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Where to buy Boxed Wine in SF or online?

Cool! Thanks for all of the advice - I really appreciate it.

Where to buy Boxed Wine in SF or online?

I am SO curious about boxed wine. I love the idea of having wine on tap in my apartment! One red, one white - there for me whenever I want, no having to open up a whole bottle and drink it in the next few days. I've looked for places to buy online, but haven't been able to find anything. Been to the Jug shop and BevMo on Van Ness, very little selection. Done extensive searches online on where to go, no luck. Any suggestions?

1301 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Thousand Oaks CSA Recommendations?

Thx Nicole - We use FFTY hee in SF, but they don't serve Thousand Oaks yet. :( Boo.

Apr 02, 2010
travertine6 in Los Angeles Area

Thousand Oaks CSA Recommendations?

Hi - My in-laws are moving to Thousand Oaks and we would like to purchase them a few months of CSA boxes as a house warming gift. Can anyone recommend a CSA that delivers or has a pick-up site in/near Thousand Oaks?

I searched online, but thought I'd ask the experts!

Apr 01, 2010
travertine6 in Los Angeles Area

Anybody know where to buy a cast iron muffin pan in SF?

I can order it online, but I want it NOW! Called Rainbow, they don't have it. Googled it, nada.

Feb 10, 2010
travertine6 in Cookware

Where can I buy Whole Wheast Pastry Flour in SF?

I don't think I've seen it at Rainbow. Whole foods, maybe? Any other ideas?

Buenos Aires/Montevideo trip report

My thoughts on some of the restaurants we visited on our recent trip to BA/MV:

Parilla Pena: Very good authentic Parilla - not full of tourists! They give you an empanada at the beginning, which was good. Way too brightly lit! Great bife de chorizo. Best flan we had on the entire trip, but they didn't have coffee for some reason. Terrible bread, but all of the bread in AR sucks, even at high end restos, it seems. Try it for an authentic experience.

Las Doritas: Very good, but we ordered the vacio (flank steak) which was kind of blah. We probably should have ordered something else. Decor is like a Chili's or Chevy's. Meh. Ordered flan for dessert and the waiter was amazed when we didn't want dulce de leche to eat with it, so he brought some out for us. They eat dulce de leche on everything here! Also had sweetbreads, blood sausage, and chorizo here, which were good, but I had better elsewhere.

Viejo y Mar: Very good fish, nice atmosphere on the beach, full of locals, would recommend.

Mercato del Puerto: Don't know which resto we went to, but it was ok. They all seem to be the same. Go and get your bucket of meat! We went on NYE during the day - it gets pretty crowded and rowdy. Everyone throws water or alcohol on each other. Watch your pockets! Towards the middle of the afternoon it cleared out and everyone went home to their families. MV is a ghost town on NYE - make plans and don't be like us and go back to your hotel for a long nap after eating said bucket of meat and wait up to a ghost town! Make some plans!

Don Julio: A step above a regular parilla. Our waiter Fernando was so sweet. Started with a couple empanadas, which were ok, then had an arugula salad, which was great. We had a choice between two different types of olive oil and the server tossed the salad at our table. You could totally taste the olive oil - it made a difference. Good steak, overcooked, although we specified muy jugoso - seems like even if you say muy jugoso it still gets overcooked. Lighting was way too bright, which seems to be a thing in all Argentine restos. Place was filled with Americans, though. Again had flan for dessert (hubby likes it for some reason) and the waiter also was amazed when we didn't order dulce de leche! He brought us some too!

Casa Cruz: Great experience! Beautiful design, great sound and HVAC system, wonderful drinks and service. The food was good, but I wasn't amazed. Very nice sommelier who lived in SF - we got to talk about the greatness of El Farolito! He recommended a very interesting wine from Salta. We both had veal tartare, which we thought was a little blah. The hubby had baby goat, which was good, and I had sweetbreads which were fried, and it's kind of difficult to mess up fried food, so I can't really judge. Terrible bread! Didn't have dessert, but they brought us a little sampler plate of chocolates and curried sweet nuts, which we thought was ok. We loved the experience of eating here because it felt like a very updated take on a formal dining experience. It was elegant, but not stuffy, and modern without being overly cold and weird and trying too hard. Recommend for the experience.

