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Restaurant wedding suggestions?

We did our wedding reception at Canoe several years ago. Loved the venue and the food was great too - some guests even took the opportunity to ask for a kitchen tour.

Jul 14, 2014
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

staple restaurants young and sheppard area?

We actually prefer the cooked food at Inakaya to the maki and nigiri. Those are typically just our way of getting rice filler. We usually get a couple appetizers, some sashimi and a grilled fish.

Our last meal (for 3) there was - dengaku tofu, yaki nasu, yakitori, grilled pork belly, whole seabream sashimi, grilled whole seabass and then 2 maki rolls for filler. 1 was the volcano roll - basically some roast veggies with torched beef wrapped around it and the serving dish set on fire - for the record, I didn't order this but I will admit it wasn't bad - just overpriced for the flame show and a somewhat uneasy feeling of what the fuel source was. The other roll had salmon, crab and butterfish? that were tempura'd and rolled into a standard california.

The pork belly, dengaku tofu and grilled seabass were my favourites.

I don't believe they take reservations between 630-8pm so we have ended up disappointed a few times - the place was only about 1/2 full last friday night. However, we live close to yonge/sheppard and find that it's a great place to go in the summer for a light meal and an after dinner stroll .

Jan 04, 2013
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

staple restaurants young and sheppard area?

It's mentioned in passing in the link that graydyn provided, but I would second a recco for Inakaya - willowdale just north of Sheppard. It's a small place with tables for about 30 with another 5 or 6 seats at the sushi bar.

It's not cheap, and the sushi is good, but nothing spectacular. However, they have a 'specials' menu that offers whole fish either grilled or you can have it served as sashimi. We usually stick with that menu and get the robata and whole fish sashimi items.

It's certainly a step up from the run of the mill places on yonge or spring garden that everyone usually mentions. It's also probably not a place you'd want to go if you're very hungry. A recent meal for 3 ppl (without alcohol or dessert) including tax but without tip was $145. We all left feeling sated, but not full - which is probably a good thing.

- edit -

I forgot to mention that if you want some good take-home sashimi, it doesn't get better than Taro's Fish Market on Sheppard near Bessarion. They usually have a nice selection of fish that they will sashimi for you and they even carry spot prawns when in season. They label the regional origin of their fish if you want that info. I have seen people eating at the short counter at the front window, but I've never eaten-in.

Jan 04, 2013
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Westmalle, Orval or other Belgian imports in GTA?

I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy Belgian beers that are not carried by the LCBO.

Looking for Westmalle Tripel and Orval, but open to trying others.


Oct 05, 2012
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Restaurant Wedding in the GTA

Congrats Lucie!

We had our wedding at Canoe last year and I can tell you that both the food, the service and the atmosphere were all FANTASTIC.

The meals are seated, plated and there is a dance floor if you don't exceed 90 - we had just over 110 and we setup tables on the dance floor and had them moved after dinner.

At the time, the minimum charge for food was $9000 for a saturday evening, beverage sales are not included in that minimum. The minimum for food on Sunday evenings was $7000. Note that beverages were on a consumption basis.

As lilaki suggested, your best option might be lunch. Canoe's minimum for lunch is $4000 on food AND beverages.

We also looked at Auberge de Pommier and their minimums were $4000 food and beverage for sat or sun LUNCH and $6000 food and beverage for SUNDAY dinner. Again, beverages are on a consumption basis.

If I recall correctly, a side room could be used for dancing...we decided to go with Canoe based the fact that we preferred the menu options at Canoe, we would have to put some of our guests in the side room for dinner at Auberge and also because we fell in love with the view at Canoe.

Hope that helps!

Nov 20, 2009
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

#1 fine dining restaurant in Toronto?

The food and service are better at Splendido than Canoe or Auberge and the 'best of' menu looks great...but if you can secure the corner table at Canoe, I don't think you could ask for a better setting for a celebratory night in the entire city.

