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The Duchess for sure, and Dauphine, downtown will be what you're looking for. There are a few other good, not GREAT bakeries, such as Bon Ton and The Italian Center Bakery. I don't know about True Confections, but The Duchess is really, really good. We're lucky to have it - it's that good. They are apparently coming out with a cookbook that's already on my Christmas list :)


You can get Maldon and Himalayan Sea Salt at the Italian Centre (West End and South side for sure) and Marconas at the Duchess Provisions (as well as 49th Parallel coffee if you're missing that). I can't think of a huge warehouse-type store for higher end food items, but you will be able to find everything even if you have to shop around a bit. There are some great salt options at Evoolution on 104 Street downtown, so that might be of interest. If you are ever in Calgary, check out Bite Groceteria and The Cookbook Co.
The first time I went to Knifeware, I dropped $1000. Ouch!
I have plenty of friends who are here from Vancouver, and while they have adjusted, they just don't like it as much and wish they could go back. Even after 7+ years of being here. Sorry to be a downer!

Descaling an espresso machine in edmonton


Green papayas in Edmonton?

Lucky 97 has (at least they did the last few times I was there) ALREADY shredded (julienned?) green papaya that you scoop with tongs into a bag. It is at the back near the herbs and seafood. This sure cuts down on the amount of work for making the salad, no? How handy!


I know I'm (very) late to the XLB party, but I recently had some at Urban China, and now I'm (somewhat) obsessed. Where else can I try this in Edmonton?

Edmonton's Jack's Grill Closes It's Doors - Sign of the Times or ??

In comparing the food and prices between Jack's and Red Ox, Jack's doesn't stand a chance IMHO. Maybe that's why nobody showed up.

Canmore Update

My spouse and I had our anniversary dinner at Tapas, in Canmore, in November, and it was one of our top meals of 2012. It was fantastic - great service, interesting food, reasonable prices, and it was romantic, upstairs in that little house. I hadn't heard too much about it beforehand, but we are dying to go back. Fingers crossed we'll make it there this summer!

Canteen - YEG

I have now been for brunch 3 times and, I must say, overall, Canteen is fantastic. I was only let down by the grilled cheese option on the brunch menu - super greasy, not much distinct flavour, and the plating was...well, off. However, the ricotta fritters with smoky maple syrup are awesome, and the other two entrees that I have had, the short rib and the salmon, were both fantastic. I'd have to choose the salmon one as my favorite, although for some, that sauce may be too rich. My dining companion raved about the french toast. The last time we were there, someone in my group ordered the huevos rancheros (it was the special that day, but is not on the regular menu) and she won out for plate envy. Wow, did that ever look good. I'm hoping they replace the grilled cheese option with that dish, permanently. The bacon-in-beer seems to be quite popular, but I haven't tried it. Oh, and try the pop-tart. Whimsical, and actually quite tasty.

Trans Canada road trip

I haven't lived in Thunder Bay for several years now, but I know that The Caribou restaurant and The Good News Cafe are still open - I loved both when I lived there. For higher end/fine dining, Bistro One is (was?) the best in the city. I'm sure there are newer options, but I would go to those 3 places if I was ever passing through.

mini buns in edmonton?

Thanks! Found them at Superstore this morning.

mini buns in edmonton?

I really want to make mini burgers for a thingy this weekend, but am having a hard time finding mini buns. I don't want to use dinner rolls - I want proper, cute, little hamburger buns. Does anybody know where I might find them? I'm nervous that they don't exist outside of BBQ season.

Corso 32 not what??

Blue Pear?

YEG Urban China

Cha for Tea.

Vegan restaurant near airport?

I have a stopover from Hawaii on Wednesday around lunchtime and will be in your city for 6 hours. Can anyone recommend a good vegan restaurant within a reasonable cab ride to/from the airport? I have been reading up on all the great vegan/vegetarian spots - too bad Millennium is only open for dinner!

Dulce de leche in Edmonton?

Thanks everyone!

Dulce de leche in Edmonton?

I was recently in the American South where I purchased a squeeze-bottle of dulce de leche, and after many delicious breakfasts, the bottle is now empty. Can I buy it here? I know about "making" my own by boiling a can of condensed milk, but I would much rather buy it already made. Has anyone seen it on a shelf somewhere?

YEG Simple Poll. The war of the restos...

Corso 32
Bistro Praha

Reasons? The first is just better - more unique perhaps, imho. The second is because I don't much care for Hardware is a bit too boring (meat and potatoes) for me. Plus, I have had good food and service experiences at Wildflower. Lastly...I like the ambiance of Praha...and I think the schnitzel is bigger and crispier.

