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Lunch Recommendations in/near Bala

Thanks. Sounds like interesting service and great food.

Lunch Recommendations in/near Bala

Hi everyone:

My sister-in-law and I are taking our husbands (identical twins) up to Bala for their birthday this weekend. We're looking for good lunch recommendations in/around Bala or in Gravenhurst.

Thinking about Rebecca's, but am wondering what the prices are like.


unusual strawberry jams

Hi all,

I started this thread but am only just looking at it now... Urgh. Forgive me! I moved this year and didn't have time to do ANY jams.

The strawberry-tarragon jam was super easy. I didn't follow a recipe, except for a basic strawberry jam and then threw in some tarragon from the herb garden (very, very finely chopped). The taste combinations are perfect.

Strawberry-cardamom is on the list for next June, for sure!!!

Oct 08, 2009
writerspice in Home Cooking

seeking cider press

I would like to rescue the abundant harvest going to waste on the apple tree around the corner from my house.

Barring a refusal to pick from the owners (doubtful), I'd like to make some cider and am seeking a cider press.

Does anyone know where they can be rented or purchased in the central Ontario area (I'm in Orillia, just north of Barrie) or even in Toronto?


unusual strawberry jams

i've thought of the strawberry-balsamic-blackpepper combo, but does the balsamic have to be super-expensive (i'm about to start grad school in sept so, um, p-o-o-r)? does anyone have a brand they'd recommend (i'm in canada)?

unusual strawberry jams

Yesterday I made some strawberry-tarragon jam which I really, really recommend and am wondering if anyone has suggestions for other not-so-usual combinations.

I'm thinking strawberry-curry and saw a mention of a chutney, but no recipe :( Am open to other ideas, too.

Eager to hear thoughts!


Jul 03, 2008
writerspice in Home Cooking