen to know what the plate at Jaleo is called? I cannot find it on their online menu!

Squid cooked in its own Ink?

Hello All,

A while back i either went to Jaleo or La tasca and i was able to over squid cooked in its ink. However, i just looked at both their menu's and i am unable to find it. I am not sure if they stopped making it or not. Does anyone know where i can find this dish?

Who Needs Mark's Duck House?

I'd say Marks duck house is the best Dim Sum around the area. Far better then fortune. If anyone is getting any spillover its fortune. Marks duck house is ALWAYS full on the weekends for Dim sum, i got there during the week also and its also full. Its a great spot.

Kobe beef Nigiri?

Hey guys, just got back from vacation in LA. Went to a great sushi place called Katsuya and they had a awesome Kobe beef nigiri that just melted in your mouth. I was wondering if anyone knew a place in Northern VA / DC that served the kobe beef nigiri?

Egg Custard Tarts?

Does anyone know where i can buy those Egg custard tarts they serve at Dim sum at various places? I am looking for a place near the tysons corner area. I have been able to find them at Mark's duck house, but they run out early during lunch time. Anyone know of a bakery that has these in stock regulary?