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Good Sushi for Lunch in SF?

What are lunch prices like?

In town for US Open- rec's for casual Asian in the city? We really enjoyed Slanted Door and Yank Sing last trip..

I honestly like Burma Cafe ( better than Little Yangon. It's a great family run restaurant that has a cleaner less hole in the wall feel than Little Yangon and tastes better. Lest I dare say even better than BSS.

To add to the list of dumpling shops: Dumpling Kitchen on Taraval around 30th (enjoy their soy bean milk, XLBs, dan dan mian (even if it's not exactly the way it should be - still tastes great).

Another Chinese place I love: Hakka around 45th & Cabrillo

Agree with favorite Thai - including Ler Ros, but also Thai House Express is great.

Where to go in Vancouver if you only have one meal (lunch)?

I have a 7 hr layover where I'll be renting a car for that time. Where should I go? I don't have any $ constraints but clearly somewhere 1 hr out won't be too good. I am thinking of quickly visiting granville island or stanley park. I am willing to eat anything that I shouldn't miss (I do miss Taiwanese Xiao Chi though)...

Has Anyone Seen Prime Rib Roast at Costco?

I called the SF Costco yesterday morning and they said they probably would not get prime grade bone-in prime rib eye until Sunday at the earliest.. but would most likely get it for the Holidays. You can't pre-order...(I asked)

What's missing in SF?

Oh man.. I just went to LA and your list of food just reminds me of all the good food I had there including 1) fennel sausage pizza from Pizzeria Mozza and 2) the niu rou juan bing from 101 Noodle Express....

Noodle Express Restaurant
301 G St, Davis, CA 95616

Can't Decide - Tetsuya's or Quay???

Thanks for the recommendations. I will see which one I can still get a reservation at. Question for the group - why is it so much harder to get reservations at Tetsuya vs. Quay if Quay is more edgy and creative (and equally good)?

Can't Decide - Tetsuya's or Quay???

I'm going to be going to Sydney in September and I can't decide between Tetsuya's or Quay. I'm from SF and I love creative food. Some places I've been to are Joel Robuchon and The French Laundry. I can't say I lean towards one or the other... I just want a very good experience. Any thoughts?

Where to buy Mexican Coke by the case in the Bay Area?

Costco in SF

Driving from SF to Santa Barbara - Eating ideas on the road trip down?

I'm driving down from San Francisco on a Friday night around 4/4:30pm down to Santa Barbara and hoping to get some ideas on a place to stop on my way (Taking the 101 S). Would like to stop after a few hours in..but want something that is near a highway and wouldn't take an extremely long time, but is delicious!

Any thoughts?

May 17, 2010
jlfoodie in California

Tacolicious on Chestnut in SF

IT's delicious. I'd say their tacos aren't big but they aren't small. I probaly can eat 2-3 and I'm not a huge eater. But prices are reasonable (for the Marina). You can get 10 tacos for $29. The tacos are flavorful - Recommend the braised short ribs, carnitas, the fish... although they are all good as someone mentioned before. You'll have to come back & try it.

Best pizza and beer in Bay Area?

Does the pizza and beer have to be at the same place? If not, I'd recommend Gialina, Flour+Water, Pizzeria Picco, Tony's Pizza Napletano.. probably in that order. For beers, I'd recommend Toronado (it's more of a dive bar with great beers than a place that makes their own, but they've got a great & wide selection of beers at very reasonable prices)

2842 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131

Pizzeria Picco
320 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur, CA 94939

Tony's Pizza
440 E Todd Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Ebisu has new location in FiDi, SF

Went there yesterday. it wasn't bad. Definitely a notch above some of their surrounding competitors. Some of the pricing was reasonable, but it is $1-2 more than its peers in the neighborhood. I did enjoy my handrolls at $2 each. (I also tried to Salmon Teriyaki Don at $7.50 - which doesn't incl. soup or salad)

Honeymoon in San Francisco - Eating Tour Suggestion, $1000 Budget for 4 days

I would add Frances to your MUST TRY places.. I'm a fan of the perfectly executed food, although I will say it's not necesarily the most romantic of atmospheres since all the tables are somewhat close together, BUT it is VERY VERY GOOD - and moderately priced/reasonable - you can even pay for the wine by the oz. For Japanese food, I'd recommend Kappou Gomi. Very authentic - delicious - fresh!

Kappou Gomi
5524 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

Honeymoon in San Francisco - Eating Tour Suggestion, $1000 Budget for 4 days

Roli Roti - Saturday Ferry Building Farmer's Market. Unquestionably good.

Roli Roti
, Hayward, CA

Honeymoon in San Francisco - Eating Tour Suggestion, $1000 Budget for 4 days

In Napa, I'd recommend Redd, Martini House, or Bottega. Granted I haven' t been to Martini House since it lost a Michelin star. For breakfast or a snack, go by Bouchon bakery and pick up some pastries (or if snacking some of their desserts or the Thomas Keller Oreo). Another idea for breakfast is Boonfly Cafe - I like their doughnut holes for breakfast/brunch. Also, to keep it cheap, you could grab some sandwiches somewhere and do a very romantic picnic. Tons of great wineries that have a picnic area.. with great views!

