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Heavy Table's Out of Towner's Guide.


Mojo Monkey* (Cheeky Monkey is a deli


After trying most of the places mentioned in that thread, I'd go with Puffy Cream in Eagan. Best simple donuts, sell out pretty early though.

Mojo are great too in the trendy hipster style.

Heavy Table's Out of Towner's Guide.

I've long thought jfood's take is one worth listening to and this is the first time I've strongly disagreed with him, Glam Doll is awful.

2014 State Fair Food -- report the hits and misses!

Those are all done in advance.

Non State Fair Cheese Curds

Blue door pub are great, foxy falafel truck too

Best Ground Sausage in Minneapolis?

Are you just asking for any sausage in general? all sausage is ground, but I probably wouldn't use the same in biscuits and gravy as I would in pasta.

Seward Co-op does do some good stuff. Clancey's in Linden hills is great. Not too far, over in Hudson RJ's meats is pretty great.

Obama eats Jucy Lucy burger at Matt's Bar; ice cream at Grand Ole Creamery

Exactly my feeling, Top 1 is all I need.

85-Day Aged Bone-In Ribeye

'benefits' is subjective, flavor still changes after 30 days, whether a person enjoys it is individual. weight loss stops around 30 days.


State Fair 2014

I think I started the thread the last couple years, may as well keep it up.

New Foods:

Wild Boar

If you give clanceys a call I'm sure they could source it for you. Don't have the link Atm but there is one down in Rochester area called buffalo gal that raises 'wild' boar

Canteen...really, a toast bar?


this is really a trend? pay an establishment so I can toast bread myself?

Travail Wait Times on a Friday Night

Got there about 30 minutes before opening and were around the tenth group there, seated right away. By opening the line was pretty long.

Buttered Tin cupcake vs. Cupcake vs. ?

Never liked Cupcake either.

I thought Sweets was the best, unfortunately they're gone now.

Nadia's in Maple Grove are my go to now.

French Fried Potatoes

here's this

Hadn't heard of Neato's before, but a truck doing duck fat fries and shakes sounds awesome.

Have Co-op Produce Prices Risen Astronomically, or Am I Just Noticing?

For much of the year, so does all of the co-ops.

Mole paste or sauce


Been going there ever since that article, they have red, green and black. Not all are always on hand, but they are all fantastic.

Paella - Where to go since El Meson closed?

Recently saw Sonora added it to their menu(E Lake I imagine) I really want to try that.

Bread Star Rising

Really been wanting to try this place but man those hours...

reasonably priced brisket

Just picked up one from Everett's. It was $7/lb and vacuum sealed.

saw brisket at the wedge for $6/lb.

Are you into the MSP juice bar scene??

I just looked at the Truce website, now I'm laughing.

Travail/The Rookery

Whats the fuss?
"You can order the entire Rookery menu for $75."

the menu that has everything that is on the tasting menu...ok?

MSP: Poutine

Is that still served at that Rabbit Hole? LHC has closed I believe.

Banh Mi + Pho in the same place?

I was going to say Pho Tao Bay, yes they are good. Grilled chicken or pork, extra meat.

Authentic Lasagna

"Authentic" just isn't as boldly flavored as Italian-American red sauce types. Bolognese is fairly delicate and most "authentic" recipes won't even have you brown the meat much.

Eat whatever tastes good to you, don't spend time worrying about authenticity.

edit: Hank Shaw's recipe is my go to for lasagna, though typically w/o the game as I am not a hunter.

Outstanding Soup

Most of the pho places if you get it to go, will have the solids separate.

Cupcake and Mason Jar In Eagan

I think they are asking about touch of love bakery from the post they are responding to.

Where to buy Demi glace?

Clancey's will sometimes have it on hand.

dark chocolate sea salt caramels

did you mean this one?

Surdyks has several options, some much spendier than BT.

Where are the donuts?


So Bogart Loves will soon have a shop, and will then be about the best place to regularly get donuts.

Best Packaged Local Bacon in TC

Didn't grab it but I saw duck bacon at surdyks, anyone ever try this?

Best Packaged Local Bacon in TC

Clancey's carries Fisher.

I prefer Prairie Pride Farm to any others (I've had all listed except this Lucky Pig), St. Paul Farmers market, I think they still carry it at the place in the global market.

If you wanna splurge, you could try the 'wild' boar bacon from Buffalo Gal, down by Rochester.