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African and Carribean food on the peninsula.

Looking to find some interesting food from the above regions while i have visitors over the next week or so.


Yucatan in the Bay

I heard there were some good places to go for Yucatan food and other more local mexican food on the peninsula and was looking for recommendations for...
also the best Chiles en Nogada would be a great recommendation.


Decent places to go for a drink in Palo alto

Having been in palo alto a few months now I'm still searching desperately for a decent, non pretentious, bar/pub with good beer and maybe a outdoor area. It shouldn't be hard to find, right? If anyone replies reccomending the rose and crown i'll go insane.

Best microbreweries in the bay

Looking for advice on the best microbreweries in the bay (particularly on the peninsula). Having hit the anchor, pyramid etc hotspots i wondered which of the smaller breweries I just can't afford to miss.