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John & Sons - new oyster house coming to midtown!

I had a great meal at Rodney's By Bay a couple of years ago, but I was back about a month ago, and the $23 lobster roll was tiny, and a major disappoinment. Fingers crossed this is a step up, or we were just unlucky that day... Not expecting much from the new place, but I hope I'm wrong...

Grand Electric

Speaking of booze - I've only heard of beer and bourbon being served - do they do wine by the glass? I'm guessing no sangria?

Downtown Toronto Wedding Venue for 100-120 People?

I was at George for lunch yesterday - I couldn't tell you if it's in your price range - but I'd definitely call - beautiful space, great food... Would also consider La Maquette if you're leaning more towards restaurant than hotel. Both within walking to the King Eddy... or short cabs for the inebriated...

looking for fall wine/food event this fall in Toronto, any suggestions?

The LCBO has an email list you might consider getting on - they do events at nice restaurants with wine producers - usually pretty good value, and a chance to try wines you might not normally get to - restaurants often include George, Splendido, and a few others... Last one was at Lai Wah Heen with Lynch Bages, which I was away for, but I did a great Catena dinner at Centro, and a Gaja tasting there as well...

Trident Sweet Chili Sauce

Hi, I'm trying to get my hands on this sauce - it's one that's very common in Australia - they use it on lots of thing - but particularly potato wedges, and shrimp (I feel stupid calling them shrimp, any Aussie that responds will insist that they're prawns!)

I haven't had any luck finding it in Toronto - does anybody know where I can find some here? There's a website simplyoz that sells it - but the shipping is expensive... If anybody can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!

Jun 06, 2012
johnandjane in Manhattan

Spot Prawns

I talked to Bill's, they thought next week.... i'll check T and T tomorrow...

Spot Prawns

I know the season's just begun - but I was hoping to get some for dinner tomorrow night... I'll call Bill's tomorrow - but if anybody sees them, can you post it here? I don't remember in past years, do we usually get them in Toronto right after the season begins?


Momofuku Ssam Bar Whole Rotisserie Duck Reservations

Does anybody know their policy on babies? Doesn't seem to be an answer in the FAQ, and talking to anybody there isn't all that easy... Is there room for a small stroller?

Thanks in advance

May 02, 2012
johnandjane in Manhattan

Chef's Table

I believe Guy Savoy has a chef's table.

Apr 26, 2012
johnandjane in Las Vegas

Wynn/Encore Dining?

The bar at Sinatra's is a great place for a solo dinner... I know the foodies aren't big on anything at Wynn/Encore - but the lasagna there is fantastic. Tough to call it "great", but I like it there.

Apr 25, 2012
johnandjane in Las Vegas

Eataly - What to eat and do??!!

I'm almost scared to ask... did you see how much they cost?

Apr 14, 2012
johnandjane in Manhattan

Eataly - What to eat and do??!!

I was there a couple of years ago, and will be heading back in June - does anybody know, do they still sell live langoustines?

Apr 13, 2012
johnandjane in Manhattan

N44 - Huge rating downgrade!!

Funny, I feel the exact same way. A lot of people bashing a place they haven't been to in ten years, or ever. Same with One. Chowhounders hate it, but I’ve been there a handful of times, without complaint. Too expensive? Sure. But how can people complain about prices when the menus, with prices are online?

If McEwen's guilty of anything, it's being successful for too long. Eventually everybody turns against you. And I agree with Charles, I've heard nothing but good things about approaching him/dealing with him. He may be awkward on tv, but that doesn't mean he isn't a decent guy...

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

St. Lawrence Market - Peameal sandwich, with an orangina... if you're not a peameal guy - the veal place in the basement...

San Pellegrino Aranciata

Thanks for the tips everyone... I tried the seafood depot - they had the cans for $14.99 - but no bottles... Juno - if you're looking for just the limonata cans - I believe you can get them here by the case (as opposed to the 12/12 at Costco)....

If I get a chance, i'll try the San Antonio fish market, but it looks like i'll bite the bullet and order a few cases from Mr Case (thanks Jo)... unfortunately, it's a pretty pricey option (just a little less than pusateri's or the summerhill market), which sells them six at a time...

One night/morning in Toronto - dining recs needed

Depending on the day, your best breakfast bet is probably walking over to the St. Lawrence Market for a peameal sandwich... (closed Sunday/Monday)

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

San Pellegrino Aranciata

Until recently Costco stocked the bottles of San Pellegrino Aranciata - which taste great... I guess there wasn't enough demand, so they stopped selling it... I've looked all over Toronto, and can't find them (the cans are everywhere - but they're not as good)... I tried Seacore in Woodbridge, but didn't have any luck... anybody have any ideas?


First night in Paris!

A question for the board: we will be arriving in Paris early on a Wednesday morning, staying in the 8th, not looking for a huge meal, we'll be doing that the next night. Because of jet lag, probably looking for an early meal, definitely not a tasting menu, and definitely not a three hour meal. Will be staying at the Four Seasons, so something close to the hotel would be a plus. Not worried about price, the whole trip's a splurge. Was thinking a less formal one-star, with good atmosphere. Any suggestions?

May 21, 2008
johnandjane in France