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What's New on the Brunch Scene, Philly?

I am partial to LaCroix at the Rittenhouse hotel during the week. Very reasonable for what you get ($15 pp, I think). I have no idea what it's like on weekends but imagine it's much pricier.

Went to Jones a few months ago on Sunday. It was good food and service but you'd better be gone by 11 am because the noise is not to be believed.

Thanks for whoever said North 3rd. We like that place for dinner, will try for lunch.

Nov 29, 2008
schmave717 in Pennsylvania

Three days in Philly

If you are in the center of town at lunch time, try MInar Palace at 1304 Walnut. The local lunch crowd swore by this reasonably priced place that moved and enhanved it's decor.

If you're in or near the Italian Market (South 9th Street near Christian), you will find a few Mexican places (glorified tacerias, but who cares?) that are terrific, ridiculously cheap, and, sadly, better than most of the Italian places the area is traditionally known for.

Nov 29, 2008
schmave717 in Pennsylvania

Indian food in Philly

Minar Palace did re-open. It's at 1304 Walnut. Better decor, same food.

Nov 29, 2008
schmave717 in Pennsylvania


OK, so my wife, two boys and I just got back from Gnocchi, a BYO place on Passyunk Ave. between Bainbridge and South.

The experience and the food were OK except for, you guessed it, the gnocchi. Didn't have that hand-rolled feeling of a lot of places, more like someone had chopped a long log into pieces. We had three different kinds, pumpkin, spinach and classic, and none of us liked it much (although I thought the red sauce on the classic was pretty good.

Anyway, it got me thinking: if a restaurant named Gnocchi doesn't have the best gnocchi in town, who does?

(We once went to a place on South Broad around Tasker, but can't remember the name. I thought they had out of this world gnocchi but haven't been back in awhile.)

Anyway - what are YOUR favorite places for gnocchi?

Nov 29, 2008
schmave717 in Pennsylvania

Breakfast on City Line (City Ave)

Looking for a decent place for a business breakfast on CIty Line (or visible from City Line). No Main Street, Manayunk, or anything on the other side of the river. (Also,
eliminate the jewish delis on Montgomery Ave.)


May 16, 2008
schmave717 in Pennsylvania