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Looking for Wine and Cheese Paring

We don't want the whole meal, we just want to go for some amazing (unusual) cheeses and pared wines. Where's the best place to go? It doesn't have to be in Manhattan. Bonus points for near Astoria.

Sep 28, 2014
hungryastorian in Manhattan

Hebrew National Bologna?

Where can I buy it in western queens?

Jul 30, 2014
hungryastorian in Outer Boroughs

Small Batch Bourbon Shopping

I'd like to do a small batch bourbon tasting at home. Where would you recommend I find my bourbons. Preferably in LIC/Astoria (or nearby) or Manhattan

Dec 08, 2011
hungryastorian in Manhattan

Is there a Queens Alternative to the Red Hook Ball Fields?

We were at Flushing Meadows last Sunday going to the Queens zoo - and noticed the huge numbers of grilling/picnicing families. One woman we walked by was definitely selling her food. The others were too far off the path for me to know if they were selling (we didn't have time to investigate). I'm wondering if anyone knows if people sell their food at this park or any other besides The Redhook Ball fields. I was thinking of just walking up to people and letting them know how good it looked/smelled and seeing if there was some sort of exchange to be had.

Aug 28, 2009
hungryastorian in Outer Boroughs

Weekend getaway to a working farm/b&b with excellent food?

sounds great - thanks

Weekend getaway to a working farm/b&b with excellent food?

Want to take my foodie hubby away for a birthday weekend in early June - the ideal spot is a gorgeous location with nearby hiking, rolling hills, wildlife and possibly water (river, lake, pond, puddle?). 4 hours or less from NYC. Less than $200/night for the room. He's very into local food production these days - cheese, sausage, wine... I don't know where to start looking. Any thoughts? Ideas? Anything is appreciated.

Bistro 33 reopens

I'm wondering if people know it's the same place as Lil'bistro 33. It's not Lil anymore - so they renamed the new place Bistro 33.

Three of us went for dinner the other night - and after apps and an entree for each - we were stuffed - but when Gary came by to describe the apple flapjack.... yummmm... we figured we could squeeze in a little more. It was SOOOO good.

All of our dishes were great. My rack of lamb was like lamb lollipop. (that's a good thing in my book). Succulent, melt in your mouth, meat on a stick (no one was watching - so I ate with my hands). The accompanying potatoes were equally good - but liking finger food I was much more interested in picking my companions shoestring taters off his roasted chicken dish. Oh - my god - they were delicious!

I highly recommend you getting over there now while the getting is good. It's currently BYOB - so you can order an extra dish or 5 and still come in UNDER your usual budget.

Bring people with you so that you can try a little bit of everything. If you've been missing the old place you won't be disappointed. If you'd never made it out to the old place - you can stop kicking yourself for missing it and get to the new space.

Go -enjoy and report back what you think..

Jun 18, 2007
hungryastorian in Outer Boroughs

have a car for the day

IHOP?? Dunkin Doughnuts??

Nov 17, 2006
hungryastorian in Outer Boroughs

New York Hound Not Fooling Around

Another New Yorker heading for Seattle mid Aug. When I lived in Seattle I didn't have the financial wherewithall to visit expensive restaurants. So on my return with my chef/foodie/husband I want to sample some of the best (expensive, cheap, whatever)


The first thing I did was make a reservation at The Herbfarm for Sunday. I've read some not very positive reviews and I've seen the restaurant is still winning awards from some respected industry folk. The whole local focus, slow food, 5+ hour production, set menu is not off putting for us. I realize that the new spacce is not as intimate or lovely as the old. But then again no one could get a reservation at the old.

Wild Ginger - I find it hard to believe this place is still so on the radar. I thought it was overrated when I left town 5 years ago.

We spoke to Tom Douglass last week at NYC fancy food show. I was suprised to find out that he's no longer cooking at any of his places. He did recommend that we go to his newest. I believe it has a mediterranean theme. Coming from one of the most greek/italian restaurant centers in NYC I wonder if it would be worth it? Comments?

Red Mill - I'd forgotten about this place. I can't wait to go back!! The burgers are the best in the city.