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Your favorite Barbecue Places and the best places in TC

I would agree with this, I've done one of the larger diner packages with a few people and everything is pretty damn good.

about 5 hours ago
getgot211 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Your favorite Barbecue Places and the best places in TC

Haven't been in a while, but it appears they are a buffet now? Have you been since? how does it hold up now?

about 5 hours ago
getgot211 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Andrew Zimmern - Spoon & Stable

A week after it opened he called it the best restaurant in the 'upper' Midwest.

Hola Arepa

Agreed, I'd add the new La Huesteca in there too. I've only been once, and while it was good enough, the amount of "wow" this place gets is something my brother and I just couldn't understand.

I grew up eating arepas pretty regularly.

Dining Report: Caffe Biaggio

Haven't had either as well, but carbonara with cream? no thanks.

Better than best croissants

Agreed, Bars makes a good croissant. But I'd still take Trung Nam's, especially given the prices.

Cossetta's Pasticceria

I've always though Cossetta's was fairly meh across the board. a ton of options in one place, nothing particularly great though.

La Huasteca


In the parking lot across from Quang, small menu mostly goat and lamb. The goat tacos are some of the best I've had in the Twin Cities.

Spoon and Stable - Anyone been?

I don't know that I would call him a homer, but he is definitely as hyperbolic (in general) as they come.

Spoon and Stable - Anyone been?

On Twitter Zimmern claimed it's already the "best restaurant in the upper midwest".


Torrone? Do they have different varieties? I'm fond of soft torrone with hazelnuts.

shrimp, mac & cheese, in D.C

No More Cedar Summit Dairy

I believe Seward co-op carries some of their products. Local Delish as well. They used to go to the mpls farmers market, that was nice.

Great Seafood

I think this is the one you're thinking of...

It's usually up in Shoreview/New Brighton area I think.

Banana Cream Pie?

Man $30 for a pie as easy Banana Cream is crazy.


S&S Maple has Dupont listed for tomorrow but I assume it'll be to late. You can find their syrup at at TPSS if you can make it there.

Where to buy a variety of fresh chili peppers

As mentioned above some of those are specifically dried varieties, others are gonna be pretty damn hard to find fresh. NM is basically an Anaheim which should be easy enough to find anywhere.

I think most recipes would use dried for these very reasons.

Paraffin Wax

Been interneting a bit because of this thread and I can't seem to find any sort of consensus on if there is actually any benefit to using wax over just tempering right? At best it seems you are just skipping the tempering process, but then you are eating wax...so why not just learn how to temper?

Where do you like to buy whole chickens?

IDK about LH but you can get them at St. Paul year round. I believe Local D'Lish also carries them. Lastly, I think Grass Roots Gourmet at Midtown carries them, this was once the Callister's own store.

Paraffin Wax

Best Bourbon Selection - retail sales?

was this the case in 2007?

local source for vanilla beans?

ebay is easily the best place to get vanilla beans. I wouldn't worry about a 'local' source for something like this.

A good donut? DC/MD


Haven't tried GBD but I thought Astro was pretty horrible. Most in the thread I linked to seemed to agree that they were overly sweet and just not very good, I mentioned that mine were really greasy, to the point of leaving the bag greasy. For $3 a donut better be out of this world.

A good donut? DC/MD

Since DC is in the title I imagine MD near DC. That place is 45 minutes from Hyattsville (where I am) even. Thats a hell of a drive for donuts.

Thanksgiving Crisis -- Apples

Kenji is a 'he'. That list of apple choices applies if you decide to go by generic year round mega mart apples. I personally wouldn't use any of those in my own baking but I suppose if you have a couple days notice and not many options left then you make do.


here is a timely article...


Montreal Flavor in DC

Most will be imported anyway, Trader Joes even. But plenty of US sugarbushes win International Maple Syrup Competition awards...

Granted they might be pretty hard to come by unless you live near.

Duke's Grocery in DC - Report

BGR was pretty good, but the bun was way too big for the burger and they were out of shakes when I went.

Shake Shack was entirely underwhelming, even the shake was meh.

Good Stuff Eatery was also good, toasted marshmallow shake was awesome.

Duke's was the best of the bunch, but yes can't order medium, or medium well.

Duke's Grocery in DC - Report

Moved here from Minneapolis a couple months ago, heard of Duke's from this list...

Finally made it yesterday for lunch, the burger was pretty damn good, easily the best I've had in DC so far.

Though the only med-rare or well done thing is kinda weird, and sitting people at a table 2 feet high is just stupid. Got one to go for someone who couldn't make it with us, rather than wrap it they brought it to us on a plate with what appears to be the only option for a to go container that results in completely smashing the burger. Odd that they wouldn't have wrapping especially considering the menu is mostly sandwiches.

Less than 24hrs to spend in the Twin Cities

I'd fit a trip to Izzy's for ice cream in between.