Thymus: Waste of a night. So disappointed that we came here. Horrible, cold, echoey space. My sweetbread terrine was overcooked, my rabbit lasagne was dried out and looked as if it had sat underneath the heat lamp for too long. My hubby had beef tartare, which was ok, and quail which was not very flavorful. The skin was also not crispy enough. Sommelier (if he was one) didn't seem too knowledgeable. My chocolate cake was hard and dry. Two tables near us finished and left while we were in the middle of dinner - they did not clear these tables until we were done with dessert. Very bad. They did not bother to clear the crumbs off of our table, but they did this for someone else. Bathroom smelled like cheap air freshener - at a high end restaurant this should never be the case. Don't go!

La Cabrera: Surprised! Total recommend! Almost didn't go here because I thought it would have been ruined, but it was totally great. Bread still sucked, but they understood muy jugoso and we got muy jugoso! They only take reservations for 8:30, if you come after that you have to wait, which isn't bad because they give you champagne and sausage and you can chat with everyone else who is waiting. The sides were great, we were too full for dessert, but they gave us some lemonciello which was a great digestif. Don't miss and go early in your trip before you are sick of beef!

Asian, but not Chinese restaurants open Christmas Day?

And it seems like they only object to Chinese...

Asian, but not Chinese restaurants open Christmas Day?

Oh and pig is fine - Hubby is Jewish, but not really. Just called Lers Ros and they are closed... Maybe if I can find a good Chinese candidate, I can change their minds...

Asian, but not Chinese restaurants open Christmas Day?

I didn't get a specific description of what they do not like. They have had dim sum and also do not like that. I don't want to try to open their mind to Chinese - they are not super adventurous. I was thinking Lers Ros - been wanting to try there.

Asian, but not Chinese restaurants open Christmas Day?

Sorry - should have mentioned that. We are in Russian Hill/San Francisco. We'd like to stay somewhere in the central part of the city, i.e. no treking out to the Inner Sunset or Bernal Heights.

Asian, but not Chinese restaurants open Christmas Day?

Hi all - We're doing Jewish Christmas this year, which equals Chinese and a movie. But the thing is, we're going with our German friends who do not like Chinese! It's sacrilegious not to have Chinese on Jewish Christmas, but what can we do? Any suggestions for other Asian food open on Christmas Day?

Montevideo for New Years?

We'll be in MV for NYE. I know Punta del Este is the place to be, but we couldn't find a hotel and we don't really care to be surrounded by a bunch of "beautiful" people, anyway. Does anyone have a recommendation of what to do in MV NYE? Thanks!

Glass storage containers? Esp. tiny ones?

I am going to toss all of my plastic storage containers and buy glass ones. I've found several options: Crate & Barrel has them, Pyrex, Rubbermaid, etc have them and there is a company called Bormioli Rocco that sells them. Have any of you tried these, and what is the best.

I also haven't had luck finding a tiny glass container - like something that would hold 1/2 cup and be 1" in diameter and maybe 1" high. I really like to put nuts and salad dressing in these! I could keep my plastic ones but it would drive me crazy to have one thing be different. Have you been able to find any small ones and can you recommend something?

Jul 21, 2009
travertine6 in Cookware

High End Restaurant Rec & Steak House Rec

Thanks for the extensive reply! We've been to NYC before. I grew up in NJ. We'd like to do two expensive meals, no price limit really and the rest street food/ethnic/NY. We're definitely going to Katz's and eating pizza (the pizza in SF just doesn't compare!). We have good Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Chinese in SF, so maybe Korean, Indian, etc? We will eat anything, really. Maybe Russian in Brighton Beach?

