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Fun dinner in New Hope

I'm meeting a friend in New Hope for a girls night out dinner. We're looking for something with a good atmosphere, maybe by the water or able to sit outside. Flexible with type of food. Good drinks are a must. Dinner will be on Sunday night if that makes a difference

May 15, 2014
sue0479 in Philadelphia

Weekend/bday celebration in Columbus

We're flying into Columbus Friday afternoon to celebrate my "little" cousins 21st. The rest of the group is in their 30's & 40's. We're going to a Columbus Crew game on Saturday but I'd love some suggestions of some fun bars & restaurants to go to. And even some cute places for lunch & breakfast.

What are your must see places? Where would you take friends who were coming into town?

Sep 26, 2012
sue0479 in Great Lakes

Need bar recommendations and reviews of Canlis

Ha! Yes Canlis wasn't "fun" but it was good and on someone else's dime so we'll take it. Luckily the people of Seattle are super nice and gave some great suggestions. We had a great time

Dec 01, 2011
sue0479 in Greater Seattle

Need bar recommendations and reviews of Canlis

We're coming into town next week and we're staying at the Grand Hyatt. We're scheduled to have dinner at Canlis (good? bad? so so?) and were looking for some fun bars in the area to check out the local scene. Granted, we'll be doing this on a Wednesday night so I know things won't be too crowded but we wanted to try some place that screams FUN & SEATTLE. Within a 10 minute cab ride of the hotel.

Can't wait to hear what you have for me!

Canlis Restaurant
2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Nov 22, 2011
sue0479 in Greater Seattle

Need fun, good restaurants in Seattle

We're traveling to Seattle at the beginning of Dec with a pro football team and will be in town for a little over 24 hours. Need some good recommendations for some fun bars to go to (week nights - probably Wednesday or Thursday night) and some good restaurants - nothing too fancy, more looking for atmosphere and decent food.

What would you do in the city if you only had 24 hours. Would LOVE any & all recommendations. Our thought is that we're going to do as much as we can and we can sleep/rest when we get back to Philly.

Oct 23, 2011
sue0479 in Greater Seattle

fun BDAY dinner with girl friends

Need a place to go with 3 of my girl friends for a fun birthday dinner and fun drinks! Could be in the city but preferably Main Line and west towards West Chester. Let me know what your ideas are

Jan 07, 2011
sue0479 in Philadelphia

Dessert in Philly

Max Brenner is sinfully good!! 14 pages of desserts

Feb 23, 2010
sue0479 in Philadelphia

ISO cheap, fun, takes reservations near Convention Center

El Vez is always a good time! Good food, drinks & atmosphere

Feb 23, 2010
sue0479 in Philadelphia

Need a fun restaurant for food & drinks in Baltimore

Coming to Baltimore on a Monday evening in April for a stressful/long meeting the following day. I'm looking for a place with good food & drinks to head to Monday night to relieve some stress with a good friend. Not looking for a college bar or an upscale martini bar but somewhere close to the Inner Harbor that's a guaranteed good time.

All suggestions welcome!

Nice & fun lunch spot near Farragut West

I'm coming into town for what may be a stressful meeting and am looking for somewhere good to eat with a fun atmosphere and good drinks!!!

Need good Philly style tomato pie in the Chester County area!


I'm always looking for a great tomato pie in the West Chester area but can never find it. I'm looking for the type you find at the place in Limerick & Norristown but all we have is the Acme brand & Carlinos (good but not what I'm looking for).

Any tips??

Sep 07, 2009
sue0479 in Pennsylvania

Cupcakes in Philadelphia: '08 Edition

You have to try the ones at Carlino's in Ardmore on County Line Rd and in West Chester on Market St. I'm a plain jane so I just go for the vanilla ones but they have lots of other flavors and they're HUGE!

May 21, 2008
sue0479 in Philadelphia