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El Chile Coming to Northwest Hills

We went to El Chile tonight (Saturday) and they would only let us choose between the house frozen and house on-the-rocks. That was after I ordered the Top Shelf Margarita and was turned down. I'm curious how you all got the prickly pear & spicy orange margaritas. They didn't offer us any other choices and won't, that is, until they get the liquor license. Oh well. I'm not real crazy about margaritas made with sweet/sour syrup so the only bonus to this margarita was that it was free.

However, I did like the enchiladas del quesos. There was a sweetness to the sauce that was especially good. My husband, didn't like it so much. But he doesn't like his food sweet unless it's dessert. Ergo, he doesn't like cooked carrots because cooking makes them sweeter. So you must take our two perspectives into consideration before embarking on your dining adventure.

I loved sitting out on the patio. I've sat out there when the place was Mesa Hills Cafe, but El Chile has got these great red plastic chairs which are a great improvement over the ubiquitous white plastic chairs. Don't know if Mesa Hills had those, but I'm sure you know what I mean. These red ones are quite sturdy and even have a hole in the center of the bottom of each seat, assuring drainage of rain water should they be caught in a shower or Texas deluge.

BTW tonight - May 17th - was a lovely night to eat and drink and talk outside. Not muggy or windy. Not too hot or too cold. Just right with the slightest breeze. In short, just perfect.

And, no, we didn't have to wait for our table. We were seated immediately. And our food was delivered in a timely manner - so perhaps the restaurant has taken the above comments to heart and has gotten their act together. Or maybe it just happened as a natural course of events. Whatever. We had a good dining experience and I recommend it.

I'm willing to return and check it out at least one more time. Mesa Hills Cafe was there since at least 1987 (when I moved into the neighborhood) and I've never understood how they kept going all that time. My only nit pick with El Chile was the margarita and hopefully it will get straightened out once they get their liquor license.

May 17, 2008
itsyaya in Austin