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Hector's on Henderson - Restaurant Week

wow...not exactly what i was looking for...perhaps i should take my friday night dining experience elsewhere...

Aug 27, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Hector's on Henderson - Restaurant Week

I have reservations on Friday night, curious as to if anyone had any experience with Hector's during Restaurant week.

Aug 26, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

DFW -- Ralph and Kacoos in Allen

i have been to R&K's a number of times and have always had a good experience. food is way better than most other seafood places north of the Bush and they have a great wine list.

Aug 14, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Piranha Killer sushi (Arlington): Sushi perfection

i agree 100%. as a former UTA student, i was a regular and piranha...great sushi, great atmosphere and great prices

Jul 24, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

DFW - Sonny's on Inwood

a co worker dragged me down to sonny's today kicking and screaming..10 years ago it would have been my suggestion but as everyone knows theyve changed their ways since "the man" took over....

well i can only guess "the man" was off today..

flashback to the early 90's - the brisket was GREAT!

needless to say i was shocked

Jul 18, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best places in Waco?

I try to make a point to stop at the Elite Cafe when I am driving from Dallas to Austin.

Jul 17, 2008
chef51 in Texas

Petty damn good barbecue! (Plano)

Ive never been to Ricky Ray's but the ribs at Kelly's are great, as is the brisket, as is the CFS, as are the burgers, as is the.....well, you get the point.

Jul 16, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

best thai in dallas?

i love this place, i have been going to it for awhile now...excellent spicy noodles

Jul 01, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Where to eat - East side of Plano off 75

i would suggest kelly's eastside or gregory's...depending on what mood youre in

Jun 20, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

between Dallas & Larue on Hwy 175 (Athens, et al)

i enjoy the cotton gin in crandall..its decent. there is a really good italian joint off of 175 in gun barrell city called vetonis

Jun 13, 2008
chef51 in Texas

Sushi in Plano

i second this, sushi sapporo is a great place and very affordable!

Jun 10, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best Fish tacos in Dallas?

my father was a real estate manager on the yucatan around tulum/playa/cozumel when i was growing up and i have eaten ALOT of fish tacos.

an authentic yucatan style fish taco is as follows -

grilled white fish on a corn tortilla with pico de gallo, chipotle tartersauce/mayo and lime juice.

Jun 05, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

[DFW] Good Inexpensive Seafood

Aw Shucks would be your first bet.

I dig Fish City Grill, if for nothing more than the Oyster Nachos

Jun 03, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Where is the best shrimp cocktail in Dallas/Plano?

Aw Shucks, hands down

Jun 02, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Plano - BBQ and Mexican recs

Red's Patio Grill is a great place to have such an event, I've been to quite a few bday parties there and they are always great. When you're talking BBQ in Plano you are in a tough spot...Red Hot and Blue or Shady Oak are the main choices, both of which should be passed up. Have you considered buying alot of BBQ from say, a caterer or something and then having the reunion at a park or pavillion? C & B BBQ in allen is very good and has great Catering type packages.

Jun 02, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Hard Eight BBQ (coppell, tx)

i happen to enjoy bodacious myself...or at least i did 5 years ago when i was in college..

May 23, 2008
chef51 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Anyone ever heard of Bar-B-Cutie BBQ?

We have been a regular of C&B and have found them to be the best stuff around allen. Granted there arent too many places to choose from. I would suggest giving them another try, their brisket is generally SO good. i can agree with the sauce though, there is something that is about it.

May 21, 2008
chef51 in Texas

Anyone ever heard of Bar-B-Cutie BBQ?

hope this does not burst your bean but...

skip your trip to bar-b-cutie.

when the wife and i saw them putting in a new bbq joint in allen we were excited. lastnight we made our move and went to dinner at bar b cutie..1st things 1st..we have been to and enjoyed the best bbq texas(lockhart, llano, huntsville) have to offer, so needless to say, we have high standards when it comes to the Q..

ribs - C - thumbs down - dry, not very "meaty", not much smoke taste - good portion on a 2 meat plate

turkey - F - thumbs down even further - bone dry, NO smokey taste - this poor bird must have spent way too much time under the heat lamps

brisket - B - decent - good smoke ring and flavor - not dry - not greasy - best meat i tried at bar b cutie

cole slaw - C - bland and very generic

fried okra - F - i assume these were bought out of the frozen section at any grocery store

beans - B+ - good - best sampling of food from bar b cutie - bold flavor but not sweet

corn cakes/fritters - C - not bad, not too creamy on the interior like alot of places make them

overall i would give bar b cutie a D...thanks for trying, but in allen i will stick with c&b or sugar babys.

May 15, 2008
chef51 in Texas