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Foodie visit to New York

Try the following places: Jean Georges,Per se, Yasuda, Robuchon,Bernardin, Veritas, Aquavit, WD-50, Babbo, Momofuku Ko, Matsugen, Soto.

Jul 04, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Sports bar that takes res?

Try Opia on 57th st and Lex . It's a lounge. They do a lot of sport event (soccer, rugby, ..). You can make a reservation.

Jul 02, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

NYC Good Eats

The places that opened recently and are noteworthy are:
Soto, Adour, Bar Boulud, Benoit, Momofuku Ko, Matsugen.

Jul 02, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Little French Bistro for Steak Frites

A lot of French bistro in NYC (especialy UES) are mediocre (2 times the price you would pay in Paris and inferior quality). I noticed that the following spots : cafe d'Alsace (88th and Lex) and Bar Boulud (1900 Broadway) offers good food (including steak frites) decently priced.

Jul 02, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Restaurant Suggestions & Night out Plans

These places are trendy among foodies. They are not "scenes" where people go to show off with a hot woman. I'm not going to put on the list all the night club/restaurant in the meatpack such as Buddha bar or expensive steakhouse
such as Kobe club. There may be trendy by some standards but you do not eat that well with respect to the money you spend there.

Jul 01, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Best Manhattan Restaurant < $40

Jean georges restaurant offers prix fixe at lunch : 12$ a dish (Jean georges at 1 cpw, vong, perry st, jojo).
I ate out in the following restaurants: yakitori totto on 55th st (sister restaurant: soba totto on 43rd st) and thai market (107st and amsterdam). You eat well in these two places for 35$.

Jul 01, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Restaurant Suggestions & Night out Plans

Consider Bernardin (seafood), Jean Georges(french with asian flavour), Per se(californian,vegetarian), Robuchon (french with a japanese twist) for special occasion French
Babbo for special occasion italian
Craftsteak for steakhouse
Veritas for the wine list
Consider Masugen (soba/sushi), Soto (sushi,cooked dishes), Yasuda (sushi,cooked dishes) for special occasion Japanese
Ililli (5th and 29th) for upscale libanese

Most of these places are hard to get in especially Per se, Babbo. Make reservation as soon as possible.

Regarding NYC hotspot, try 230 5th av (rooftop bar) at 27th st. If you can not get in, consider Rare View ,303 lex av at 37th or High bar 251W 48th
For club, go to AZZA on 55th st and lex.


Jul 01, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Need New Omakase Place...Not Masa

Soto, Yasuda.
Try Kyo Ya in east village or Kai (UES) at Ito tea store
Consider the new spot: Matsugen

Jun 27, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Aureole or Robuchon

Go to Robuchon. French food with a Japanese twist. Small plates. Great amuse bouche, dessert.

Jun 27, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Which Vongerichten restaurant to try?

Check out first his flagship at 1 CPW: Jean George. It's very creative and refined.
JG just opened a new restaurant: Matsugen (a upscale soba / sushi place). It's worth checking this place out too.
The Spice market offers good asian street food but it 's more like a night club.
Vong is a good restaurant.You can have there a great midtown lunch. Do not miss the crab rolls.
Perry street is a nice place but it's a bit close to the highway. Note that some dishes developed at Jean Georges are sent to the other restaurants.
Jojo is in a basement.

Jun 27, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

best new nyc restaurants?

I would put
Soto, Momofuku Ko, Matsugen, Bar Boulud.

Jun 25, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

4 Days in NYC

Try Jean Georges restaurants (Jean georges, Matsugen, Vong, Spice market), Batali restaurants (Babbo, Lupa, esca,otto,caso mono), Daniel Boulud restaurants (DB Bistro, bar boulud) , Samuellson restos (Aquavit, Merkato55), Eric Ripert resto(Bernardin), Robuchon (l'Atelier), Thomas Keller restos(Per se, Bouchon bakery), Yasuda (sushi Yasuda), Colicchio(Craftsteak).
Thai food: try Thai market (107st and Amsterdam)
Some of them are hard to get in (Per se, Babbo). Make your reservation now.