Edmonton Assistance

Service is sketchy at Boualong? I haven't had that experience at all. We just took friends last week and the service was great. What I do think is sketchy is their refusal to take plastic of any kind, especially given that a single noodle or curry dish can run close to $20. I mean, it's one thing that King Noodle only takes cash, but then, it is nearly impossible to spend more than $10, but for a Thai dinner for 4, it was $90. No visa machine is just bad customer service.

Edmonton Assistance

This may come too late, since perhaps you've already come and gone, but my SO is vegan and we go to Padmanadi all the time (almost too much for me) I've come to know the menu quite well. My favorite is the curry chicken. I also love the spicy eggplant (with coconut sauce), and the sweet & sour shrimp. The latter is a take on the junk food Chinese version - they even have little tails - but it is totally vegan. If you save room, the cheesecake is very good. Also, they have a healthy, delicious sit-down breakfast/brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. I would recommend the thai eggs benedict, the curried yam omelet, and the french toast. Oh, and also the chai lattes. In case you're wondering - yep, the whole brunch is vegan too.

For Thai, everyone is right - boualoung and viphalay. I love sushi is good for lunch, and it is right downtown. It isn't as good as Mikado but way cheaper and closer. And much better than Kyoto. I also like Golden Bird for Vietnamese. Nobody suggested a dim sum place in Chinatown - I haven't been to any there so I could only guess. I would agree with King Noodle or Tau Bay for pho.

10740 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3, CA

Best restaurant in Edmonton?

hands down, no question for me. The Blue Pear. Innovative, uses local ingredients, and imho, is the best restaurant in Edmonton.

Blue Pear Restaurant
10643 123 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P3, CA

Good Steak in Edmonton

+1 more for Sage. It was a year ago but was very, very good steak.

Sabor Divino Edmonton: Very good overall, some imperfections, 4 stars for food, 3 for service

hmm...that lobster/prawn pasta sounds so good - maybe i'll check it out. i might avoid the whole big meal out thing - and just go and have pasta, wine, and end it there.
ps - i sure hope it wasn't homophobia - restaurants need to appreciate ALL customers - but wouldn't be shocked if that was the issue with the dude.

Edmonton: Dinner and brunch downtown?

i love this thread. i agree with you both, though my one time dinner at the manor was quite good. but that was a couple of years ago and my one time brunch there was fairly awful. the food was swimming in oil. anyway, i was at cafe de ville for brunch this past weekend and it was quite good. the service and the coffee were both excellent too incidentally. based on your comments, i am going to try the brunch at the Wildflower soon. As for Blue Plate - if they spent as much time on the food as they do on maintaining the hipster quotient, it might be worth the money.

Dim Sum in Edmonton?

cha is very close the WEM. too bad you didn't go there.
sorry to hear about the experience - i'll know to just stick to my favorites.


it has been at least a year since i've been but the roasted red pepper and brie (which comes as a huge slab) burger at tasty tom's is fantastic. not sure if it still is - new ownership and all.

Dim Sum in Edmonton?

i like cha better than unforgettable, and i think they are the top two here. cha has better pork buns and if it is busy, selection is quite good. unforgettable takes awhile, and the buns i had were dry. but - it does appear to be mostly homemade, so bonus points there.

Curious about offal and all those other odds and ends in Edmonton.

we've totally hijacked this board. oops. sorry about that raidar.

Curious about offal and all those other odds and ends in Edmonton.

thanks everyone! the puppy thanks you too. he is 10 weeks old, cute, and tiring. He is on a raw diet. i saw the tripe at tailblazers...i was just hoping for something cheaper (or free)!

Curious about offal and all those other odds and ends in Edmonton.

it is very funny you posted this, because i planned on asking a similar question to this board this week. i'm looking for tripe - raw. it is green and stinks...and i can't find it anywhere. i'm thinking farmer's market might work. Or i might try contacting a farm that does their own slaughter.
btw, it is for my dog, not me.

edmonton boualouang moved

I noticed menu changes on my last visit too. To be fair, I think maybe they mistakenly went too big when they moved (in terms of menu) and all of my favorites, which were on the menu in the original location, have not been cut. As an addendum to my original post, some of the prices have gone up. I don't quite understand why coconut rice is so expensive in every thai resto in this city...
Did they have the visa/interac machine working when you were there? Annoyingly, it was still cash only in July. Just wondering if that has changed.