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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Enchiladas

May 06, 2015
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Slow Cooker Pork Ramen

May 04, 2015
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Garlic Bread

May 02, 2015
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Crunchy Celery and Romaine Heart Salad

Nov 09, 2014
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Your Top 5 Trader Joe's Products? [OLD]

I love this thread! I'd like to jump in with other things that might not be my absolute top 5 favorites, but are up there and have been under-mentioned, or even not mentioned at all!

1. Tarte d'Alsace - this is absolutely delicious and a great appy for guests. Lower calorie than you would think, but I also sprinkle it with some Parmesan. This is one of my favorite things in the entire store! Frozen Pizza case. I've also served it with a dressed arugula salad on top, with a light lemon dressing....

2. Mushroom flatbread. Can't remember the exact name, but it includes the word 'champignons'. I drizzle it with white truffle oil before serving, which makes it mushroom on mushroom, I guess. But amazing for those earthy tastes.

3. Ginger Spice Cookie Dough. I again don't remember the exact name, but these cookies are only available around the Christmas holidays. In the refrigerated section by the milk, butter, eggs, etc. right next to the (ahem) awful chocolate chip cookie dough that is available year round.

4. Flowers. Their gladiolus here in SoCal can't be beat! 'Nuff said.

5. Lemon ice cream with triple ginger ribbon. They discontinued it due to non-interest, but I am convinced that people didn't try it because it sounds so weird. My store never even carried it until I asked about it. It was discontinued a couple of months later.

Honestly, I am a bit bitter about them dropping that product. BUT, they actually saved me about 50 pounds of ice cream weight around my waist. So I forgive.....

Jul 31, 2014
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Easy Dinner Party Ideas for Five?

Coq au Vin was an early consideration, but I had to leave it, as well as the lasagne, due to time and patience constraints.

And sexyLAMBCHOPx, " Lotys of booze and dinner is done and cleanu-up is miniumal." is my favorite quote of the month! And I agree with every word!!

Thanks you guys. I've been struggling with this menu for the past 2 days. Since I sell Real Estate, and since this is the most difficult market since time began (twice the work for half the money), I have had no time this weekend to do anything except fret...

I'm saving the thread because I like a lot of the other suggestions, as well. But, the Tetrazzini just perfectly fit, especially since I have almost EVERYTHING already. And I do like Giada's recipes.

I got back home about an hour ago, and the chicken breasts are thawing in the fridge as we speak.


Jan 09, 2011
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Easy Dinner Party Ideas for Five?

THIS is what I am going to make! I am on a "Dine from the Cupboard/Freezer" kick right now and have almost everything I need already! I've already taken out 5 frozen chicken breasts (though Costco chicken is the best thing ever invented - I use every usable bit of that bird, including making stock in the crockpot from the carcass, skin, onion, celery, carrots and odd juices at the bottom the container.) I had to buy mushrooms, milk and peas. YESSS!!
I'm also going to make her Crusty Garlic and Herb Bread - deliciously fabulous, and a large light green salad. Guess I'll have to buy some bread and lettuce.
AND, the banana split idea is great! I have 4 bananas that are ripe, but not over-ripe enough to make a banana cake.
Wonderful, I think!

Jan 09, 2011
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Easy Dinner Party Ideas for Five?

Good point and exactly right! I WILL be forgotten in days. These are not foodies, but ARE very nice people - hoodwinked or not - and will likely be very appreciative. Or maybe they will bash my food, and decor, when they leave! LOL - Why do we knock ourselves out on elaborate meals? And by 'we', I mean 'I'.

Jan 09, 2011
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Easy Dinner Party Ideas for Five?

I'm crabby. I've been a bit hoodwinked into hosting a dinner party the evening before I am leaving for a 12 day cruise. The long story doesn't matter really, because I will still be crabby and will not want to work too hard. I need to pack - no big deal, BUT will have to clean the kitchen after they leave. I can't possibly leave things soaking for 2 weeks!

Plus, my hubby is not here...so there will be 5 of us.

Do you have any suggestions for a knockout main dish that is easy and can be prepared in advance? I was going to serve Marcella Hazan's lasagna, but won't have time to babysit the sauce. I am thinking of purchasing bolognese from a local restaurant, along with pre-ground parmesan and homemade bechemal...Quick noodles a 'la Cooks Illustrated 'no boil' noodle tips.

I'm feeling guilty. Any suggestions?

Jan 08, 2011
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Have you seen the Pioneer Woman Cookbook? What do you think?

Just a quick comment about the media sealing their own fate by giving away content for free. Just a year or two ago, the NYTimes charged for content but it didn't work. Viewers got similar content for free elsewhere. They DO depend on advertisers for money and when their content is free, they have more viewers. Look at Vanity Fair and their $1.00 per issue success.

