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"Haute" TexMex Chili

Has anyone attempted this besides OP?

Mar 26, 2011
lohmaigai in Recipes

Carne Asada

I tried a recipe that I got from a butcher at a santa monica caniceria.
1. Flap meat for bbq'ing and either thin sliced or thin oval cuts of sirloin for pan grilling.
2. Vinegar(enough to give the meat a strong flavor profile, which is really not so much), lime juice(for the citrus accent, just a little!), and papaya juice(the enzymes in this juice breakdown the proteins and give the meat added complexity...) better yet, just use papayas when you can. **Excercise restraint when you add these ingredients, too much of any of these flavors will screw you.
3. A little cumin powder.
Some paprika.
A chili powder of your choice. (I like new mexico chili)
White onions or onion powder(apply sparingly)
Some peppers of your choice(I like Serrano)
Fresh cilantro and a little celery salt.
Sea salt and white or black pepper to taste.
**If you'd like add these, though I usually stop after the celery salt and cilantro..:
Fresh garlic, green onions, parsley, etc.
Veal or beef broth
... beer but.. i don't recommend it because the meat tastes better without it and the beer tastes better paired with the carne...

1. Marinate to a length of your preference(try dry aging a couple days beforehand and then marinate one or two nights! it becomes all the more awesome!)
2. BBQ(not too hot!!) or Grill(let the pan get pretty hot and let the meat come close room temp or about 55-65 F and then shake off excess herbs and marinade.
3. Crack open a beer and enjoy it right there off the barbie or off the grill or at least, don't serve it on a cold ceramic plate, a paper plate would do much better =) ENJOY.

Aug 08, 2009
lohmaigai in Recipes

Chino's Guacamole

lightly mashed avocados... doesn't SOUND nice, but i bet it's a little quicker

May 05, 2009
lohmaigai in Recipes

Which Koreatown bbq place has best-quality MEAT?

Koreans pronounce it SamGyupSal

Nov 18, 2008
lohmaigai in Los Angeles Area

Snails w. Black Bean Sauce

krom did you see my reply to your other post? check out mama's kitchen on 1718 S new ave. san gabriel

May 18, 2008
lohmaigai in Los Angeles Area

Cantonese snails / periwinkles [split from L.A. board]

krom, i've had snails (still in the shell) at Mama's Kitchen 1718 S. New Ave. in San Gabriel. It's on the corner of Ralph and New (google map it, click on street view to see the mama's kitchen sign). I had when that dish when I was just a little boy, but I can distinctly remember all the flavors. They were prepared in something like a black bean sauce, with more emphasis on the Thai basil, and served in this snail-service type pan. (little holes in a elevated serving dish. You should call Mama's Kitchen before you head over and ask about the snails of course. I remember them being succulent and most robust. I've been thinking about snails too, so your inquiry, the thread where this first started, prompted immediate intrest on my part. Also, this is my first entry in chowhound! I know that you will find our restaurants to exceed your expectations in our wonderful SGV.

May 16, 2008
lohmaigai in General Topics