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Birreria Ocotlan: Indianapolis Goat Stew!

Not only a famous hangover remedy, but this is a delicious meal. Who knew that Indianapolis would have the only birreria within 150 miles. Simple deep flavored goat in a meaty broth, served with several corn tortillas and limes. I have to pass this on because it is undiscovered by gringos. See you there New Year's! At corner of Southeastern Ave. and Rural. Only a ten minute drive from downtown.

New Zealand Bay of Islands, Blenheim, Queenstown

Thanks, I was happy to see your post as we are going to stay a night at the Edgewater Resort. Definitely will look forward to that. We are driving from Blenheim to Nelson, then to Punakaiki, to Fox Glacier, then to Arrowtown. Any additional recommendations would be much appreciated.

New Zealand Bay of Islands, Blenheim, Queenstown

Thanks very much. It looks like we will be spending most of our time on the South Island, so any other recos would be much appreciated. Is Herzog all it's hyped up to be?

New Zealand Bay of Islands, Blenheim, Queenstown

I have read just about all the posts and would love to have your best recommendations for these areas. We are going in mid-December for 2 weeks. I know this is a very broad question, but I would appreciate any and all ideas for foodie adventures! Much thanks!

Indianapolis Steakhouses

IMHO Mo's is way overrated. The locals will generally prefer Sullivan's or, as the other poster said, Peterson's. Also try Broad Ripple Steakhouse-- friendly prices and a great area for walking after dinner. If you are willing to drive down to Bloomington, try Little Zagreb for delicious steaks.

Charleston Bound - Seeking Excellent Cuisine

the burrito joint is Yo Burrito on Wentworth


Do not miss Cairo Cafe at 30th and Lafayette Rd. The best lunch buffet in the city. Authentic, wholesome, everything is delicious, and friendly prices. Exactly what is all about. Amani the owner is a gem.

Jan 19, 2007
JoeBagadonuts in Great Lakes

4 days in Prague-- looking for recommendations

Appreciate the suggesciones. Gracias.

4 days in Prague-- looking for recommendations

We are going for 4 days in October. I would appreciate any recommendations, especially local cuisine specialties.

Downtown Indianapolis

You might also want to try Bistro Tchopstix which is in the building at the NE corner of Illinois and New York-- great Korean and sushi also.