Jun 25, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Best Restaurants Without the High NYC Costs

All these places listed are really good and affordable.
Enjoy. These are good restaurants without the high NYC cost.

Japanese: Yasuda has a prix fixe around 20$ or sushi matsu for 34$, yakitori totto(55th) and soba totto(43rd) are great spots where you can eat for 20$,kyotofu (dessert place,<20$), aburiya kinnosuke, en japanese brasserie
French: check out Bouchon bakery in the time warner center (less than 20$), Bar boulud (lincoln center area, <50$) and Cafe d'alsace (upper east side, <40$)
consider JG restaurant: Jean georges, Vong, Perry street, Spice market : 12$ a dish at lunch
Italian: gennaro, otto pizzeria, mezzaluna (<40$)
American: pearl oyster bar, ed lobster bar for a lobster roll (<40$)
Thai: Thai market (107st and amsterdam) is excellent (8$ lunch)
Indian: Saravanaas (vegetarian) (<20$)

Jun 24, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

1 day in Manhatten to eat!

Kobe beef: Le Bernardin has an delicious dish: "surf and turf" =kobe beef+white tuna
Robuchon at 4 seasons hotel serves Kobe beef too.
Wagyu beef: try Kai on Madison av and 69th or the new Masugen 241 Church st
If you like steakhouse, check out Craftsteak

Jun 23, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Where to eat with parents next Friday in Manhattan

try bar Boulud or DB bistro modern for French bistro. It's pretty good.
For greek, Milos is a safe bet.

Jun 22, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

New additions to the Upper West Side

Check out Thai market on 107st and Amsterdam
and Sookk 103rd and Broadway
2 great thais

Jun 22, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Places With Vegetarian Options

try Aquavit (scandinavian) on 55th street : they have a veg menu (less than 100$)
Per se has a veg menu (275$).
Both of them offer non veg menu.
Check some of the Batali restaurant (Babbo for the pasta menu, Otto for the pizza, gelato).
You can go to some greek spots such as Milos or middle eastern such as Nanoosh or ililli.

Jun 20, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

2 nites: good restaurants near hampton inn on west 51st?

DB bistro modern on 44st between 5th an6th is a nice place. Go pre theater (42$) before 7pm.
Bar boulud on broadway and 60th st is really good (great charcuterie and wine bar).
try Bouchon bakery in the time warner center before 9pm. It 's in a shopping mall but the salad, sandwiches are tasty.
Benoit (55th at 6th) and brasserie Cognac (broadway at 55th) are new spots. They may offer good food.

Jun 18, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Tokyo hound in NYC for 4th of July. A few ?'s.

-Hummus: try nanoosh on 68 and broadway, try ililli on 5th at 29th (upscale libanese)
-good vegetarian: aquavit on 55th st(main dining room), per se in the time warner center (expensive, 275$, tasting menu, book in advance)
-Italian: babbo, lupa, mezzaluna (3rd at 75th), gennaro (93st and amsterdam)

-try these two new thai on upper west side: thai market (107st and amsterdam) and sokk (103st and broadway) they have fried rice
-Soul food: try this new african restaurant: merkat on gansevoort st by the chef of Aquavit

-Pizza: mezzaluna, otto pizzeria (5th and 8th st), una pizza napoletana in east village
Little italy is a touristy area : it 's part of Chinatown. If you want to go to an authentic italian neighborhood, go to Bronx (Belmont). eat at Roberto's. On the way, stop at the botanical garden.

-Bars: go to lower east side (clinton st), avenue A,B,C. you'll have the choice...
During the summer, try rooftop bars: 267 5th av, empire hotel, roosevelt hotel
Lounge: try Opia, Azza
try in NYC wine bars(new trend): xai xai on 51st (south african), accademia del vino (63rd and 3av), otto pizzeria, bar boulud on broadway and 64rd and the restaurant Veritas that has an amazing wine list.

