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Lake Wawasee Help

Hi, my husband, 4 y/o son and I are visiting my in-laws at Lake Wawasee this weekend. Although they are very nice people, they are not good when it comes to food recommendations (last time they suggested the near-by Pizza Hut). I am looking for two or three places to check out when we need to get out of the cabin for a while - something hometown and casual. Good coffee and ice cream recs would be appreaciated, too. Thanks

Gordes Area with Young Child

Hi - my husband and I are staying near Gordes for one week in June. We are traveling with our 5 year old son. He is used to going to nice restaurants(tends to be well behaved -although a picky eater) but we want to make sure that we don't try to "overdo" it with him. Looking for one nice meal a day ...with that being said should we avoid any of these places with him in tow.

La fourchette
Bistrot du paradou
Bistro d'egalyieres
le clos de la violette in Aix
le fournil in Bonnieux
le mas des Vignes in Bedoin
l'Auberge de la Loube (Sunday brunch) in Buoux
l' oustau de Barmaniere in les Baux

We are realistic that he may not eat much at any of these restaurants but don't want the waitstaff to be rude to us either for bringing in a small child. Any other particular recommendations of places to eat and things to do that are both kid and adult friendly would be greatly appreciated. We will have a car and dont mind driving for up to an hour for any activity/restaurant. Have read plenty but looking for off the beaten path ideas.

Mar 24, 2009
oscarkat in France

Cincinnati Reds Brunch

I am taking my husband, his parents and my three year old son to a Reds game on Sunday, June 15th (father's day). I am looking for a place for everyone to meet up before the game for Brunch or a casual lunch. My husband, son and I are spending the night before at the downtown Westin and would like somewhere we can walk to and then go straight to the game. Something casual, fun and kid friendly, any ideas.