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Peartree (Vancouver) -- credit card# for reservation? [Moved from Western Canada board]

I think that is a reasonable request especially for small businesses with only limited seating and for large tables. If they're turning people away at this time of year and you don't show up, its not fair to them. If the restaurant in question does all the right things: holding your table; confirming your reservation on the day; informing you of their practice and how much notice you have to cancel. I don't have a problem with it. Unfortunately there are some individuals who make reservations at a number of places for the same night (esp NYE) and then decide on the night.

Dec 14, 2007
italianlover in Not About Food

What Happened To Rob Feenie?

Here's the story from the Vancouver Sun about the whole situation:

Dress code for Michael Minas

Can someone tell me what the men's dress code is. My husband does "not" own a jacket and was going to wear good trousers and long sleeved shirt (no tie). Is this acceptable? Don't want him to feel out of place, but he doesnt really want to buy a jacket for one dinner.

what's up with Brava Bistro?

Nice to hear someone else thinks that the labour shortage is a flimsy excuse for bad food and service. It is true that the best places have their pick for staff. It mostly comes down to the cash and the prestige associated with the establishment.

Italian markets CALGARY

I would say Linas is a little cleaner than the other and their choice of product is a little wider (bigger store), but with any specialty import store - check for a useby date on some stuff - I know I've bought mascarpone that was past its date, but with dry products, of course, that wont be a problem.

Le Boboulais - calgary

All that I can think of is Le Beaujolais - but thats in Banff !

Any trick to make a not-soaky-at-the-bottom pie crust?

try brushing the bottom with egg white and let it dry, it seems to seal the pastry and you can fill it without getting soggy. Works well whenever i make quiche!!

Feb 07, 2007
italianlover in Home Cooking


enroutes food issue comes out in November 2006