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Olivia (S. Lamar near Oltorf)

former TCA instructor and and former asti chef will be doing the space on lamar that michael hsu is designing, should be open in the very near future...

Jul 26, 2008
brownbutterball in Austin

Clueless about fudge

Try the often overlooked and under rated candy counter at Breed and Company on 29th street just west of Guadalupe.

Jul 25, 2008
brownbutterball in Austin

Who makes the best coconut cream pie in town?

i bet if you were to call back lambert's and ask to speak to a chef or manager or emailed telling them of your situation and how you and your husband love this pie, the pastry chef/baker would be more than happy to accommodate you. my guess is you probably had someone on the phone who did not know better or did not feel like taking the time to find out if it would be possible. i guarantee all the products to make that pie are in the kitchen and it really would be as simple as making a small batch of a different filling for the pie shells that they are already baking! just a thought, seeing as it is your favorite.

Jul 24, 2008
brownbutterball in Austin

Food Festivals--Where do I get the info?

every thursday the Austin chronicle prints an events calendar in the food section. you can find out, in advance, about any food related event/festival.

Jul 21, 2008
brownbutterball in Austin


unfortunately there is nowhere in town you can purchase retail foie gras... thanks C.T.A.D.

Jul 15, 2008
brownbutterball in Austin

Sushi in The Triangle

as of right now the grand opening for yume is july 19th...

Jul 02, 2008
brownbutterball in Austin

Kenobi Sushi?


Jun 09, 2008
brownbutterball in Austin