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How Are These Mexican Restaurants in Santa Monica?

We usually go with Chile Verde and Chiles Relleno so based on that Lares is our favorite.

Nov 25, 2011
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Pumpkin Seeds

Does anyone know where I can find fresh roasted pumpkin seeds? I know they are at variuos farmers markets from time to time but cant find them right now.


Jun 01, 2011
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area

Favorite Food Vendor at the Hollywood Farmers Market

I'm going to make a huge effort to make it to the Farmers Market in Hollywood this weekend. Any food vendors I gotta try?

Hollywood Farmers Market
1600 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Feb 21, 2011
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area

Any Chow-worthy lunch places around Slauson/405?

Try the Farmers Market on Slauson and Hannum. Saturdays Only :-(

Feb 21, 2011
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area


Yup, bought a few at Whole Foods/National Ave.

Feb 21, 2011
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area

Tacqueria in LA that makes tortillas on the spot like La Super Rica in SB?

you can buy a press and the masa at Top Value here in Culver city or the Taco Meindo on culver blvd and inglewood makes great corn tortillas

Aug 31, 2010
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area

Santa Monica Farmers Market (Saturday)

"treat yourself don't cheat yourself"

Jun 17, 2010
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area

Where can I purchase Plugra butter in the SF area? Trader Joe's has discontinued it.

Yup, in LA, Smart & Final has it for the cheapest I seen it. 2.99

Do any stores carry tomato paste in a tube?

Bay Cities

May 17, 2008
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area

Stumbling Into Bar Pintxo

We almost never go to that part of town and especially on a warm Friday night. Last night we happen to walk by Bar Pintxo and decided to give it a try. My short answer is that is was ok and nothing really wowed us. We had the same issue with standing there waiting to be seated. After about 5 minutes we asked where we could sit. She replied "oh just sit any where." A simple greeting would have been nice. Will we go back? No. $115 for 6 glasses of spanish wine and a few tapas that wernt really all that good isnt enough to bring be back.

May 17, 2008
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area

Oysters at the Hollywood FM

We've bought the Kumomotos several times and by far a better deal and superior type of oyster than you can buy anywhere in LA. That said I also buy oysters from Hog Island. I think the Hog Islands are slightly better and I find the shell on the Carlsbad too be very brittle. The guy at Calrsbad said this was due to the farmed method of oyster growing. I guess ocean raised oysters have a thicker shell. The main problem with the Hog Islands is the cost. Its 45.00 just to get them here overnight plus 16.00 a dozen.

Its great that we have a source like Carlsbad Aqua Farms that shows up at farmers markets on a regular basis and provide a great product at a fair price...just dont tell anyone!

May 16, 2008
foodgeektv in Los Angeles Area