To finish: you should try Jean georges restaurant: the one at 1 CPW (3 stars michelin), perry street, spice market, vong

Jun 17, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

We fancied Gordon Ramsay at the London, but...

seafood: sushi yasuda, bernardin, milos, jean georges
italian: babbo, esca (seafood), lupa, insieme
steakhouse : craftsteak

bon appetit

Jun 16, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Fun, good and "moderate" dinner for celebrating

go italian: otto, lupa, gennaro..

Jun 11, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Best Sushi Below 23rd?

try Soto on 6th av . They have excellent dishes with sea urchin too.

Jun 11, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Fun, trendy place in midtown?

Jean Georges 1 CPW
Milos on 55th street
DB bistro modern on 44th is fun too

Jun 11, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Celebration trip to NYC. Recs please.

French: Robuchon (at four seasons 57E57th st lunch at 60$), Jean georges (1 Central Park West lunch 12$ a dish), db bistro moderne on 44th street 42$ pre theater/lunch, bar boulud on broadway at 64th (charcuterie is excellent), Bernardin on 51th for seafood
American: Momofuku Ko (korean inspired, very hard to book, 85$,east village), WD-50 (molecular gastronomy,LES), veritas (excellent wine list, 75$,20th street@broadway), Degustation in east village
Thai: Vong 53rd@3rd av
Pan asian: spice market meatpacking district

Italian: Babbo, Lupa, Esca, Felidia
Spanish: Casa mono
Japanese : Sushi yasuda on 43rd is a must, Kai (try the wagyu beef) on Madison avenue and 68th, yakitori totto on 55th, soba tottoon 43rd,en japanese brasserie on hudson st at 10th st
Libanese: illilli (haute libanese) 5thav at 29th
Moroccan: Azza on 55th
Steakhouse: try craftsteak (organic steak) in Chelsea 10th@16th
Scandinavian : Aquavit on 55th

Jun 08, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Visiting NYC - can finally afford a GREAT meal. Help!

it 's on 5th av at 28th. amazing shawarma. modern libanese cuisine.

Jun 08, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

5 Best Restaurants

sushi yasuda
db bistro modern

Jun 07, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

good pizza place near Times Square?

try mezzaluna 75th and 3rd av
or otto pizzeria 5th av@8th street

Jun 07, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Questions about Per Se'

Per se offers two tasting menus (275$): one of them is entirely vegetarian.
I went three times. The meal starts with the same amuse bouche :a cone of salmon/ creme fraiche. The first dish is either oysters and pearls or cauliflower pannacotta with caviar. The second is a choice between foie gras (with 30$ extra) or a salad of heart of palm. Then you have meat (lamb, veal) or seafood (lobster, scallop). Sometimes they offer extra such as wagyu beef (100$) .To finish, the cheese course and the two desserts : one chocolate based, the other being a sorbet.
I should say that the extras (for which you are paying): foie gras, wagyu beef are a bit disappointing (quality, price and quantity). The cheese course is mediocre: tiny cube of cheese. The chocolate based dessert is average. To conclude, I would go back but i would ask them to replace some of the dishes (cheese, 2nd dessert) with a vegetarian dish. The chef is famous for the veggies less for pastries...I wouldnt take the supplement (foie gras, ).
The decor is great, the view over the Park is nice: it's not stuffy : the waiters are young.
The problem is the reservation: put your name on the waiting list or try Saturday , Sunday morning.

Jun 07, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

Visiting NYC - can finally afford a GREAT meal. Help!

French: Robuchon (at four seasons), Jean georges (1 Central Park West), db bistro moderne on 44th street
American: Per se (very hard to book: put your names on a waiting list), Momofuku Ko (korean inspired, very hard to book), WD-50 (molecular gastronomy), veritas (excellent wine list)

Italian: Babbo, Lupa, Esca, Felidia
Spanish: Casa mono
Japanese : Kai (try the wagyu beef) on Madison avenue
Libanese: illilli (haute libanese)
Moroccan: Azza
Steakhouse: try craftsteak (organic steak)
Scandinavian : Aquavit

Jun 07, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan

euro 2008 restaurants?

Try Opia on 57th street and Lex.
You could check if Fredericks (same owner as OPia) is showing the game

May 27, 2008
larryfr in Manhattan