Auberge has a comfy sort of feel which is great for an intimate dinner for 2, but I'd take the view of the sunset from the 54th floor any summer night.

May 26, 2009
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Tapas-like restaurant

Does anyone have a recommendation for a tapas style restaurant for a group of 6 people?

Sharable small dishes. Preferrably downtown and walkable from the subway line but we'd go as far north as Lawrence.

Looking for something similar to Cava - we went there last time and enjoyed the group experience.

Without wine, would like the price to be in the $50-75 range per person.


Dec 22, 2008
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Wedding at Roof Lounge Park Hyatt

I'll issue a third recco for Canoe.

Our wedding reception was this past June and I can vouch that the view was spectacular there.

The event coordinator was great and she helped us throughout and even thought of a few things that we had forgotten. Dinner service was also great - admittedly, I didn't eat too much that night due to the adrenaline pumping through me. However, our friends raved about the quality of the food and some took a tour of the kitchen. I also found the pricing at Canoe more than comparable to a lot of venues - the only thing that would cause the costs to get out of control would be the bar service since it's on consumption.

They are closed to the general public on Saturday and Sundays, so you'll have the entire restaurant to yourselves; they even have a small dance floor that can be used after dinner.

Sep 22, 2008
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Jerusalem: new location , old disappontments

Not sure when, but Me Va Me has re-opened. My fiancee and I were there for dinner Fri May 23.

It was our first visit and the portions were indeed huge. We shared some hummous, chicken lentil soup and lamb kabob dinner. We left with a full skewer of meat and most of the potatoe packed up since we were too full already.

I can't speak to the authenticity, but we liked it and the value proposition is quite good.

May 26, 2008
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good Toronto Restaurants Open on Sunday Night

I believe that Cava is open on Sundays. Mostly tapas-style dishes. The beef cheeks, quail and sable fish are excellent and make for great entrees.

The website isn't much, but the food is quite good...

Jan 21, 2008
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Wedding cocktail party venue - help please!

I will add another recommendation for Graydon Hall.

My sister was married there Sept 07 on a sunday with about 160 ppl and it was great! As mentioned, the grounds are amazing, the terrace is great for mingling. I also have to say that the quality of the food there is top notch. One of the very best meals I have ever had at a wedding, including places such as Arcadian court, King Eddy, and Estates of Sunnybrook.

Highly recommended.

Jan 18, 2008
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Downtown birthday dinner for mom

I just wanted to post a quick reply and thank you guys for the recco's and commentary on Trimurti.

We had a great time and both my parents loved the food. We decided not to get into the heat and stuck with sweeter curries. We liked the passanda, although in retrospect I think it would work better with chicken than the beef that we chose. The eggplant drew many favourable comments too. The crowd pleaser of the night was the often lowly butter chicken had a very clear depth of flavour beyond the butter...I would almost say that the butter was a mere accent to the sauce instead of the main player.

There were 2 down points: one was that the service was a tad slow...but given the fact that it was a saturday, this is completely understandable. The other more alarming issue was the fact that one of the chicken kebabs from the tandoor was not fully cooked! This was pointed out and the dish was replaced with a properly cooked one at no charge.

Overall, I would definitely return - if it wasn't so far from me...I'm looking forward to trying tabla since I live much closer to it and my fiancee and I love Indian. We'll have to check it out and then introduce my mom to some heat in our next trip.

As another endorsement, my brother-in-law also mentioned that there have been a few Susur sightings at Trimurti as well.

Jan 08, 2008
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Downtown birthday dinner for mom

Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions.

I asked if she'd prefer french or indian....and to my surprise she went with the Indian! This is quite a surprising turn of events - I don't think I've ever seen her try Indian before.

estufarian, I've seen you extole the virtues of far ahead of Trimurti would you put it? Maybe we can make the trip up there?

Jan 04, 2008
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Sparkling Wines at the LCBO?

I'll second Rabbit on either the Sigura Viudas or Cordoniu.

