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Food trucks OC

Every Thursday from 11-2 pm, there is a food truck gathering at the OC Fairgrounds in the parking lot with 6-8 trucks that rotate. They do provide tables/chairs/restrooms at this one. Also, it is free to park and enter. Folow them on twitter and facebook for which trucks are scheduled.

Feb 02, 2011
sebaceous in Los Angeles Area

OC FAIR: 2009 questions and reviews

Best eats: Tasti Chips with jalapeno cheese (fresh, hot, made to order); Ceviche and Shrimp cocktail at Mariscos; Fried Oreos at Chicken Charlie; fried pork tenderloin sandwich at Burger Joint; hand made churros at Marketplace Village (not your average churro); turkey leg at Juicy's; lemonade from Squeezers (multiple locations); Chocolate covered bacon, with salt packet, slightly thawed; Mexican funnel cake - so much tastier than an average funnel, made with churro dough and fresh whipped cream, share with friends; Apple Fries, like apple pie french fries. Last three all sold at same booth. Juicy's Western Sausage (share with a pal); Deep Fried Cheesecake (in the carnival). Do not eat all on the same day!

Aug 03, 2009
sebaceous in Los Angeles Area

Mesa Restaurant (Costa Mesa at The Camp)

Chakra Indian Cuisine in Irvine near UCI was a treat for the tastebuds. I find myself consuming so many really boring meals and this was a standout! Everything was properly spiced and just delicious. I paired the meal with an spicy chili pepper martini and it just hit the spot. Their chicken masala is a standout as is nearly everything else.

Dec 03, 2008
sebaceous in Los Angeles Area

Mesa Restaurant (Costa Mesa at The Camp)

I frequent MESA quite a bit and all of my food snob friends are quite impressed. Not only is the restaurant attractively modern and made of recycled materials, we LOVE the tapas-style menu. All of the food is so tasty it would be a shame to be limited to just one dish. That said, it is an 'exotic' menu for OC (think Duck Sausage) and one must be open to trying new foods. This is not Macaroni Grill or Cheesecake Factory and thank goodness for that. MESA is a rare find in O.C. Embrace it! And yes, Andrew the sommerlier is wonderful, he knows his stuff in a non-threatening way. Their desserts are tasty too. If big dishes are what you want, they do have a hamburger and a hanger steak and some other choices but those small plates keep me coming back for more. And I am a NY and San Fran raised foodie.

May 19, 2008
sebaceous in Los Angeles Area