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Woodstock weekend advice

We will be visiting Woodstock for the first time at the end of February. I was hoping to get suggestions for wonderful local cuisine or favorite restaurants for lunch and dinner as well as any not to be missed foodie destinations (bakeries, coffee shops, chocolate shops, breweries, etc.). We love our food!
Thank you in advance

Ottawa to NOTL

I know it is only an hour and a half into your trip but if you stop in Kingston you can pick up some fabulous food for a picnic at Pan Chancho. They are located on Princess St just a block away from the water. They offer sandwiches, an assortment of salads, desserts and cheese. We always stop on our way to Toronto and pick-up our lunch there.

Toronto Life: Best New Restaurants- pick one

The replies have all been wonderful. Thank you. I am not necessarily looking for new I'm just looking for fabulous food. I just happened to see the Toronto Life list. The Saturday night dinner is a celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary and my birthday. So I am looking for some place special, ie. romantic and comfortable with mouthwatering food. Sunday night we have to eat early because we are going to a show. We will be casually dressed. I was thinking Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar or Terroni. What do you think? A few people have commented on the "old favourites". Could you please offer me some of your "old favourites". The only thing I want to stay away from is some super-hip place where I will feel extremely unfashionable.

Toronto Life: Best New Restaurants- pick one

I just picked up a copy of Toronto Life outlining the 10 best new restaurants. I would love to hear the pros and cons of any of these restaurants. I'm not from Toronto and only have two nights in town.

Colborne Lane
Greg Couillard's Spice Room
Terroni Adelaide

Downtown TO (Royal York) recs

My husband and I will be staying at the Royal York in June. We will be taking the train to Toronto so we won't have a car. We love to walk though and are well versed with the subway. I haven't eaten out in TO in years. We both LOVE good food (or else I wouldn't be on this board). I have been looking at the recent postings and would like some feedback or other recs. One night will be my birthday dinner and the next will be our anniversary so we would like to have two wonderful experiences but not stuffy. Here is the list I have so far:
Colburne Lane
Mildred Pierce
Please let me know if any of these places are far away from the hotel.

Burlington VT

Can anyone suggest specialty food stores that we should visit? We are looking for locally produced goods (wine, cheese, chocolates, etc.) or gourmet food stores where we could pick up some wonderful stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Burlington VT

That sounds great. Do you know if the farmer's market will still be running in November?

Dining in Burlington, VT

I have only been to Burlington one time but our meal at L'Amante was fabulous and the service was excellent.

Dinner in Ottawa

Avoid Blue Cactus. You might want to look at Domus on Murry St. Their food is made with fresh local ingredients although you might find it a bit pricey. You could also check out the Black Tomato. They have a very large menu so there might be something for everyone. It's pretty casual and I have had some good meals there. Nothing fabulous but good.

Ottawa - Brunch at Domus

I can't comment on brunch but I have had some wonderful dinners at Domus. I would recommend that you make reservations as is it a fairly small spot.

Burlington VT

My husband and I will be visiting Burlington for the weekend. Most of our trips usually revolve around food. Can you recommend some "must visit" food destinations in Burlington? On our last visit we enjoyed dinner at L'Amante, breakfast at Penny Clause and purchased goodies at the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory and the Magic Hat Brewery.

Would you recommend Quatorze Bistro for dinner?


Napoli's Cafe, Stittsville (Ottawa)

Has anyone been or heard anything about Napoli's Cafe in Stittsville?

"Secret single foods"

For dinner I would more than likely have either homemade caramel corn and a glass of milk or kraft dinner mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup, a can of tuna and frozen peas. When no one is around I will snack on a chunk of chocolate dipped in peanut butter, apple sliced and topped with peanut butter, granola and raisins or crackers with tuna and tonnes of salt. This post brought back memories because I use to microwave cheese in a bowl for a snack too.

Jan 08, 2007
kgoffin in General Topics

Wings in Ottawa

My husband swears by the wings from The Arrow & Loon.


I have also pretty much given up. When there was an Ottawa specific board I use to check almost every day and would post quite often. This has been the first time I have looked in over a month. I now do an advanced search all the time, but there isn't much posted anymore.

Jan 08, 2007
kgoffin in Site Talk

Local Foodstuffs in Ottawa

If you plan on touring the ottawa valley then plan on dinner at Fitzgerald's in Almonte and Castelgarth in White Lake. Both are wonderful and use local ingredients whenever possible. Both are my go to place for a special evening out.