Apr 30, 2009
travertine6 in Manhattan

High End Restaurant Rec & Steak House Rec


My future husband and I will be in NYC in August. We'd like to go to one high-end resto and one high end steakhouse. We'll be celebrating our wedding & my birthday (& his love of steak?)

Can anyone recommend a steakhouse? He loves old places with tons of history.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant?
- I'm looking for something more innovative than the typical foie gras, tiny lamb chop, seared scallop kind of place
- But it doesn't have to be an El Bulli (SP?) wannabe
- I don't want a place that's super formal - I am looking for a cool, hip vibe.
- I like food that isn't tight and restrained.
- I was considering Momofuku Ko - is it worth it?

We'll be eating the rest of the time at divey, ethnic places - any recs would be appreciated too. We're willing to go anywhere in NYC.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Apr 29, 2009
travertine6 in Manhattan

Wine for BBQ Wedding

Thanks! I will take your advice and go for something other than a Chardonnay.

Apr 20, 2009
travertine6 in Wine

Wine for BBQ Wedding

We are having a BBQ wedding in NJ in August. It will be hot & muggy (unless it rains, which hopefully it won't)! We're having grilled tri-tip, hamburgers, hot dogs, some kind of chicken, and something to appease the vegetarians. I'm thinking a Chardonnay, a Rose & a Zin, as well as a selection of beers. Anyone have specific wines they can suggest? Also, we are not looking to spend a ton of moolah on this one. Thanks!

Apr 17, 2009
travertine6 in Wine

What to Register for - Advice

I will handwash the pots and pans. I've never had a dishwasher in my life and couldn't bear to put nice ones into the dishwasher, even if they were stainless! Thank you for your advice.

Feb 26, 2009
travertine6 in Cookware

What to Register for - Advice

I registered for the following Calphalon One Infused Anodized cookware:
- 10" Omlette pan
- 4.5 qt sauce pan
- 5 qt sauce pan
- 8.5 qt Dutch Oven
- Roasting Pan

I've read a lot of anti-Calphalon postings on here and reviews seem to be mixed. Should I switch to the following:
- 10" nonstick cheapo pan
- Stainless Steel, All-Clad 4.5 qt sauce pan
- Stainless Steel, All-Clad 5 qt saute pan
- 8.5 qt Staub Dutch Oven or All-Clad Dutch Oven
- Stainless Steel, All-Clad Roasting Pan

Why would I use a Staub Dutch oven over a regular metal one? I've never used this before.

I've also registered for the Caphalon slow cooker - Should I go with something else?

I'll be using the above items to: cook soups, fry eggs, make sauces, pan fry meats and make sauces, steam veggies, saute veggies, etc. I do not want something dishwahser safe. Easier clean-up and less stickiness would be nice, which is why I went for the C1 in the first place. I don't want to be polishing that stainless for the rest of my life!

Feb 24, 2009
travertine6 in Cookware

Place to buy fresh pickles in SF

Hey! Last year my friend brought me some amazing pickles from the farmer's market in Davis. I've searched online, but I can't find any pickle purveyors in SF. There's got to be one! Any sugesstions?

Office Holiday Party Location Suggestions?

I am planning my company's holiday party this year. There will be about 12 people, a private room is preferred. I'd like a place close to our office, either Financial District or SOMA, but will consider areas that are further out. (Spruce?) I don't think cost will be too much of a concern and I want the place to be great because this is the first year I am planning it. Any ideas?

Place to eat off I-5 between LA and SF?

Ok, I bet ur laughing at me for even asking this question, but can anyone recommend a good place to eat or stop off for a little while off of I-5 between LA and SF? I know it's more fun to take 101, but we really don't have time. I don't want to be stuck at McDonald's. :( Any good taco trucks maybe? Actually, that makes me think of this site: It's map of taco trucks all over the country! Yay! !

May 14, 2008
travertine6 in California