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A beef: "Is this your first time here?"

I don't remember ever even being asked this question - so I think my response would be to the effect of 'Why do you want to know?' or
'Who wants to know'. I wouldn't want to be directly hostile or rude but what business is it of theirs? do 'First Timers' get preferential treatment? or do they get treated like red headed step-children if they're not 'members'

Aug 02, 2014
ksmith51432 in Not About Food

Your Opinion about Spice Longevity

All my spices/herbs are kept in my 'fridge - some i've had for longer than I'd like to admit, but they seem to be just fine.
salt is kept in the freezer

Sep 22, 2013
ksmith51432 in General Topics

6 Great Marinades for Lamb Chops

Ok, I've used many a meat chart and have a very nice digital thermometer, but would someone please explain why it takes longer to cook a smaller roast? I may never have actually seen it displayed this way -- but what is the science behind it?

Jun 08, 2013
ksmith51432 in Features

Turkey eggs

think the issue of Turkey eggs has been covered pretty well - but re DUCK eggs -- I raised ducks for years - and the first year of laying the eggs are quite good; but subsequent years (more mature hen) I found the eggs quite 'strong'. Standard conversion was 1 duck egg for 2 large to x large chicken eggs. Fine for cooking -- just a bit 'eggy' for breakfast.
They make AWESOME deviled eggs though -- and Easter eggs too!

Mar 31, 2013
ksmith51432 in General Topics

Better-Than-Store-Bought Crackers from Your Kitchen

This says baking SODA; the recipe for Rosemary Crackers for Linda Mc says Baking POWDER ? which is it? or is it SR flour and not AP flour?

Jan 06, 2013
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Tips on Washing Fruits and Vegetables

just don't wash it until immediately prior to use; it will stay fresh longer - especially greens - and don't skimp on the water with those curly greens and leeks -- gritty food is for chickens!

Dec 15, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

December 2012 COTM -- How To Eat

tiny tiny brand new 'red' potatoes that are the size of hazelnuts when they come out of the ground are wonderful fixed this way -- only way to get them this small is to grow them yourself - the 'new Red potatos' in the stores are many times too large -- and let the butter brown a bit

Dec 08, 2012
ksmith51432 in Home Cooking

Bone Marrow's Unctuous Delights

they used to make lovely spoons for removing marrow from bones in days gone by - ice tea spoons work well today - Silky, not 'greasy' or 'fatty', but melty in your mouthy - on a piece of toast or with a spoon of lovely French Onion Soup -

Oct 06, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

3 Surprising Twists on Macaroni and Cheese

MacN'Cheese just 'isn't' w/o Hotsauce ( any brand - I'm not picky ) but- Blair's Original Death Sauce is my favorite - or 'Bacon Jam - the recipe was on here last year - but lacking hoomemade Bacon Jam - just a slice or two of crispy crumbled bacon will suffice!

Oct 06, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

Maggi Sauce: Use with Caution!

I'd forgotten about this! was a staple in my mother's kitchen - would add a DROP -- literally ONE DROP to a whole skillet of bacon just before removing - sosmehow enhanced the smokey/sweet/salty - and always in 'brown' sauces --
what she called what we call 'bar-b-que' sauces -- mostly tomato/brown sugar/molasses/vinegar base sauce for meats. I'll have to look for it --
I've never used it - but she swore by it!
and she was a great cook ( or at least I thought so!)

Jul 14, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

Cooking with Ro-Tel Canned Tomatoes

add Ro-Tel to a can of 'Baked Beans'/Pork n'Beans', 1/4 cup chopped onions and a tsp of ground cumin - just a quick fix side dish for ribs or chicken -

Jun 30, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

Big Love for Shrimp and Grits

not sure if Greenville SC or Columbia SC but the 'Big Red Dog' has the best S&G I've ever had -- with andoue sausage, smooth as silk stone ground grits and tender juicy shrimp -

Jun 30, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

A Quick Trick for Candied Sweet Potatoes

OMG, I'd forgotten about this -- sans chipolte, but mama used Dr. Pepper to boil the sweet potatoes before putting into the baking dish and adding the prequrequisite marshmallows and pecans! Your idea sounds MUCH better !

May 29, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

chex mix - hot and spicy

YEARS! (in the 50's) ago the 'original' recipe was called FiddleFaddle - at least by a friend in Dothan Ala that always sent a huge bag for Christmas - in a TUPPERWARE container - she was a high-up mucketymuck with Tupperware and we always had all the T'ware we needed or wanted. Brings back happy memories of good friends and good food

Apr 23, 2012
ksmith51432 in General Topics

A Plated Dinner for One

it just plain tastes better if it looks better; but I too, eat out of the 'pot' when alone --

Apr 03, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

How to Keep Creamy Sauces from Breaking

my thought is that it's too hot; turn off heat - back cool - add the hot to the cool, like w/ eggs - temper it, back and forth, then mix it all together - it's not like it need to 'cook' any more -- you just want it to not be cold.

Mar 18, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

Wondra - what's it all about?

If you are using a 2 - 3 step breading process, that is a different issue than just dusting a meat w/ a flour and pan frying w/ no 'batter' -- the secret IMO to that process is to dip the meat into the flour, shake off any excess and immediately place in heated/oiled pan. If you 'pre' flour - the moisture in the meat will make the flour soggy and you won't get a crispy lightly browned filet or chop - and it will have a tendency to fall off. Do it one or two pieces at a time - don't overcrowd the pan; remove the cooked portions to a rack and keep warm while you finish the servings.