I find Cava to be the best value priced bubbles around. We had the Sigura Viudas at Terra for a mere $35 - think of it as a $20 corkage fee.

Jan 04, 2008
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Downtown birthday dinner for mom

So mom wants something "different" this year....this shouldn't be too hard since we almost always go for Chinese since that's what our family has grown up with and she's used to cooking.

However, she would like something 'different' this year...she isn't someone I would describe as a chowhound, so I have to qualify her view of 'different' as basically, something non-chinese (preferably non-asian) but not steak and potatoes.

Looking for a place this weekend that is downtown since my sister and brother-in-law live downtown and my fiancee and I will be going to the bridal show at the convention centre <insert enthusiasm here>.

I was thinking maybe Segovia for paella, but it's a bit north, otherwise, I was thinking along the lines of Jaime Kennedy winebar...but dinner should be casual, not expensive - less than $30 mains. A decent wine selection is not required.

Jan 03, 2008
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bachelor party dinner

Hey all,

Looking for some ideas for around 14 guys to have dinner next friday night in Toronto.

Not looking for anything scene'y, the bachelor is more of a wings n' beer guy.

We're all late 20's - early 30's and working but not looking to break the bank at a place you'd take the client - probably wouldn't want a bunch of loud guys anyways.

Something located downtown would be great.

Oct 02, 2007
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Private room in a bar

Not exactly chow-ish, but looking for a private room in a bar or restaurant in order to hold our annual hockey pool draft and have some munchies for 16 guys.

Looking for someplace within the following borders: North of 401, south of Major Mack, east of Avenue Road, west of Warden.

Sep 14, 2007
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

low-key recommendation for tonight

Hi all,

I'm looking for an eat-in place that's low-key - ie. something that doesn't try to be more than a place that serves good food. Just want to try someplace that doesn't try to sell ambiance - so no candles on the table and clean linoleum floors would be welcome.

Location: anything south of 7 and north of bloor, east of bathurst and west of victoria park
Food preference: open to anything, but prefer non-chinese as I will be getting plenty of that this weekend.

Thanks in advance!

Feb 16, 2007
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

FOUND! A lunch place at North York City Center!

I gave Bar Burrito a try a month or two ago and while being quite tasty, I quickly found that the burrito didn't agree with me that well.

I wanted to believe that it could have been something else that had unsettled my stomach so I went back a few weeks later; same result.

I guess I'll have to make the long trek downtown to get my burrito fix from da boyz instead of just walking down the street.

Aug 31, 2006
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Brazilian feijoada on days other than Saturday?

I can't speak for authenticity, but Caju (at Queen and Shaw)serves it - not sure if its purely a weekend or permanent item on the menu.

Aug 17, 2006
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


The have a version of it at Caju on queen west.

I can't speak to its authenticity, but I was told that it was good.

Jul 26, 2006
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Perigee and dessert tasting

I invited some of my friends for the dessert tasting and I agree with TorontoJo; it was simply wonderful. Its been a while, so I don't recall all the different courses, but they satisfied the chocolate, fruit and pastry lovers there quite adequately!

They also offered wine pairings with the dessert tastings. I think there was also a cheese course option, that none of us selected. Not all of us opted for the wine pairings, so I can't remember how much it was working backwards from the final bill. All-in, the total bill for 10 people with wine-pairings, teas, coffees/espressos, tax and tip came in just over $800.

The Perigee website says that it is 4 courses for $40. However, in addition to the dessert courses, there are amuse bouche's, palate cleansers and a final 'gift from the kitchen'. We were there from 9pm to almost midnight, but we lingered for quite some time over coffee/tea near the end.

Jul 24, 2006
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Perigee's reso policy?

I've never booked on a saturday night for a group. I've booked a few times for 2 on thursdays and a friday and they didn't ask for a credit card number.

However, I did book a dessert tasing for 10 on a thursday night and they asked for a $20/head deposit; I provided my credit card number but it was never charged.

Jul 16, 2006
qman in Ontario (inc. Toronto)