Martini House
1245 Spring St., St. Helena, CA 94574

6525 Washington Street Suite A9, Yountville, CA 94599

6534 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

Best Mandarin Chinese?

Here are my recommendations based upon ranking (top to bottom):
- Hakka Restaurant (new restaurant that is not too oily, but yet flavorful) - see recent Chowdown report from others on good recs..
- Old Mandarin (as mentioned by someone else)
- Kingdom of Dumpling or Kingdom of Noodles

And if you are willing to drive - Joy Restaurant in Foster City
- Beijing Restaurant

Kingdom of Dumpling
1713 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA

Family Trip to San Diego Next Weekend - Need Recommendations!

We'll have definitely at least one day where we won't be at attractions, so any recommendations in general for amazing foood is welcomed.

Mar 20, 2010
jlfoodie in San Diego

Family Trip to San Diego Next Weekend - Need Recommendations!

I'm going to be in San Diego next weekend and am hoping for some recommendations. I will be going on a family trip (with 7 folks - including a person in a wheelchair and a 3 year old) - so any family friendly recommendations would be helpful! Coming from San Francisco and we will be staying in Coronado Island and will be doing the usual San Diego touristy stuff - the Zoo, Sea World, driving around and seeing various attractions etc. Would love to hear about your favorite sorts of food - our family essentially will eat and and every type of food and in various price ranges (although given there are so many of us may be not too many in the top tier price range). It just has to be able to accomodate 7 and be open to having a 3 yr old, she's not too fussy though and really loves food - ahh a foodie family.

Mar 20, 2010
jlfoodie in San Diego

Up for the long weekend SF

For Jai Yun, last time I went a few months ago - the $9 lunch is still there.

Not sure how good your Spanish food is in San Diego, but I wasn't too impressed with Bocadillos. But also, I've been a bit harder to impress ever since I came back from Spain.

Up for the long weekend SF

For Russian, (it's not a deli), but I recommend Katia's. It's a mom & pop restaurant and last time I went the chef (mom) actually came over and sat down at our table and just conversed with us and was just completely delightful. Her Napoleon is amazing too.

As far as Burmese goes, BStar serves different things than Burma Superstar - so just something to be aware of - there are some similarities though. And i think Bstar has less of a wait. But one thing I have to recommend about Burma Superstar is their coconut curry chicken noodle - the on named I think "non pia" (sp?).. anyways it's with a flat flour rice nooodle and was delicious. (if you like coconut, curry, and spicy)...

I second Melanie on Kappou Gomi. I'm always recommending Kappou Gomi to any one who wants really good Japanese.

Up for the long weekend SF

I personally prefer Mi Lindo Peru over Inka's. Inka's last time I went was a bit more bland in flavor.

what NOT to get at Lers Ros Thai

I personally found the curries very oily.. and wasn't a fan of that. But there are plenty of other great things on their menu!

Picky, picky, picky

cappucino is the best one of the ones named.. but i'd still pick bi-rite/three twins/humphrey slocombe over an its it any day. I think these places even have cookie icecream sandwiches.

Coffee & dessert Saturday night after R&G Lounge

I'd recommend Stella's Pastry in North Beach - great Italian desserts.

Picky, picky, picky

I would say quintessential SF is definitely not rice a roni, but definitely would center around great restaurants using local, fresh ingredients. Just simply highlighting our great produce in California... Canteen would fall in that bucket and many more- such as Boulevard, Zuni, etc...

Picky, picky, picky

Agree with Canteen. Does it need to be walking distance or can it be cab distance? For Thai, I would recommend Ler Ros - for a place that has different stuff, but I'll just say that Im actually not a huge fan of their curries, but of a lot of the other stuff that they have. Otherwise, Thai house Express just around the corner on Larkin is also very good, but has a lot more of the traditional stuff (but also some other additions). I hear La Mar Cebicheria Peruana isn't bad and it seems very doable in distance - it is peruvian food.

CSA recommendation and questions

My husband and I do Eatwell Farms and haven't been disappointed. It's a great farm to support and i LOVE their summer fruits. We actually do every other week and we still have leftover, but I'm not going to lie we also like to eat out a lot. We love our eggs as well from Eatwell. I'd recommend it - and since it's just you I'd say every other week as well. Eatwell also has "this weeks' box" on their website....

Lunch at Redd - recommendation for wineries nearby?

How close is close? There are a lot of great wineries in Spring Mountain area - Pride Mountain, Bennett, to name a few...

Or do you want something along the Silverado Trail - I like Regusci. Also, would recommend Frog's Leap for a fun experience (but reservations are required for their tours.. you can do a tasting, but tours are free and fun).

Stewed Pork Shoyu Ramen @ Santa Japanese Restaurant in San Mateo

I never got to try the ramen truck although I had a friend who enjoyed it and another friend who didn't. Perhaps I will try out Nombe and Orson soon - thanks for the rec!

2 Dinners in San Fran - where to eat!?

Highly recommend Manresa & Hog Island OR Bar Crudo (great chowder and crudos).