Mar 03, 2012
ksmith51432 in General Topics

The Colors of Quinoa

the Red quinoa mixed with purple Peruvian potatoes makes a beautiful side dish - season any way you prefer - I like cumin, garlic, olive oil. Cook separately, but serve tossed together.

Feb 04, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

Basic Sauerkraut

my grandmother made kraut - and much more than this! you negledted to warn your readers of the fragrance the fermenting cabbage emits! We had a true 'cellar' where the temperature was perfect - and we always knew when she was starting a new batch! (the neighbors probably did too!)

Jan 30, 2012
ksmith51432 in Recipes

Top-Split: The Better Bun?

I've found Potato Flour Top Split rolls - but they're just not the 'right' flavor (to me) for other than Lobster/Crab Rolls - certainly not for Brats or elcheepo hotdogs; but agree that the design is much preferable to the side splits - if they'd just use plain 'junk' flour - 'WonderBread' type.

Jan 29, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

How to Cook Wild-Killed Venison

I've never had farm raised venison; and don't think I'd want to - I like the 'gamey' or 'stonger' taste than pasture/grain raised meats - why else eat it? just stick with Beef. I will say that Elk is milder than Venison, and Antelope much more like goat than venison - either Mule deer or Whitetail.
Please, if you're going to hunt, or acquire wild meat, treat it as such and don't try to 'disquise' it's origin.

Jan 19, 2012
ksmith51432 in Features

Naturally Stuffed Seafood

Like the little [pink] crabs in steamed oysters - if you have a good 'shucker behind the bar maybe he'll save them for you - most people don't like/want them.

Dec 31, 2011
ksmith51432 in Features

Your Own Personal Sad Café

When the coffee was .10 a cup and the cream was real - and w/ enough sugar supplied calories/fat/energy for most of the morning. NoNameCafe. Somewhere in Southern California

Dec 31, 2011
ksmith51432 in Features

Christmas Stollen Needs Time to Ripen

Mother made what she called a 'fruit cake', sounds like her version of a 'Stollen' -- a variety of coarsly chopped nuts - pecans, almonds and hazelnuts; dried fruits - apricots, dates, figs, golden raisens; the 'bread' part was a combination of graham cracker crumbs and vanilla wafer crumbs, and a liberal amount of bourbon and rum - the consistency of the dough was somewhat like lumpy glue - packed tightly into foil lined loaf pans, wrapped and turned out after 24 hours ( to keep the shape ); were not declared 'Done' for at least 3 months- August was 'Fruit Cake' month - I don't remember any ever spoiling - served w/ whipped cream or a brandy enhanced hard sauce.
Actually, the amounts were mostly by 'eye' I believe - don't remember her ever measuring ANYTHING! EVER!

Dec 17, 2011
ksmith51432 in Features

Pineapple Pleasures

Core and slice into 'rings' - roll the outer edge in smoked Paprika - serve room temperature, or I suppose you could gently grill it; a couple of slices w/ grilled chicken or pork chops are very good.

Dec 11, 2011
ksmith51432 in Features

Preparing Perfect Hot Cocoa

heavy cream, the best Dutch cocoa powder and 1/4 tsp espresso crystals per mug, or to taste - or a splash of dark rum, or both!

Dec 11, 2011
ksmith51432 in Features

Roasting a Lovely Leg of Lamb

Olive Oil, fresh garlic and lemon is all you need for a perfect leg of lamb;
OK, a little rosemary if you like, but I prefer just the garlic and lemon; want the skin to crisp and brown, then I'll add a generous grinding of pepper and salt, and please please don't offer me that green congealed rubbery stuff called 'mint jelly' !

Dec 11, 2011
ksmith51432 in Features

Learning to Like Foods You Hate

as a child I had to at least taste what was put on my plate, if I didn't care for it, I was not 'made' to eat it, but I did have to try it. I do remember 'cutting off my nose to spite my face' with a couple of things - Sweet potato casserole - tasted it, liked it, but wouldn't admit it! Matter of being 'right' I guess! also creme of spinach was a big one -- but I still prefer it w/o the nutmeg.

Nov 10, 2011
ksmith51432 in Features

Add Smoke and Fire with Chipotles in Adobo Sauce

I have used Chipoltes in Adobo for years, chopping them, and adding the sauce - but to my pleasure San Marcos is now making a 'Chipolte Sauce' same ingredients, etc., but the peppers are pureed and not whole! I used some yesterday in my 'Colorado Chili' recipe and was quite pleased with it. Used about 3 tablespoons. I'll have to look for the McCormick - that chicken sounds good!

Oct 22, 2011
ksmith51432 in Features

One Beer for Me, One for the Pot

be careful of the dark beers - they can be bitter to overly sweet -- drink one first to be sure the nuances of the malts, hops, etc, will complement and not argue with your dish. I like to purchase two of some of the different beers before getting a whole 6 pack. - and what you are eating while consuming also effects their taste -
some go better with a sweeter snack than salty/savory -
I've had some very strong cheeses - not necessairily Cheddars that were reminiscent of dark, heady beers. Must have something to do with the fermentation/yeasts.

Sep 29, 2011
ksmith51432 in Features