Breakfast in Kanata? Plus two Kanata reports

La Provence bakery in the Terry Fox mall has great almond or chocolate croissants. The Stittsville bakery (1626 Main St.) makes wonderful donuts.

Restaurant wedding in Ottawa

My cousin held his wedding at the Courtyard restaurant. I did not attend so I can't comment on the food but he said it was a wonderful wedding and other family members raved about the food. The pictures made it look like a lovely spot for a wedding and it is right downtown in the market area.

Big Apple (Colborne) Report

Do you know the name of the store?

Just got back from PEI

Thanks for the posting. We love the island too and stay just outside of Morrell in Savage Harbour so I was glad to see some recommendations close by. We always end up driving to the bakery in North Rustico for their pie and buns (the buns are fabulous but must be eaten that day). Do you have any other suggestions anywhere on the island or for that matter along the trans-canada? We are driving from Ottawa.

Sep 20, 2006
kgoffin in Atlantic Canada

Just got back from PEI

Just returned from a week on the island and had some great chow.

Unfortunately, we returned to an old favourite, Rick's Fish and Chips in St Peters, and were really disappointed.

There were many pluses though.

We dined one night at Dalvay By The Sea. The meal was fabulous and although pricey the portions are huge. An absolute must try is their sticky date cake with toffee sauce.

We went on another Chow posting to Brehauts in Murray Harbour for their chowder. Rich and hot with huge chunks of seafood and served with fresh bread or a fluffy tea biscuit.

We had lots to eat in Victoria. Delicous peppermint chocolates and a heavenly Factory Coffee (they coat the glass with melted chocolate, pour in coffee and top with real whipped cream). For lunch we ate take-out from a small hut across from the wharf called Seaview . We had the fish and chips: fresh cut fries with the skin still on, fresh lightly seasoned coldslaw and huge tender portions of fish coated in a fluffy beer batter (I believe) flavoured with herbs.

Sep 18, 2006
kgoffin in Atlantic Canada

Big Apple (Colborne) Report

I have been looking for some great poutine. Can you remember where you ate?

Driving from Toronto to Ottawa.

We always stop in Kingston at Pan Chancho and pick up some sandwiches, salads, dessert and drinks then head to the park for a gourmet picnic lunch.

Lunch between Montreal and Toronto?

When we drive to TO we usually stop at Kingston for lunch. Most of the time we purchase sandwiches, salads, drinks and desserts from the Pan Chancho bakery and eat in the park. For eating in we choose Pan Chancho (have only had breakfast in the restaurant though), Chien Noir, Woodenheads(gourmet pizza) or The Curry Village (indian).

Bakery and breakfast in Summerside PEI

Sorry I can't help you with a bakery in Summerside but if you are driving around there is a great bakery in North Rustico. When I was there two years ago I happened upon the Village Bakery and returned each day to purchase fresh baked goods. Everything was wonderful.

Aug 27, 2006
kgoffin in Atlantic Canada

Best Seafood Chowder in P.E.I.

Thank you so much for your post. We are heading to PEI in two weeks and we are always looking for great food. Do you have any other foodie recommendations (including products, ie. the gouda from the Cheese Lady in Winslow is one of our "must buys")?

Aug 26, 2006
kgoffin in Atlantic Canada

Kingston - lunch and maybe dinner

When in Kingston I head to Le Chien Noir for dinner. If I am spending more than one night I also enjoy Chez Piggy ( although I really don't enjoy the atmosphere the food is great), Woodenheads for thin crust pizza, and Pan Chancho for a great breakfast or fabulous items for a picnic lunch. We have also had some very good Indian food in Kingston but the name of the place escapes me. The restaurant is located on the second floor of a building on Princess St. above a shoe store I believe.

Dec trip to Ottawa from Spain - Help with restaurants - specially asian

My favorite Thai restaurant is the Siam Bistro. I have also had two very good but very hot meals at Anna's. The Dim Sum at the Yangtze is good and very popular (the dining room is huge and bland though). For other I love Juniper, Fitzgerald's (Almonte- 30min west of Kanata) and Castlegarth (White Lake- 45 min west of Kanata, between Arnprior and Calabogie). Happy eating!