Also, regarding Ree. She may have married into money, but will get little or no money herself should she become divorced or widowed. Many, if not most, family trusts are set up that way so that the family is not paying for multiple wives/husbands who have indeed married for money.

May 22, 2010
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Chef Academy on Bravo

Wow! Thanks, that just went up today!! Measurements don't match what the show had....but I'll worry about that tomorrow..

Jan 12, 2010
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Chef Academy on Bravo

Just a quick note that you can find some of his recipes on the Bravo website as well as on Facebook. Some of the 'chefs' have posted additional recipes to the ones listed on Bravo, including the tomato sauce. the 'green thing' is 1-2 bay leaves. I'm glad to know about the chocolate chicken because that was pretty intriguing to me - it's also on Facebook, btw. The pork belly is nowhere to be found. Sadness, because that dish looks like it just ROCKS!

Jan 12, 2010
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I need some tips about cutting up a raw turkey

Wow, thank you all! I have printed out your suggestions. I feel better about everything - though I don't think I'll do this next year! Really good suggestions about keeping and smoking the thighs. And I never thought of YouTube.

Nov 18, 2009
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I need some tips about cutting up a raw turkey

We have a small family so I usually buy a very small turkey, or just bone-in turkey breast. I always grill/smoke my turkey. In the interest of saving money and stretching dollars this year, I bought a 20 pound turkey from Fresh and Easy with the plan of using only the breast(s) and using the rest of the bird to make stock. That turkey cost about 1/3 of the 12 pound turkey I usually buy - and probably 25% of the cost of just the turkey breast.

Now I'm beginning to panic because I have never worked with a 20 pound turkey - it is frozen solid and I believe it will take 3-5 days to thaw in the refrigerator. I have also never cut up a turkey before and really don't even cut up chicken very often. I do have poultry shears, a cleaver and good knives.

My thoughts are that I should move the turkey from the freezer to the fridge this coming Thursday so that it will be thawed by next Monday or Tuesday. I can hack the turkey on Tuesday and make the stock. Then brine the breasts on Wednesday.

Does anyone have any tips, suggestions or warnings about all of this???

Nov 16, 2009
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Great Food in South Orange County for Celebratory Dinner

This has been the most fun thread for me to read EVER!

I lived in LA until 1983 and have lived in South Orange County ever since. Vine is a great restaurant, but you have to realize that people eat there in jeans and Ugg boots, as well as celebratory occasions! But that is the "San Clemente" feel - it is a casual surf town. Period. The pork tenderloin is outstanding and I have never had a bad meal, or experience, there. Another great place to eat is The Village Mediterranean in San Clemente on Del Mar. Very tiny, but delightful and a secret. Eating at South Coast Plaza is a completely different experience and I can't even imagine trying to compare the two.

Zov's Bistro in Tustin, and Black Sheep Bistro, are just fabulous (and favorite destination restaurants), but again, you are eating in a strip mall or on a shady street. I can't possibly compare it to the Beachcomber Cafe in Crystal Cove, for example.

Anyway, YOWZA! I am wondering what restaurant I would have recommended to omotosando for a celebration. I would have definitely screwed up. And by the way, Nirvana in Laguna Beach? Lovely place, great food, but really nothing remarkable. I would recommend Claes' Restaurant in Laguna Beach for the best of both!

Mar 17, 2009
LisainCali in Los Angeles Area

Mazatlan lunch?

Newish member, long-time lurker on this site. I came here to ask almost the exact question that OP had - where to eat lunch in Mazatlan? My difference is that I would like to be oceanfront and close to where the cruise ships dock. I don't really want to be very far inland - I would like to walk, if possible, to a great place. Thank you so much.

Oct 19, 2008
LisainCali in Mexico

Looking for Cheap Eats but Relaxed Dining in the South O.C./North County [moved from California board]

Also a long-time lurker here. Sorry this is so late, but I live in Dana Point and have a few suggestions for you and your family. Dana Point Harbor has a couple of good restaurants - Wind and Sea especially is a great place to sit outside - I took my kids there for years. Also, there is an outdoor patio that belongs to Harpoon Henry's that you would also enjoy.

Additional places to eat might be Peking Dragon - great Chinese food. Thai This - great Thai food. Beach House and Renaissance Cafe. All of these are off PCH, heading north from the 5.

In San Clemente, Sonny's Pizza is a destination pizza place with traditional Italian food, and Antoine's Cafe, both on PCH. Going down Del Mar toward the pier is Avila's Mexican food, and Beachfire. Fisherman's at the pier is also a great spot.

There are some better dining places in town, but these are all kid-friendly and reasonably priced. Good luck!

May 20, 2008
LisainCali in Los Angeles Area